Can Microsoft Save the Video Game Industry?

Given the poor market reception for *Nintendo*'s Wii U late last year and the slow-building buzz for *Sony*'s upcoming PlayStation 4, it may be up to Microsoft to bring die-hard gamers back to the console when it rolls out what some have been calling the Xbox 720.

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Root2049d ago

"and the slow-building buzz for *Sony*'s upcoming PlayStation 4"


Slow building buzz, sorry but you can't escape the hype of the PS4 on most sites. They havent even shown off the console it's self and they've managed to hype it up this much two months from when they announced it

With the way Microsoft are these days they are the last company to save the gaming industry

gamer422049d ago

Is this even an article when I clicked the link for the "full story", it just took me to the same article on a different site with the same "click here for full story" i kept going curious to find the real article and it leads me to a website that asks for my email and other information I didn't want to give out. And with the "Next trillion Revolution" in the headline, I'm pretty sure I'm an idiot and this "article" is really one big ad.

nix2048d ago

i stopped at "slow-building buzz". that was funny.

Army_of_Darkness2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I wouldn't dare to imagine what gaming would be like a few years from now if we all depended on Microsoft to lead the way.....
I don't think I would have the money for all those potential extra service charges and stuff..

dcbronco2048d ago

gamers 42 you got trolled. Don't fall for silly headlines.

greenpowerz2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

What are they talking about? Nothing but fanboy crap and techie spec boasting on forums. Averge joe don't know anything other than it's coming. No one here knows much about PS4 other than some specs that may not even be final in the end. There isn't much to talk about if you're not a fanboy. Killzone 4, GACKEEE, share button like a basic guide button.

Average Joe probably knows more about xbox720(rumors) than PS4 thanks to you guys.

clintos592049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )


It has nothing to do with microsoft's success right now. What really matters is the future of the gaming industry as a whole and what lies ahead of of us.

I have no problem with stiff competition aslong as it stays the way it has this gen with the 360/ps3/wii. No matter what order the outcome was all 3 was successful & its win win for all gamers.

The true problem is if these 720 rumours are true or false. I dont care if microsoft decides to bring out a entertainment box or whatever they plan with the 720 aslong as the always online rumour is dismissed then everything is ok.

If its true though I honestly dont want it to succeed just because if we all love gaming in general which im sure u do aswell. We can all agree that if always online does succeed it will only make things worse for the future of the gaming industry. Put your fanboy pride aside & look at the bigger picture of how the gaming industry will end up if everyone decides to follow suit. Single player campaign will die out.

Shinox2049d ago


You are such a tool, a tool that can Micro$oft use it whenever they want.

kneon2048d ago

I've seen quite a few articles about the ps4 and it's games in non-gaming media. The only articles I've seen in the mainstream media about the have been about always on and blocking used games, and every article was negative.

Ron_Danger2049d ago

I'm worried that by now any old Rare franchise that MS resurrects will get a Kinnect makeover and just end up like Steel Betallion. I'll probably never play them anyway since I'm on the Sony side of the "war", but I remember playing the Rare games on N64 and SNES in junior high and high school and I'd hate to see the games I grew up playing get trashed.

TedCruzsTaint2049d ago

Not with what we've seen of them as of late.

_LarZen_2049d ago

"Can Microsoft Save the Video Game Industry?"

Like they have in the past years with "so much focus on games"? So far they have been doing the opposite.


Save it... they have introduced if not pushed forward a lot of the ideas that are killing it !

I know it's early days and I know that we do not know anything official about the next xbox yet, but from what I have heard so far and the way MS has been carrying on the last few years, I am looking to Sony as the company with the potential to save what is left of the hobby I once loved so much.

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