Microsoft Explains 360 Supply Flub

In an interview with Next-Gen, Microsoft has shed a bit more light on why Xbox 360 is having supply issues. Supply constraints or not, Microsoft can't be too ecstatic that the PlayStation 3 has outsold its console for the second month in a row in February. But the purveyor of all things Xbox expects to get supply back in line in April.

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Breakfast3722d ago

Why cant they accept losing? They should be happy there in this race, unlike last gen

beoulve3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Spinatron is the way of corporate goes. Sony did it too last time remmember. Nobody admit defeat until the very end. You have to kill me to win. yeah something like that.

tidus0073722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Rather there were no PS3 80 gig available for FEbruary

Anecdotal sales evidences here:-
X360s available in huge quantities at Bestbuy USA

X360s available at huge quantities at BESTBUY Canada

All x360 models available including huge quantities of ELITE ( have been availbale for over a month and a half)

X360s available in huge quantities at circuitcity,target etc

X360s available at FS

X360s available at Amazon USA ,Canada for over a month and a half

Breakfast3722d ago

You remind me of a certain fanboy that goes by the title:
Nasim, Tanod, Shmee, NicholasCage, hard to remember them all...please dont disagree with me with your 30 accounts

Ariexv3722d ago

Hey retard, you do realize its MID MARCH now right? They only claimed there was supply issues in FEBRUARY, that's half a month ago.

InYourMom3722d ago

NASIM, SHMEE or whatever he is a bit slow.

But yes you are right 1.5 the shortages were for 1 month(Feb).

tidus0073722d ago

The x360s were available in all stores of North America from around 8/9th february and still as you can see now even the elites are available all over the NA

I posted links to backup claim

It wasnt something fanboyish

Breakfast3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Your 50 accounts beats his 3 any day of the weak

Panthers3722d ago

You are incredibly gullible to believe that there was a supply issue 2 years after launch. That just does not make any sense.

lodossrage3722d ago

Actually, the supply issue MS talks about also refers to January as well. They said they had supply issues for the month of January AS WELL AS February

actas1233722d ago

Actually he is making a good point and he has got some good evidence. I don't see why you bring up the accounts thing here. It has nothing to do with the points he is making.

hazeblaze3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

The fact remains that the 360 has been available at any online retailer for the whole month... analysts were saying supply issues were corrected for February and were expecting 360 sales to pull back ahead........ but they didn't. And this is Microsoft's attempt to spin the issue. All companies do it of course... and Sony did it for nearly all of last year.

However, for Microsoft to think that they will pull ahead in April (coincidentally they suspect their supply 'problem' to be fixed the same month as GTA IV's release, lol) is pretty funny. Just as many ppl will be buying PS3's for GTA IV as 360's... if not more based on the current trend. The 360 is simply seeing the beginning in their decline of sales, period.

Furthermore, if their hardware constraints were not already addressed... they would not have lowered the price to spurr the sell of more consoles that they don't have available to sell!!! Either way, this will certainly be an interesting year for the Big 3.

Breakfast3721d ago

I didnt disagree with him in any way... If you only new how much one sided crap this guy has spewed over the past year you would understand.

InYourMom3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Tidus - You can try and accuse me of all the fake account's in the world but it's false. I log into this site with 1 account and always have. You're writing style and extreme views give you away everytime.

NPD tracks North American numbers the links you provide show that the 360 is available now. However, the brick and mortor stores have not had any 360's in stock for January and most of February but now that it's March yes I would say that stock needs to be on the shelves if they plan to make a run for April.

I'm not tyring to say MS is telling the true or not, I am only telling you my experiences with what I've seen for 360 supplies. April will be very telling in that if they don't overcome the PS3 then I think MS needs to accept the fact that they are just getting beat period.

Either way, the truth will come to pass in April and there will be no way they can use this "supply" excuse again.

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JoelR3722d ago

Still ignores that the fact that the 80 gig PS3 was supply constrained....

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InYourMom3722d ago

Even as a hardcore supporter the fact's don't add up to what you are saying.

If you get beat in March then you are just going to look very dishonest. Why set yourself up for that?

Just except the loss and tell your customers/future costumers what the hell you are going to do to bring some momentum for the 360.

It's starting to turn into a trainwreck, you don't want to look but you can't help it.

The Wood3722d ago

at least your honest. Can investors really be the reasons MS's people talk this nonsense. Damn

The gaming GOD3722d ago

I take back what I said about Inyourmom. You are NOT an xbot. Just a supporter. And yeah, there IS a difference.

So my apologies

pwnsause3722d ago

love the spins, while I was in downtown NYC(in for spring break for aweek, which ends this sunday) at the Toys R US in Times Square (the biggest Toys R us in the country possibly in the world)seeing whats on sale,guess what was in stock, elites, cores and premiums, lots of them, like in pyramid setup. i laugh so hard just reading this right now.

Breakfast3722d ago

that most have been one hell of a trip...nothing screams party like going to toys-r-us.

Were in mid march theyve already stated that thers not going to be any "shortages"

Wildarmsjecht3722d ago

I go to school in New York. Hope you enjoy your trip, Time Square is a hell of a lot of fun at night. Check out some of the comedy clubs and Dave and Busters. Worth it, trust me.

The Lazy One3721d ago

February. The NPD coming out is for February. This is March.