Four Dastardly things you should try in Oblivion

"Lately I've been somewhat obsessed with trying the craziest things I could think of in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, so I thought, "Why not share the madness?" Here's four things you can try to spice up your Oblivion experience" writes

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tplarkin73753d ago

You can get people to follow you through various methods. You can collect them and they will all follow you at the same time. You can then tell them to wait at any location. I had them wait in my home in Skingrad. I had about 6 people living there. I also stored various cool stuff that I collected in the display cases of the home.

It's a big waste of time, but it was fun.

RecSpec3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Make sure you are friends with the shopkeepers. Create a shock spell, max range, minimum damage. Go into town, fire it off right before the stores close. As the mob of citizens attack you, the stores will close and the shopkeepers will leave the stores. Seeing you in trouble, they will come to help you. Thus it becomes a war between the shopkeepers and the townspeople and imperial guard.

I did this on accident, but it is the coolest thing I have ever scene in an open world game, far passing anything I've ever done in GTA, by the end, almost everyone was dead.

Breakfast3753d ago

thats when you really wish there was saved films for every game. I hate having done cool things in games with no way of showing it.

moses3753d ago

I really really wish MultiTes was fully functional, and worked well :), theres nothing I'd rather do then play coop Oblivion, other then coop Stalker.

xenophage3753d ago

Nice List. I like the whole Killing guards bit; try and do it in most medieval games

AppleSlime3753d ago

I will attempt this shortly...sad thing is, I've had this game for several months and have yet to beat it, despite playing several different characters. There's just so much to do.

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