Are We Interested in Batman: Arkham Origins?

IGN - Rich and Ryan react to the news that another game in the Arkham saga is on the way. Do we want another rookie Batman story?

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gamer2341477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

hopping, they push this game to 2014

iGAM3R-VIII1477d ago

I hope you mistyped that and meant 2013

ApolloTheBoss1477d ago

Since Rockstar isn't working on it, could that mean they're working on Arkham 3 for next-gen? Or even better the world's first awesome Super-Man game?!

PopRocks3591477d ago

I assume you mean Rocksteady?

I'm all for approaching this with an open mind. We don't even have a trailer yet, and a new developer doesn't always spell disaster. I just hope Kevin Conroy is still the voice of Batman.

ApolloTheBoss1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Yes yes I know sorry. Typos happen.

And yes Kevin HAS to come back.

ironfist921476d ago

It would be awesome if they made a Justice League game to possibly co-incide with the upcoming JL film.

I think having one Batman game after another could be a bad thing (see COD and Assassins Creed).

Arkham 3 could work, but it would need to be even more different and new and unique to origins.

DarthJay1477d ago

It's Batman. Of course people want it. The template has been made. Anyone can handle it at this point. I do agree I'd like to see it pushed back so it launches on next gen platforms. I am going to be highly annoyed if all these games release a few weeks before the new consoles.

Vandamme211477d ago

I'm excited and worried at the same...I wasn't a fan of hulk ultimate destruction and prototype.The game is being made by the creator of those two games.

GamerElite1477d ago

Awesome bad guy in Expedanlbles 2, Van Dam. Keep it real

abzdine1477d ago

i dont know what to think about the fact it's another studio developing this one.
except 1 or 2 Batmans on 16-bits consoles, only Rocksteady could give a real identity to this franchise. Let's wait for gameplay videos before we see if we're interested or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.