Cary Walkin, the man who made an RPG in Microsoft Excel

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Many of us do not ponder about the capabilities of our word processors and spreadsheets programs. If the programs do the simple tasks that we ask of them, why bother? This is certainly the attitude that I usually have.

Little do we realize that those programs are amazingly powerful and most often justify the large price tags that are attached to them. Case in point; Arena.Xlsm, an RPG created entirely in Microsoft Excel 2007."

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Snookies121952d ago

Hahaha, that's crazy dude! Props to him for that one, that's thinking outside the box. XD

Pathosverdes31952d ago

Someone's been really bored at the office huh?

creeping judas1952d ago

Hmmm, office time waster!! Awesome, will have to figure out how to get it onto the office computers?

kikoano1952d ago

this is what you can do with pc!

Donnieboi1950d ago

I just downloaded it! Still trying to figure out how to actually play it...but so far it looks cool.