CheatCC Review: Homie Rollerz - What Do You Expect From A Plastic Egg?

CheatCC writes: "I don't know how much you're expecting from a kart racer, but if your answer is "not much," you couldn't be more accurate in the case of Homie Rollerz. Mario nailed it with the definitive version, which is literally a party on wheels and one that has inspired numerous imitations, none of which have come close to capturing the fun of Mario Kart. It's kind of unfortunate that kart racing has been defined as a sub-genre unto itself. As such, there is no negative stigma associated with developers ripping off the format. It's a convenient concept, one that accommodates a group of characters, making it perfect to exploit popular entities from a variety of sources such as cartoons, movies, comic books, figurines, and in the case of Homie Rollerz, collectible characters from an oversized bubble gum dispenser."

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