Batman Arkham Origins – Brand New Screenshots & Artwork

Additional new screenshots and artworks featuring main villains and locations had been uncovered.

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maniacmayhem1835d ago

That Deathstroke looks bad ass.

omi25p1835d ago

its pretty much the same design used in injustice.

1834d ago
iChii1834d ago

Is Deathstroke slade or something? Idk, he reminds me of slade..

Zydake1834d ago

It's Slade. They just have him another name in Teen Titans

despair1834d ago

slade Wilson is his real name.

iChii1834d ago

@Zydake & despair Thanks bros. I always wanted to know where Slade from Teen Titans came from.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1834d ago

Yes Slade Wilson is his real name. Deathstroke is his handle.

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Rai1835d ago

I like this design of batman more than the first 2 games. Deathstroke does look bad ass.

LackTrue4K1835d ago

This game is gana be sweet!!! Any Doubts I had about the game are fading away!!

snowman21491835d ago

Batwing, Deathstroke and Batman's new armor look badass. Loving the look of this game, so far so good. Hope Warner Bros Montreal can deliver an awesome game

cloud4951835d ago

It's been said above but I'll say it again: Badass!

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The story is too old to be commented.