Analyst: PS3 Gaining 'Considerable Ground' On Xbox 360, Price Cut Needed

Analyst Jesse Divnich believes the PS3 has gained momentum on 360 and Microsoft needs to cut prices to counter the PS3 surge.

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Dannagar3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

The Playstation 3 gaining ground on the Xbox 360 can only be a good thing. It's the sign of a healthy market and shows Microsoft that they need to work harder. When Xbox 360 had a greater gap between them and Playstation 3, the situation bore fruit for Playstation 3 users by making Sony work harder to maintain and gain ground. These situation usually spawn new exclusives and price drops. All this equals a win, win situation for gamers.

sonarus3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

believe it or not folks 360 needs that price cut. It will be interesting to see the effect GTA4 will have on 360 hardware sales especially coupled with a price drop. I personally do not think any GTA fan will see the X360 console as the console to get for GTA4 despite any DLC unless there is a more significant price gap between ps3 and X360. That ps2 ps3 bond still exists and it will take more than DLC to break it

This analyst said it best: "In the short-term, Microsoft's only feasible and economical option is to look at reducing its hardware price in North America to at least slow down the PS3's momentum until it can implement more long-term solutions to winning the next-generation console war."

hazeblaze3536d ago

GTA IV is likely to have a greater impact for the PS3 than the 360... but Microsoft may have purchased some exclusive advertising rights as well... we'll see. At any rate, what they really need is a price cut in the U.S. Otherwise their sales are likely to slump behind Sony throughout the rest of the year, considering that Sony's gaming lineup for 2008 looks much more appealing.

season0073536d ago

i would like analyst come up with something more constructive actually..price cut ain't everything, they don't seem to work exactly on what they are supposed to do...everytime when something happens they go >>price cut..=/

to me i think improvement of xbox live is more important that price cut, achievement or not i am not so into it though some claims like its huge...i personally think a overall improvement for live as in service quality, price and innovative material..are what xbox wants...yes i do have personal preference with PS3 but if xbox can't keep the only point that is slightly ahead of PS3...

on the other side, MS should really stop saying BS like they have the best games or other excuses...face it, they need game, they need UP COMING games...i mean well they need to work on it instead of spreading FUD...yea the best way to sell game is to make the game trendy to own...but well if they don't even have a game to create that hype, no matter how much they spend on marketing, it DOESN'T ...change anything...

In addition, pushing GTA IV as if its their exclusive is pathetic...yea they can aim on selling more copies on xbox 360 than PS3, but well they think this can help them regain momentum in 2008?
its ridiculous...

sonarus3536d ago

price cut isn't a permanent solution its simply the most effective short term solution. PS3 sold more than last month and with increased momentum they will probably sell more this month. Msoft needs to slow down that momentum and the quickest and most effective way is to slash that price. People are seeing the great ps3 games on the horizon. They need to find a way to take the attention from ps3 onto themselves. Sony's job on the other hand is to keep the attention on themselves

Lifendz3536d ago

Why would MS need to lower 360 prices if it's the superior system with the better library? Why are people buying PS3s now when it has "no games"? Oh wait, I know why: it's because they can't find a 360 anywhere. The supply constraints, right?


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TheWickedOne3536d ago

"Microsoft needs to cut prices" didn't that just happen.

The gaming GOD3536d ago

They didn't have another U.S. price cut yet

cmrbe3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

yes offcourse. However. MS really needs to fix their hardware issue more than anything else. Not half measures or band aid solution. I am being 100% honest here. I would have bought a x360 end of last year if it weren't for the hardware issue. The price drop will help but solving of this problem would actually get more people to buy the x360 in my opinion.

Obama3536d ago

I doubt MS will fully fix the rrod problem on the basis that 360 has been out for a few years already. It's not likely they will rectify the problem when the console has already reached half of its life cycle.

dale13536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

hard to cut prices on 360,s when you have so many returns,sent back the nephews 3 weeks ago, told it may be a different unit returned thats worrying.its going to cost more than 1 billion dollars to keep these things working, last quarter alone in N.A cost MS 291 million dollars put asia and europe in the calculations that 1 billion will be long gone before the years out.
ms is a big company but 1 billion to 2 billion a year in repairs out of any possible profit year in year out is plain stupid
they may have extended there warranty but the more they sell the higher there cost of repairs and when you see there latest so called new designed 360 r.r.o.d at gdc08 on the first day covered by the bbc well it sure doesn,t look good
they had to drop the price in the eu as the ps3 out sold the 360 3 to 1 in jan and it was 4 to 1 and cimbing in feb, retailers have started to refuse stock due to no demand

no its worrying times for the 360, japan and asia don,t want to know its the wi and ps3,the eu have gone for the wi and ps3 and america are going the same way,shortages are only for wi and 80gb ps3
nephew will be selling his on return for a ps3

Lord Anubis3536d ago

the more they reduce the price the less profit they'll make on hardware so they would have to rely on software even increasing royalties. Too bad there's a flaw to that plan. PS3 nor wii are standing still.

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