Whole Blu World: The Format War's Bloody Aftermath

The format war. It's over. Done. Break out the blue victory hats and Curaçao, right? Wrong. There won't be a Blu-ray victory party. Don't take my word for it? How about Sony Electronics CEO Stan Glasgow's? "From our perspective, the battle really begins now." Now that HD DVD is dispatched, the members of Team Blu-ray can start fighting standard-def DVDs, digital downloads, consumer apathy, the Chinese and-of course-each other. Here's the current state of Blu-ray, post-war edition:

Everybody Hurts
It's been discussed at length how brutal this contest was for Toshiba. But the Blu-ray members in the victory circle are licking some pretty serious wounds, too. Sony basically bet their entire company on the format-plowing over a billion dollars into the PS3 trojan horse, plus, as far as we know, another half billion on largesse for studios to put on Blu's stripes, for starters.

Chris Walker, Pioneer's senior product manager for Blu-ray told us he thought that the format war "affected Blu-ray prices substantially," and that "for a new technology to drop the prices by half within a year of coming out" seriously hurt everyone involved. People are still ready to complain about the relatively high price of Blu-ray players, but they are way lower than the manufacturers had planned, and now they can't recoup the high fixed development costs they would have with higher price tags during the first couple years on the market. DVD players were stratospherically priced for several years.

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timmyp533753d ago

when at least 75% of househoulds have HDTVs then I think Blu-Ray will bloom tremendously(not that it isn't selling fine now)

tidus0073753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

In Japan Blu Ray had 20% of the DVD sales shares for 2007

I wont be surprised if that becomes 50% this year ( very likely)

In europe too Next gen DVD fever will catch up in no time

In USA cannot be predicted NOW. If USA economy performs well then it could happen .if It remains what it has been left at by BUSH then it might not ..... this year

godofthunder103753d ago

br will never have the succes that dvds had even sony admitted it.the biggest problem is getting people to pay the outrages price that a br disc cost.why would anyone buy a movie for $30 to $35 and a br player for $400 on up when they could buy a top of the line dvd player that upscale regular dvds for a little over a $100 and buy 2 to 3 dvds for the price of one br disc the best part is that if you have a good dvd player that upscales dvds then you have hd movies with your regular dvds so br isn't really worth getting.
i had 100s of vhs and even when dvds first came out and the price was high i still jump on the dvd wagon. the reson is because it was a smart move to upgrade from vhs because dvds was a lot smaller and took up less room then vhs did,the picture was a hell of a lot better,and the movie will never go bad if you take care of it.
there isn't really a need to upgrade dvds to br if people stop and think instead of being fanboys.first they are both the same size,second if you had a dvd player that upscale dvds to 720 on up to 1080i then br might be a little better picture but both version are in hd and br will always be higher then dvds so the majority of people will keep buying dvds.
people need to realize that dvd sales have been falling the last 5 years and that's not because of br.the reason they gave was because of things like ppv,dvd mail clubs,on demand,and things like tivo.people might not like it but dvd will probaly be the last dominate hardware for movies because just like cds movies are heading the same way.
br still have a mountain to climb,sony could laugh all they want but movies discs are heading the same way as cds,hell sony and every other company said that about cds and look what sales are almost dead because of people down loading music that even the music companies have srarted sites where you could buy and down load music but when it first started people said it would never work and people will keep on buying cds but they were wrong and they are wrong about this to.
i have a hd movie theater and all the works and i'm a movie collector with over a 1000 every one that likes br discs,i like to have the disc in my hand instead of down loading it but i'm not going to buy br discs or a player,hell i just bought a top of the line hd dvd player just for the upscaling for a little over a $100 with 7 free movies and i bought the movies back to walmart and got regular brother bought a ps3 with 5 free movies and bought it back to walmart and got some ps3 games.
i hate to admit it but dvds are the last dominate hardware for movies and br will never have half the succes that dvds had and streaming will be the next dominate formate,hell sony is already offering games to download instead of going to a store and buy it and even one of sonys big wheel said that the ps3 might be the last ps that will need hardware for games.he said that people will just be able to buy the games online and download them on their hard drive,hell i don't like it but every one might as well face it.they call it progress and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it.

Harry1903753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

and i'm fine.what about you?
i can also watch blu-rays.

Alcaponeyou3753d ago

"whole red world - toshiba will recoup from the 1 billion dollar investment with the sales and royalties...
victory party"

longduckdong3753d ago

I think this writer has the bluray camp confused with the loser

meepmoopmeep3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

let's look at it this way.

90% of tv's being manufactured are HDTV's and it will rise until 100% are HDTV's.

people will want HD media for their investment and will turn to Blu-ray.
The battle will be much harder though because the technology isn't revolutionary like VHS to DVD. but slowly, but surely consumers will migrate to HD.

But like someone said, until the majority of homes have HDTV's it will be a rough ride for Blu-ray

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