Devil May Cry 4 became 9th PS3 title to pass 1 million

According to VGChartz, Devil May Cry 4 has become the 9th PS3 software title to pass the 1 million sales milestone. Devil May Cry 4(PS3) has sold 1 million units faster than Devil May Cry(XBox 360) by a notable margin(60,000 units sold more on the PS3 version, largely due to Japanese sales figures)

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barom3562d ago

So according to VGChartz, during the first 3 weeks in the USA DMC4 sold

1) 195,872
2) 85,424
3) 62,364

Which I'm roughly gonna estimate at 340k. The NPD numbers (which is pretty much the official numbers) for February, DMC4 sold around 230k. In other words, the numbers are way off.

Sevir043561d ago

if it's shipped then it wouldn't be a big deal announcing such a number.

keep in mind this is also world wide. Not NA, as NPD looks at NA numbers only in japan total to date according to Media creates #s 300K, and in NA NPD has clocked it in at 340+K and EU and UK accounts for the rest acording to VGcharts, either way the game has sold quite well.

Brian Peppers3563d ago

Rubbish. Someone pulled these numbers out of their ass.

sonarus3563d ago

Agree that the numbers are BS. Considering VGchartz over estimated 360 DMC4 sales by almost 400 thousand in NA which is where the bulk of DMC4 sales are from. With the great lead provided by DMC4 in JP and DMC4 being almost neck and neck on both platforms in EU and NA, I would say the lead is a lot larger than 60,000 actually more regardless, none of the versions have reached the 1 million mark. VGchartz is full of blaphemy

Sevir043563d ago

capcom has come out and said it that DMC4 has sold over 2 million worldwide. I'll take Capcom over VGcharts any day. with that being said i'm sure that it's sold both well on the PS3 and the Xbox 360, it's a new game from capcom on the xbox platform and a great franchise on the the Sony platform. why wouldn't a high profile title such as that sell great on either and not sell in excess of 1 million on each platform?

pwnsause3563d ago

Brian I told you, go back to YTMND with ronald and Sean Connery.

sonarus3563d ago

capcom refers to shipped not sold. How did capcom get the estimates of over 2 million when it has sold most on ps3 and ps3 hasn't even crossed the 1 million point yet. At least according to NPD data

sanjay093563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

must be yours

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blade2063563d ago

and i thought m$ didn't need japan lol

Blademask3563d ago

Ehh Considering NPD's numbers.. i think its safe that N4G retires VGCHARTZ...

beoulve3563d ago

we will have a ceremony soon.

tidus0073563d ago

According to NPD

DMC4 --PS3 and X360 versions are very close in sales

233k vs 293k

VGCHARTZ has x360 version over 500k

Plus VGCRAP's JAN+FEB numbers are FULLY FAKE

VG 's numbers for JAN+FEB

X360 == 631,000
PS3 = 564,000

X360 leads by 66k


X360 == 484000
PS3 = 551,000

IN REALITY PS3 leads by 66k

STOP posting VGCRAP's numbers

meepmoopmeep3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

so by ratio the PS3 sold twice as much.

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The story is too old to be commented.