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Xbox 720: Always Online Fiasco Might Not Be What It Seems

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft and its Xbox 720 next-generation console are taking a lot of heat from journalists and gamers alike, due to the "always online" rumors. The question is, are these rumors correct, or could there be something else to do with this "always online" fiasco?" (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   693d ago
always online ception

On-Topic: This article has some key points though, good read.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   693d ago
"Xbox 720: Always Online Fiasco Might Not Be What It Seems."

That's what I've been stating for month now. It more than likely won't be mandatory, realistically.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   693d ago
Yea agreed, it could be like a console that is required online for certain things but I highly doubt it would be for the entire console
blackbeld  +   693d ago
"Xbox 720: Always Online Fiasco Might Not Be What It Seems."

Maybe not but they still got a lot Fiasco's

Pay to play online Fiasco

Kinekt Fiasco

NO BC Fiasco

No Exclusive games Fiasco

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BitbyDeath  +   693d ago
Maybe MS are just mixing things up and will make online free but then charge you for offline instead?
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Dee_Cazo  +   693d ago
Can't wait to see the rage when the fanboys biggest selling point on not buying an Xbox is that.

When you are down 17 million sales in North America and people have had an Xbox between 1-8 years, something tells me no one is going to "change sides".

Also please realize I am referring to the average consumer, not you "hyper intelligent experts" on gaming.
baodeus  +   692d ago

there is also the don't know shitzzz fiasco rampaging on n4g as well (especially with you)
Saigon  +   692d ago
I don't know. Ever since I seen the articles about Subscriptions to own the console, that says to me that there is some type of always online implementation, Since the system is going to supposedly cost 500$, 300$ for subscription. But also looking at that, the 500$ price tag, may mean it is similar to the iPad, meaning you can buy a version with always online capabilities or just standard connection. I have so many other thoughts on this that i rather not go into because as my previous thoughts within this comment its speculation. The best bet is to wait for the MS event in may, if they are having it, or E3.
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Waller  +   692d ago

Pay-to-play online fiasco? You mean like they've been doing for over 10 years?

Kinect fiasco? How is it a fiasco? It's successful and, thus far, not mandated.

No backwards compatibility fiasco? Nobody knows if that's true, and if it is, then it'd be the same as the PS3's BC model.

No exclusive games? I...what?

I know I'll get disagreed with to no end, and I don't care, but the hatred for Microsoft on this site is astounding. Makes me wonder if it would be reversed if Sony did all of this, too.
Ilovetheps4  +   693d ago
I really hope that these rumors aren't true. I don't want these kinds of restrictions in gaming. If they turn out to be true and the "720" sells real well, Sony will probably start looking at the option real closely. But, I just hope that no one goes this route.
maniacmayhem  +   693d ago
It could be always online for automatic updates, patches and firmware upgrades and not necessarily to block used games. I think MS will take the Sony route and leave it up to the developer themselves. Let them take the heat.
JeffGUNZ  +   693d ago
That's exactly what I have been saying the entire time. I feel like the system, when "powered down" by the user will go in a low power mode where it's technically "on" (Always on) therefore allowing the console to update the system, update games on HD, etc while the user is away from their console. (Always connected). Thus, when the user is ready to play again, it turns on instantaneously and is always updated. To me, that makes so much more sense then the rumors that have been flying around here.
sfalexl21  +   693d ago
The PS3 already does this with a subscription to plus. All system updates and game patches are downloaded and installed at whichever hour of the day that you designate. Mine turns itself on at 1:00 in the morning to take care. An "always on" internet connection isn't needed for this feature.
JeffGUNZ  +   692d ago
So, you don't need an internet connection to download updates to games or the system? What are you talking about? Just because the PS3 is off, it's still internet ready, yeah? Ms might just have it on a low power mode so when a user wants to play it starts instantaneously. From what I gathered from the PS4 reveal, their system is having a similar function.
LOGICWINS  +   693d ago
I think it'll be optional, but you'll lose certain features if your console isn't online. Like in Infamous 2, where you can only play UGC if your consoles online.
TheKayle1  +   693d ago
this is what it will be
Typical-Guy  +   693d ago
Yeah it also might be up to developers, for some reason I'm thinking of EA!

We'll wait and see....
JeffGUNZ  +   693d ago
Finally, an article where the author actually thinks outside the box and uses common sense. If you think about it, so many people have spun the always on always connected rumor with no real facts or anything to really go on. It's about time someone sees what most likely will happen if this always on and always connected rumor pans out.
kneon  +   693d ago
Well the facts are that there have been a lot of really bad rumors and Microsoft has made no attempt to dispell them. And then we have a Microsoft employee defending always on which makes it highly likely that they had planned to use it in some way.

That means that either the rumors were close to the truth or the Microsoft PR team are stupid. If the rumors were wrong they should have come out and cleared things up as they have been getting a huge amount of negative press. But they haven't so it's almost certain that there is some truth to the rumors.

But since this is purely a software feature Microsoft could drop it or at least modify it to eliminate the most objectionable aspects.
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JeffGUNZ  +   692d ago
I think you're missing the main point here, MS hasn't even acknowledged their next gen system. So then, what do you expect them to say? Everything will come out in full detail when they announce the system. It would be a different story of MS revealed their system then these rumors came out and MS remained silent. Truth remains that saying "this is false" would mean they acknowledged the system and that is not how they are planning to do it. Also, a lot of these bad rumors are from piss poor journalists spinning anything they hear for hits then fanboys from the opposite biting and throwing fuel on the fire.
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kneon  +   692d ago
They could dispel the rumors without even mentioning the next xbox. All this negative press is harmful to the brand even if in the end they turn out to be completely false.
yewles1  +   693d ago
If sources are stating that the game gets suspended after three minutes of losing a connection, then it is what it seems...
ichimaru  +   693d ago
who are your sources....developers or journalist? because "journalist" told me that kim kardashian is cheating on kanye with his goatee
a_bro  +   692d ago
sdks... Developers stepping in stating the reality of things..... The idiot Microsoft studios developer who pretty much confirmed without actually stating that the system is always online....superdae, who did NOT have a spectacular "superday" when he got raided.....

main question: why defend something that's going restrain you? its like people love to get butt-raped by these companies that limits them. If Sony were to do this, i'd be jumping ship by now.
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1OddWorld  +   693d ago
Sorry but this article talks down to us all. As if we cant differentiate between rumors and facts.

Rumor has it that the XBOX720 is made of feces and that's why we all smell a piece of ....

Hows that for spreading rumors?
ichimaru  +   693d ago
"As if we cant differentiate between rumors and facts."

bro if the difference between a rumor and fact is difficult to understand, the next gen gaming may be the least of your worries. Everything leaked about the next nextbox thus far is a rumor, simply because it hasn't been confirmed. thats the deciding factor on what makes information rumor or fact, an official confirmation.
1OddWorld  +   693d ago
I don't think you read my post. I am saying that we all know the differences and that this article speaks to us as if we have no clue. His whole article could have been summed up in one sentence."Don't speculate I like the nextbox". But instead he posts an article on how the rumor mill works and that we should all ignore info that could be devastating to gaming as a whole. Our voices are being heard loud and clear because we are speculating on a feature that could kill solo play.
Ashlen  +   693d ago
Xbox 720: Always Online Fiasco Might Be Exactly What It Seems
ichimaru  +   693d ago
so brave
greenpowerz  +   693d ago
LMAO the leaked docs have alway said they were convenience features most likely optional like the primative version's of some of those features on Xbox 360.

The docs said the 720 has full auto updating vs the 360's features, with the 360 needing to be on and enabled by the owner for auto updates/downlaods, before the 360 engages the function(only doing auto when enabled with a powered on console and when the console is then off).

Media and fanboys twisted what was originally said/leaked.

Also some sort of DEV KIT security protocol is being mixed into this cunfusing people even more. On the dev side of things the DEV KITs might need to be connected to MSFT servers for the console to work or play games in developement. MSFT can watch who is using the dev kit making sure only the games assigned are being accessed and used where they are suppose to be or the console doesn't work nor the games.

Both these things I said above will need an always connected and always on console to work. LOL

The new standby mode talked about in the docs is in a low power state for Kinect and remote use with MSFT smartglass devices etc.

New always signed in mode needs the console always connected for auto features and remote access(DVR).

All this is hardly proof of retail consoles not working period! without a connected from the web. It just means like the 360 or anyother consoles out now, some of the offerings won't work.

The new features are hands free for owners most likely if they so choose.

You enable the feature on the 720 and when updates are available the console will probably show what its doing for a sec in a window pop up. When off and the owners are not home all that will be done, with a possible notation of what was done when you get home assuming there isn't a smartglass function that leaves messages in various places,.

I have the same tech/options in my OPPO BDP 103 It's always connected and always on ;) It doesn't have to be booted up and other media/network features work in standby mode and not in off mode. It's always connected ;)
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   693d ago
You know, guys like neverending and coco are cleary just trolling when they comment.But you're something special.

I genuinely think that you actually believe the things you say.And that is kind of alarming..
DK286K   693d ago | Spam
ichimaru  +   693d ago
alt account I take it? errr welcome back
BlueTemplar  +   693d ago
"Also some sort of DEV KIT security protocol is being mixed into this cunfusing people even more. On the dev side of things the DEV KITs might need to be connected to MSFT servers for the console to work or play games in developement. MSFT can watch who is using the dev kit making sure only the games assigned are being accessed and used where they are suppose to be or the console doesn't work nor the games."

I love that you've now reached the point where you are taking nonsensical shit that you've made up as gospel truth. Hilarious, yet tragic in so many ways. Mostly hilarious though.
Oh_Yeah  +   693d ago
The devs needing to be always connected to MS servers sounds logical especially after what happened with the dev kit that guy was trying to sell...and also the documents did state always connected as in an optional way to install patches, updates, games etc. in a low power mode while not operating the console, that's it..nothing about having to be connected to run a game... Journalist are just trying to twist words.. grabbing for them hits.
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BlueTemplar  +   692d ago
It's not that logical - how can devs test how their games operate in an offline environment if they were to be forced to be always online?

How do you simulate dropped connections and how a game recovers from that situation if they're forced to always be online.

The whole point of a devkit is to be as representative as possible to the users own environment - makes no sense at all for them to differ so radically.
BlueTemplar  +   692d ago
@greenpowerz Thanks for another one of your hate-filled, lacking-in-logic PMs.

You have one bubble - this is your fault and nobody elses, and does not bestow on you the right to fill my message box with your hate-filled rants.

Now f**k off and #dealwithit you horrible little troll.

EDIT: just seen on your profile that you have 50 (FIFTY!) people actively ignoring you. Wow. How must of a cretin must you be to be that unpopular?
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BlueTemplar  +   692d ago
Correction: 51.
jmc8888  +   693d ago
The rumor said your 720 was basically useless if not connected for 3 minutes.

You gain NOTHING from forced online that you couldn't get from just normally going online.

All you do is create a bunch of problems.

Not all 'inventions' are progress.

They can either progress or regress things.

Forced online or your system is useless is regression, pure and simple.

We don't know if it's TRUE that it will include this, but if it is, then yes, what I lay out is 100 percent true, and forrest gump level of common sense needed to understand it.
oof46  +   693d ago
Adam Orth did Microsoft no favors.
inStereo  +   693d ago
Here's an idea... let's wait until Microsoft reveals the XBOX 720!
ichimaru  +   693d ago
stow that common sense son!
TheMailman  +   693d ago
"who would want to spend a potential $400 on a console, only to have it limited to playing games"

Is this guy serious?????
Hicken  +   693d ago
Mailman, meet your typical MS fanboy. The LAST thing they care about is gaming, or so it would seem, the way they're happy to support a company whose last focus is... well, gaming.
maniacmayhem  +   692d ago
Who would want a smartphone limited to just making phone calls???

Mailman, meet your typical Sony fanboy who believes that consoles should be stuck in the 80's and not offer much more than gaming alone.

Of course this typical Sony fanboy will pretend that said console still doesn't offer games and core games of their successful franchises.
clintos59  +   693d ago
The real problem is that almost every major gaming site are bringing up this issue. It would be easy to discredit the rumour if it were just sum unknown source that was looking for hits but the fact that one of microsofts own employees was defending it just seems to heat these rumours up even more. Since he decided to defend always online, why not just tweet saying, "U can still play your games offline"? I dont see how saying that would be hurting anything about the 720 if the rumours arent true. Do they really think ppl dont know there is a next xbox? Its already been confirmed by devs. It makes no sense.

Edit: Only thing I really hope isnt true is not being able to play offline if u have no internet. Reason is because I dont want microsoft to succeed using that then everyone else decides to follow that strategy. It definitely would kill the gaming industry.
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KillrateOmega  +   693d ago
Good Read
The article makes some good points. It WOULD be rather foolish of MS to make an internet connection a requirement to play games at all.

I just wish that MS would make an official statement on the matter, so that we can put this fiasco to rest. They don't have to reveal anything big, just say something sufficient to put people at ease.
Dan_scruggs  +   693d ago
Wait.. You mean that everyone online talking about something they truthfully know absolutely nothing might all be wrong. GASP

Picture me saying this as sarcastically as possible.
thehitman  +   693d ago
The Sky is red and its raining pigs too..

Not to be offensive to the author but his arguments were very poorly put I kind of got where he was coming from but he did a piss poor job defending MS and their 360. It wasnt just said that the next xbox is always online but it's "required", meaning in order to have access to it you need to be connected. Reason that is a problem even if you have good internet which everyone does not the servers your connecting to must have almost zero downtime which is quite impossible. Any maintenance or crashes will cause you not be able to game or use any of the services it provides, gl with that.

This quote made me laugh though, "who would want to spend a potential $400 on a console, only to have it limited to playing games." Id buy a ps4 10x over if I knew it could only play games, why because its a GAMING console and I am a gamer who wants to play games something that Sony never fails to bring to the table no matter what they do.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   693d ago
No one in the general public will care.
Thomaticus  +   693d ago
We'll find out the truth soon enough. I'm not going to get overly concerned about any rumours (for PS4 or 720).

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