Deep Silver has no Wii U plans, COO says "audience is not who we reach best"

NE: "At this rate, the Wii U won't be getting any games from publisher Deep Silver. That would mean no Saints Row, no Metro, and no Dead Island - just to name a few."

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NYC_Gamer1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Deep Sliver realize that Nintendo fans only buy certain kinds of software

LOL_WUT1629d ago

Exactly, I just can't picture Deep Silver making an E-rated game. ;)

BullyMangler1629d ago

yes, because all "T" rated games and 'E' rated games are just for kids. Poor shadow of the Colossus.. . no

OmegaSlayer1628d ago

I'll buy the games Nintendo fanboys wouldn't buy anyway.

dungeonboss1629d ago

As a Wii U and Xbox 360 owner, I can confirm that none of those games appealed to me to begin with. I like games that are fun and at least get a single pass from a debug team. I wish the best of luck To Deep Silver making more sh***y games with awesome commercials.

AusRogo1628d ago

What about Metro Last Light? Looks amazing. ..

brewin1629d ago

Big deal. This company will not be around in a few years anyway. Dead Island 1.5 will not have the hype it had the first time around and the saints series is dead to many after the crap they pulled with the second half of part 3. Never cared one lick for the metro games either.

LastXeno1629d ago

"The Audience is not who we reach best"

*shakes hands, we gotta badass ova here

FlyingFoxy1629d ago

Well saints row is decent but i hate dead island with a passion, i have tried to play it a few times on my PC and with the horrible bloom and swaying boat like camera movement it made me feel sickly every time, not to mention the awful collission detection and sliding off objects.

I think left 4 dead is a much better series, so is killing floor if you want your fun zombie/specimen co-op fix.

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The story is too old to be commented.