Deep Silver: 'We're much better than the Activisions, EAs, and Ubisofts of the world'

Dead Island publisher Deep Silver has claimed that it is "much better than the Activision's, EAs, and Ubisofts of the world" because it actually "make(s) money", and attributes Dead Island's success to "some genius marketing... that larger companies wouldn't try".

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zeal0us2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Well its not that hard to be better than Activision and EA but Ubisoft I dunno. Ubisoft is the lesser of three evils.

Deep Silver Dead Island was decent game that sold well but don't let it go to your head. Riptide is right around the corner, hopefully it won't fall in the same pit-holes that Dead Island did.

Not to mention Saints Row 4 and Metro Last Light. Which I hope turns out well.

oof462078d ago

An Assassin's Creed game released every year? I beg to differ.

zeal0us2078d ago

I don't care for Assassin Creed but when it gets overpriced map packs, content rip from the core game and label as DLC and or a microtransaction system, call me. Until then Ubisoft will remain the lesser of three evils.

2078d ago
BanBrother2078d ago


Yeah, people for get about Ubisoft now. Yearly AC release, Online passes (don't bother me personally, as I buy new mostly), also what appears to be locked content on AC2 (lost sequences) and Revelations was a rushed disgrace, had about 1/10th the story AC2 and Brotherhood had.

Also over-priced MP packs and day one microtransactions now, Ubisoft are trying hard to keep their 3rd place prize, behind Activision and EA. PC DRM anyone?

Yeah, I have slowly been hating Ubi more and more this gen. I'll reserve complete judgement for when I play the newest AC4. If AC4 sucks, that means that they didn't learn from their past 2 AC mistakes.

Sideras2078d ago

The annualisation of AC... Well let's just say people expect it and want it and they'd buy it every year. See Assassins Creed is more about the story, that's why I keep paying anyways.
Now I'd prefer they had a 2 - 3 year gap between the games but if you compare them to other publishers/developers in the same scale, they are atleast trying to be fresh.

Baka-akaB2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

So what if it's milked ? The worst AC game is better than anything Deep Silver ever released so far .

They are literally getting cocky for no reason

moegooner882078d ago

@Zealous, Assassin's Creed 2 Sequences 12, and 13 were originally part of the main game, then cut and sold later as DLC.

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oof462078d ago

Let's not dupe gamers with a heart wrenching trailer that has no thematic relation to the real game. No one will be offended if we send out a half naked, half eaten figurine of a woman to game journalists. No, we are better than other game companies.

-MD-2078d ago

The only people that were "duped" were idiots. It was a completely CGI trailer with zero gameplay.

Fishy Fingers2078d ago

True, but it also portrayed the game to be something that it certainly was not.

Baka-akaB2078d ago

Very true but usually current cinematic provided just embellishment and the action that is nearly impossible in game .

Here we have a trailer that tried to sell some emotional rollercoaster for a game that ended up being just a mere zombie open world shooter .

It's why i can get people getting dissapointed at the reveal of the true game . However yeah buying a game for cgi is very silly

hano2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

People who get duped by a CG trailer are stupid and deserve to be duped.

talisker2078d ago

That's why they release beta code with source to Steam as a full game?

sway_z2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Deep Silver are not prolific at anything. Say what you like about EA, Ubisoft and Activision, but they all produce far better quality and more interesting games.

I regrettably purchased Dead Island. Sometimes it pays not to get hyped over a game, and read the reviews instead of pre-ordering. Dead Island is a sham of a game. I expected more from the trailer, but instead we get a farcical romp in a Zombie invested generic (Far Cry, Crysis etc) location with so-so graphics.

Deep Silver are lucky they got away with it. Deceptively naming the re-release as 'GOTY' edition. I understand they're a fairly new company. So, when Deep Silver make something universally amazing, then maybe I can take this statement seriously.


Deep Silver mislead with that Trailer.
Deep Silver mislead with GOTY lies to get unsuspecting buyers to increase sales.


Baka-akaB2078d ago

Seriously , kudos to those that enjoyed the game , but for me the experience was a mediocre and ultra buggy left for dead clone wrapped in a Farcry island experience .

Not even a fan of Zombie U , but i'd still play it and advise it over Dead Island

LAWSON722078d ago

Well you are for saying that. Go come up with a good idea and have a crap dev make it. Why compare yourself to someone who probably publish more games in a year then you have made since you started.

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