PS Vita Update 2.10 Live Now

PS Vita Update 2.10 is now live.

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ftwrthtx1750d ago

This new folder feature is excellent!

abzdine1749d ago

yeah but each folder can only have 10 things in it. maybe they will increase capacity over time but it's ok for now.

TheUndertaker851749d ago

Why would they increase when you can now fit the max amount of items on one page?

Ten total folders that can hold ten items reaching the hundred item limit.

H4all1750d ago

update it...

sherimae24131750d ago

already have it, nice ^_^

PirateThom1749d ago

I have gone from 9 pages down to 4.

That makes me happy. I am all about that.

Sniperwithacause1749d ago

the update went live last night. im loving it. no more clutter!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.
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