Microsoft weren't kidding - PS3 shifts over 25,000 more units

Remember yesterdays posturing about sales figures, and what February's numbers will bring? Well it seems Microsoft's admission of defeat during February wasn't misplaced, as the PS3 managed to shift over 25,000 more units during the calendar month in the US.

With total hardware sales over 12 per cent heftier than expected, it was a good month all round for Sony, particularly with the PS3s 280,800 units shifted, despite a projection of a mere 269,900.

The PSP, which continues its healthy figures, almost overtook the 360 itself, with an impressive 243,100 consoles flying off the shelves. And as the good old PS2, well that cheeky old chap simply refuses to die and managed to find itself claiming third spot in the sales rankings with a huge 351,800 units sold. Wow

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INehalemEXI3540d ago

Crisis Core and GoW pushing those psp's off the shelf no doubt. Only 12 more days :D

gunnerforlife3540d ago

when those 2 come out i expect psp to be chalnging the DS for a month or the wii in sales figures

gamesR4fun3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Nintendo DS 587,600 427,300 +37.75%
Nintendo Wii 432,000 400,700 +7.81%
PlayStation 2 351,800 -- --
PLAYSTATION 3 280,800 269,900 +4.04%
Xbox 360 254,600 249,200 +2.17%
PlayStation Portable 243,100 255,000 -4.67%
Total Hardware Units 1,799,000 1,602,100 +12.29%

But the fact the ps2 and ps3 outsold the 360 cant b good for MS...

Montrealien3539d ago

PS2 = Commodor 64 of consoles, it will never die! Playstations brand is the clear winner here though.

Shimrra3539d ago

I have to say GoW is a nice game but that I forgot how much I hate the analog nub on the PSP. As for Crisis Core I could care less and it will be one game I will pass.

lawman11083539d ago

bought one. ..........GTA4 with exclusive downloads dates your mom ...........Snuff said . I can taste your tears next own a BR player and NOTHING more

LJWooly3539d ago

Your zone is thataway ----->

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meepmoopmeep3540d ago

and you will hear:

1. 360 shortages
2. blu-ray player only buyers

SUP3R3540d ago

PS2 is 3rd cuz it's a good cheap system with good cheap games.
I still buy a lot of PS2 games, they're like 10-20 dollars, so why not?

gonzopia3540d ago

I never owned a PS2, but that's why I love the backwards compatibility of the 80GB PS3... because now I have access to that huge back catalog of PS2 games I never got to try, and they're relatively inexpensive.

gamesR4fun3540d ago

we got the best one the 60 gig model and never play ps2 games anymore too many great ps3 games lol.

meepmoopmeep3540d ago

yeah, last gen i only had an Xbox until 2006. the way MS dropped support for the Xbox really angered me. i'm glad i picked up a PS2 until the PS3 launched to play all the awesome games. This time around i'm sticking to a company that supports their products even after unleashing an new console.

Area_513539d ago

I been buying ps2 games left and right at least 4 a week. Since I got my ps3 I got hooked playing more then just sports games, so i been on a tear. I've also been buying a lot of ps3 games too....sshh dont tell the wife. If any one wants to check out my list i got most of them lised here under my games.

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Premonition3540d ago

sony better get ready to sell good next by advertising GTA IV for their console as well, cause we all know MS will be pushing for it.

INehalemEXI3540d ago

Im getting GTA IV on PS3. That extra content stunt is laughable. Ive played GTA on sony consoles thus far and see no reason to stop for some extra content.

However I do like how competitive MS is to Sony and encourage them to keep it up. :D

Certain things though like RE , DMC , GTA, SH etc. I will continue to buy on PS3.

MS will have to bring new ip's of there own backing to the table like spend that 50 million on a new ip instead of some extra content for GTA IV 360.

Sarick3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I noticed that MS placed adds for Devil my Cry 4 amd at the in these adds didn't include the PS3 logos or say "Exclusively on xbox 360." I know this game is multiplatform. Doesn't this seem odd that MS is trying so hard to hide the fact that this game is multi-platform.

I understand that MS is promoting the game but these advertisements are treating it like its an exclusive. Shouldn't Capcom be paying for these adds something is fishy here. It seems as if someone is throwing around money to push the 360 version. Knowledgeable gamers are aware that this game isn't exclusive but the average Joe watching TV might not realise this and assume they don't have a choice if their interested in the game.

Has anyone else noticed this? To me it appears as a deceptive way to sway people into the 360 versions. Although it's not illegal to only advertise your games it's obvious that it's hiding that it's a multiplatform game.

Sayai jin3539d ago

@DuB- I am getting my copy for the 360 for the extra content and achievements, we all have our reasons. Many people say that MS should have spet the 50 Million on a new IP. The thing is I am sure they did. MS has deep pockets and I think it is a good idea that they are trying to insure that Xbox 360 owners et the full experience. I would applaud the Sony for doing the same thing. If someone new was going to buy a next gen console just for GTA (which I know several people who are) then they will have a choice to buy for a system that the previous titles of this series are larady on or a seeriesthat will get extra content.

@Sarick - No I do not find it deceptive. Remember it was Microsoft that swayed two previous Sony exclusives to build for the 360 too. It could be assumed the other way around though.

poopface13539d ago

I remember seeing alot of assassins creed comercials that only said it was on PS3. There were a few that said both systems, those were probaly paid for by ubisoft. Both companies do this, why would they put the others system on comericials that they are probaly paying extra to show extra times?

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