Rockstar is EA 'primary interest'

Rockstar and its franchise Grand Theft Auto is the "primary interest" of EA's attempted purchase of Take Two games, said chief executive John Riccitiello.

Mr Riccitiello said: "I believe the company is fully justified in calling themselves Rockstar because that's what they are in this industry."

Take Two turned down EA's first approach and so the games giant is now targeting shareholders directly.

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Lifendz3693d ago

I was about to post the same thing. Yeah..this is a "ya think" article.

games4fun3693d ago

this just in, the planet known as Earth revolves around the sun

-EvoAnubis-3693d ago

Exactly what I came here to say.

NO_PUDding3692d ago

ARGH, I despire EA. It's the only reason I won't buy Burnout, becuase it;s from them. Burnout was awesome up until the point they were bought out.

Then all of a sudden, everything became really insane, and about stunts. Burnout was a superb game before EA came and ruined it.

And Battlefield, an excellent game before EA boguht out Dice, and then 2142... I mean, what the hell is that!? I loved Battlefield 2.

And now for craps sake, Sim City Societies, try and deny that is just a violent tug on the udder of the SimCity franchise.

EA, you may increase sales, but it's only due to your marketign campaigns, not actually due to the quality. That sales strength coems from beign able to Publsih the game worldwide, and market it wordwide to the mainstream, who as a matter fo act don't know any better. They might be given a crap agme but wouldn't notice.

Christ, I feel so passionately about this, I wish I could take some action. Like passive action, hire a PMC and make them use anti-riot tactics on the EA Redwood Studios. Create a hostage situation, but nto people as hostages, but their personal generator or electricity supply. Just soemthing to get EA out of the business.

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Mcrmarcher3693d ago

Dam i hate EA why are they so popular?!?!? Just leave T2 alone greedy [email protected]

gunnerforlife3693d ago

please sony i beg u buy Rockstar as soon as you can before EA ruins a great company

BSigel813693d ago

^^^^^^^I'll cosign that

Boldy3693d ago

.... or, better yet, stay independent.

JVIDICAN3693d ago

only one thing to do...
stab EA through the heart...
now anyone know what EA's heart looks like?

darkvenom3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

are nothing but greedy bastards,this hostile approach just proves what tools they are,I hate them with a passion.c'mon fellow gamers!, weather you're a Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo or Pc fan,Boycott EA products! show Take 2 that we as gamers stand behind them 100%,and that they are better off not selling to them.

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The story is too old to be commented.