Playstation By The Numbers: February 2008

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Now Sony responds to the NPD numbers with their own little spin. Man, I love these little PR battles Microsoft and Sony gets into every month. Makes for great reading."

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Brian Peppers3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

"Currently in North America there are more than 3.3 million registered PLAYSTATION Network accounts"

WRONG! 3.3 million Europeans registered using the American store because there is nothing available to download in Europe.

mighty_douche3749d ago

Surely IP address shows where you are, regardless what your account says.

sonarus3749d ago

@how many ps3 owners do you think knw how to obtain a psn account from other regions. I can bet its probably in the minority?

Meanwhile i like the sounds of "monster" titles GT5, GTA4 and MGS4. I am predicting GT5 despite being a "demo" will come close to forza sales maybe not surpassing but should at least sell 2million worldwide, a testament to the power of the gran turismo series.

I also noticed sony didn't mention killzone 2 under their monster titles for 2008? Are they losing faith in their own software or is this title no longer marked for a 2008 release. Only time will tell

3749d ago
Breakfast3749d ago

i doubt killzone 2 will sell like those "monster" title you listed above. Theyre all proven games...killzone isnt.

And Brian wants 1 bubble at the end of the day

Harry1903749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

you are an eyesore.i'm new
to this site,but man,you must be the most crap posting individual
i've encountered.and i've read only 3 of your posts.what's your point?
maybe you're just here to have some fun,but if ever there was a most stupid member of the month competition,i'd give you my one,not even the biggest ...boy could say something so unintelligent.
had to get this load off me.

ps:try to disagree after reading the comment,not because you are hunting me down.

Brian Peppers3749d ago

Let's be honest here. Duke Nukem Forever will be released before Killzone 2. They just can't get anywhere near that fake CG trailer they showed in 2005. I mean the game has been in development since 2004.

Breakfast3749d ago

Ignore him...he just wants attention. And trust me there have been far worse fanboys on this site...let them disagree all they want

Harry1903749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

worse,but at least what they said made sense.
even you make sense compared to this sctroumpf.

meepmoopmeep3749d ago

this brian peppers dude is just a fanboy making a new account to stir up trouble. since you're new here, there's a nifty "Ignore" button under everyones avatar you can click to filter out delusional idiots on this site. i don't use it though, as i like reading fanboy rants

pwnsause3749d ago

Brian go back to YTMND where you belong you pedophile.

Harry1903749d ago

i'm just going to do that.just had to get
a load out of my chest before.

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skynidas3749d ago

Good news for Sony and the PlayStation brand

Brian Peppers3749d ago

Bad news for developers, as people continue to only buy games on 360 and Wii.

mr_potato3749d ago

PlayStation total software revenue in February was $247 million, 32% and 5% higher than Microsoft and Nintendo respectively

I like rubing facts in fanboys faces

3749d ago
Panthers3749d ago

Brian in denial. You should seriously be in the Open Zone. Get out.

InYourMom3749d ago

Mr. Potato is just including all Sony products.

So I guess we should start counting Windows Live games or hell even Windows OS's into the software count.

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Lord Anubis3749d ago

lol brian pepper spaming again.

any who, the PlayStation family of consoles is strong in sales. Maybe with all that money they'll buy more studios or projects.

Booyah3749d ago

I hope so... lol they make alot of money so why not ?!

jcgamer3749d ago

Having outsold the 360 for the second straight month of 2008 and with GTA4, GT5P and MGS4 just around the the tremendous value of the PS3 now that Blu-ray is the high-def format of choice...not to mention the hot sales of the PS2 and PSP...Sony is about to DRIVE MISS DAISY WERTHAN on home....

dale13749d ago

didn,t pepper head read the stats and this is in N.A,360 is getting raped in the eu hence the price drop 4 to 1 to the ps3 last time i heard it was 3 to 1 in jan these stats were backed up by sony
microsoft did,nt disagree
its gears verus resistance2 the 60 online mode you dream about will gears have this hell no dvds can,t handle that data

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