Microsoft Stock at Second Highest in 6 Months Despite Always-on Rumours

Microsoft have taken a bashing over the last few weeks, partly because of their flat out refusal to discuss their next console and partly because of the actions of Adam Orth, the Microsoft creative director who took to Twitter in defense of an always online console. The top articles on sites like N4G and Reddit have almost consistently housed articles about why Microsoft are doing things wrong. Why, then, is their stock at almost the highest it's been in six months?

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The_Infected1596d ago

How about wait until they reveal their next gen console before bragging about their stocks being so high despite the rumors about their next Xbox.

matgrowcott1596d ago

Bragging? Really?

There's absolutely no bias here. We're reporting that Microsoft are seeing a level of success despite the negativity surrounding them.

If you see that as bragging, I feel sorry for you.

sikbeta1596d ago

lol so much for trolling MS and its unnanounced new console... Nextbox reveal is going to be BIG! ;)

Skips1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

But do negative rumors really affect said companies' stock though???

When rumors of PS4 blocking used games surfaced, and people were going all apesh*** writing doom and gloom articles for Sony.

There was literally NO change in their stock. Just sayin.

Willing to bet Microsoft's stock increase isn't even gaming related. lol


But were Sony's affected?

Grap1596d ago

but it was for gamestop.. i think there was news about it here 4 months ago

matgrowcott1596d ago


Yeah, rumours can affect stock. I mean, technically we're talking about the marketability of a product. If you think investors haven't seen the negative response to always-on, you're wrong.

It depends how many people are selling based on those rumours, I suppose. That's the interesting thing. Either they're not taking the backlash especially seriously and are taking the risk of waiting until the official announcement - at which point stocks will likely plummet if always-on is confirmed with no bells and whistles - or they know something we don't and aren't panicking.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31595d ago

Its because no one is interested in Sony Stock.

shivvy241595d ago

well they just did release win8

southernbanana1595d ago

I only recall one or two negative articles toward Sony in that respect. I also do not remember people claiming they wouldn't buy it. The negative press Microsoft is getting for the same rumor is far worse. The amount of negative press they are receiving would affect stock prices and lucky for them it has not.

DragonKnight1595d ago

"Microsoft Stock at Second Highest in 6 Months Despite Always-on Rumours."

So? Microsoft isn't just a game console developer.

Sony's stock dipped down when the showed the new PS4 controller but went right back up at the end of the day. And what an arbitrary time period to choose as well.

What exactly is the point of this? Stockholders aren't the same kind of people gamers are. Most of them probably don't even know the first thing about gaming. Their interests are of no interest to us.

Saigon1595d ago

Well, to answer the question...rumors do not affect stocks. If these rumors did affect stocks in a negative way, MS would have had to reveal the Next Xbox earlier than they expected. But since it did not affect its stocks, why make a move.

EVILDEAD3601595d ago

Stock Second highest with bad rumors

Today's new rumors from the same site that corraborated the old one.

Xbox 720 will play all games offline and does not need to always be online.

Xbox 720 can play used games and with the 'Always online' Xbox Mini will be backwards compatible.

Adam Orth fired.

Wonder how the stocks will react to the positive rumors and after the official reveal when all of this will be official.


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Hingle_Mcringleberry1596d ago

You seem upset. You wanna talk about it? Was it your wish that the rumours would drive their stocks down and they'd be bought out completely by SONY?
Yeah, I remember when I was 12 too and I wished Dawson would break Katie Holmes heart so that I would have a shot at her. . .didn't happen sadly. You wanna start a support group for losers that wish outlandish things that will never come true? You can be president.
On the real now, so an article not written by Microsoft emerges about their stock price and suddenly they are bragging? What exactly is wrong with you man?
No seriously, what the **** is wrong with you?! You want to see them fail that much?
On topic, Microsoft are a huge cooperation, Xbox business is only a small part of that. They make billions upon billions of profit every year outside the Xbox business.
Their stocks can withstand bad rumours in their gaming division because unlike some other cooperation, gaming isn't one of their only money makers [lol I say this very lightly].

Tultras1596d ago

You need to grow up, stop getting agitated over nothing.

On another note; Nintendo makes money purely because of gaming.

Sony however make PROFITS on their other businesses as well, like Sony Pictures.

The_Infected1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Your basing stocks on rumors why not wait until official word on whats really going to happen with the next Xbox?

I hope they do great but we just don't know if any of the crazy rumors hold any truth. I can't wait for the next Xbox myself. I just really hope they bring some new IP.

ichimaru1595d ago

"why not wait until official word on whats really going to happen with the next Xbox? "

LOL!! NOW we should wait for official word from MS XD this is Gold
n4G is a broken Time machine

Kietz1596d ago

*disapproving head-shake*

Objective1596d ago

Lol Hingle...! Overkill pwnage!

Kratos, you seem to have confused rumor for fact and vice versa. Stocks are fact. Always -on is rumor. There's no need to wait for reveal before bragging cos the stocks situation is fact.

dcbronco1596d ago


Or how about we realize that people with more information than the general public aren't worried about the next Xbox.

JsonHenry1596d ago

Probably because all of the investors know that the always on thing is not what all the doomsayers are saying it is.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1596d ago

As far as investors are concerned always online is a good thing and that it will work(and it will for the hardcore xbox fans and casual gamers). Most of them probably are not gamers.

dcbronco1595d ago

Stock price goes down when there is something that is believed to scare customers away. Many, mostly Sony fanboys, have said always on is a deal breaker. SO maybe they know it isn't what the fanboys are making it out to be. Or maybe they know that developers want it and are willing to support the console that does it more. Either way, the price going up means they see the next Xbox as something good.

Although Microsoft is a big company that makes a lot of profitable things. SO it could be based on the Xbox TV thing, Xbox Surface thing, MS set-top boxes, second generation Surface. MS usually doesn't get much credit for making more money since profits have gone up every year and the stock price has been flat for years. So it must be big.

ZeroX98761596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

don`t forget that xbox is just a tiny portion of the business of microsoft. their stock price aren`t just fluctuating from news on the next xbox.

Rumors are rumors, you don`t sell all your shares when it`s this high on a simple rumor as this. the console isn`t even officialy announced yet.

AngelicIceDiamond1595d ago

Ok, well if I had to be worried about revenue and sales I would be more worried about future console sales IF the rumors are completely true.

I do believe the rumors I true to some extent. I do think the the console will be always on and connected if you have internet. If you don't have internet, the console will still run just fine. Its a feature therefor optional, and not mandatory.

Urusernamesucks1595d ago

And people said taht would affect their stocks.

Roflfmao now they cower in scuses!

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greenpowerz1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Bad press is only among fanboys on forums. Most people making noise are PS3 fanboys. Devs would love DRM and so would investors. Gamers with no internet would be devastated and would hurt MSFT bad although making devs and investors happy, as long as the install base was healthy because of DRM.

I still think if true in some way, people are confusing some up coming Auto feature needs of the retail console and some sort of pre launch dev kit security protocols both sharing the same needs.

DRM would make xbox the preferred console of choice but would not be worth the lost business from non internet consumers. If any of this was true the xbox wouldn't even come with or need a HDD or disc drive for that matter for games. Why invest in HDD and disc drive driving up the cost if you have a console that won't work without internet? Why not go full DDL? MSFT would be better off releasing a full cloud based system Which isn't practical with load issues and ISP bandwidth caps.

Gimmemorebubblez1596d ago

Im not trying to attack you greenpowerz, but if there was always-on DRM would it benefit YOU.

Insomnia_841596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Are you an investor? Will you gain anything from that? That's what I thought.
I'm a consumer, I'm the gamer, and so far, PlayStation is offering me what I want as a gamer and at the same time giving developers a very easy to use console and making both sides happy, not with some always-online bs but with what matters most to us gamers and developers...GAMES GAMES GAMES!!

If you don't own any developing studios or have no part in Microsoft, you are not gaining anything from what they are doing and I think this has to do more with what they are planning with the console aside from gaming.

Tultras1596d ago

A short sighted approach, even people with always on Internet ( who probably don't even exist ) they would not favour it.

I think a smart investor would know that without the CONSUMER driving the product, no matter how many games etc come out for a product, it's not worth it if the consumer is not buying into it.

you know what happens to Heavy DRM games on the PC, yeah.

I fail to see how Investors would like it.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1595d ago

I love how all the little kid fanboys think that "always online" means you can't even play a single player game without being connected. Bunch of younglings. Why would they make a console that you can't even play a SP game on? Why?

What's going to happen is the game publishers are going to set what games need to be online and what don't. Not the console makers. And guess what? It's going to happen on PS4 too. MS and Sony are going to leave it up to the publishers to say what games are always online.

Not the actual console.

Jesus... it's so easy. Yet some are so far up in it, they can't even see.

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Cocozero1596d ago

Thats because ONLY PS fanboys are crying and worried about the 720. Everyone else is excited and know whatever MS brings will likely bring them victory once again in the console battle.

Why o why1596d ago

Are you the new super watered down zhuk.

Green is power of green but I'm not sure who you are.

My business hat says this is great

My gamer hat is still waiting for their reveal as I doubt all the negative rumours are true so it's too early to form a balanced orion;)

green1595d ago

"Green is power of green but I'm not sure who you are"


Why o why1595d ago

Ha ha. Sorry green. . . I meant greenpowerz.

You're nothing like that guy. . in fact you're fair despite your horrible preference;)