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AMD’s chief graphics architect stays silent about next-generation Xbox

At GDC, AMD’s Chief Graphics Product Architect, John Gustafson, wouldn't speak about the Xbox 720.

He did have a lot to say about the PS4 though. (AMD, PS4, Xbox One)

pat_11_5  +   738d ago
Gustafson was a surprisingly cool guy. I knew he wouldn't say anything about it,but I had to ask.
Godmars290  +   738d ago
What could he have said that would be of any actually relevance?

By that I mean while he may know the specs, neither he nor anyone from AMD would know about MS policy. And its that policy - always on, used games - that people want to know.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   738d ago
Agreed, he could of said those things and he could of said what AMDchip AMD is using or some specs
violents  +   738d ago

He's prob under a NDA with MS about anything involving then nextbox. Im sure with as quiet as MS has been about their next cosole that anyone to do with anything about it had to sign Non disclosure agreements or risk MS owning their soul for a leak.
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Dlacy13g  +   738d ago
Anyone thinking this guy could have said anything more beyond what he did say about the next xbox is very much mistaken. You thought the heat was on before from MS to keep quiet... after Adam Orth that heat probably tripled!
Jek_Porkins  +   738d ago
Agreed, do people not realize there are gag orders and agreements not to talk about the next Xbox? That is the whole reason the controllers for the dev kits are identity marked, if your controller is one that gets leaked, you face legal action.
RememberThe357  +   738d ago
Of course he is, they haven't announced it yet. I can't wait to see more from both of these consoles at E3 though. Gaming, though slightly annoying at times, is pretty good right now. And more more indies we get trying new things and the better these big budget games get, it's only gonna get better.
jaixvx  +   738d ago
Cool story, bro! another great article stating nothing new. haha.
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BrianC6234  +   738d ago
Of course he's going to be silent about the new Xbox. It's not his job to talk about it. He'd be in trouble if he started blabbing.
GreenRanger  +   738d ago
Bill Gates threatened to whip him with a USB cable if he said anything.
duckieoro   738d ago | Spam
And amd could say "fine not parts for xbox" and xbox will die right there and nvidia would turn their head like they didn't see anything.
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NYC_Gamer  +   738d ago
It's because he is under NDA
mrmancs  +   738d ago
i think the ps4 specs are still slightly cloak and dagger. Probably even more powerful than what they are letting on, for the time being.
stuna1  +   738d ago
^^^This^^^! I'm pretty sure Sony aren't foolish enough to put the actual 100% unadulterated specs out there for anyone to copy, like I said it would be foolish! For all anyone knows they could be doing this in a way to make Microsoft up their specs as a way of guesstimating a rough estimate of just how powerful the next Xbox will be! Which is why Microsoft would be quiet, so as not to show if they took the bait, or if they feel that their system is already comparable or better than what Sony has shown.
pat_11_5  +   738d ago
I doubt it, they were pretty open about the system's spec at their launch.
vigilante_man  +   738d ago
I agree. Sony pretty much laid it out there.

I do think it caught Microsoft off guard and they have had to up their specs somewhat. No competitor keeps that silent and gives up 2 months free publicity without good reason.

MS can't say anything until they finalise their specs. They would look pretty foolish otherwise. But they need to be careful. It is unwise to make any major changes to a system within only a few months.
TheKayle1  +   738d ago

if the article is your..good job man...at least u tried :)

amd and ms r in a long long relationship...we r going to reach the 10 years long...(i remember u that amd produced the gpu of the x360 while ps3 was with nvidia rsx)
dont surprise that working this close for this long time....this two company respect each other..and respect totally the nda

what suprise me in this months...is that ANY and im saying ANY leaks come out from devs...this is just crazy! this time ms is acting like some 007 wtf.....for this reason i expect great things
Nykamari  +   738d ago
As he should. But I hope a great new gen system from both company, good software for us all! PC, PS4, and XBox!
FrigidDARKNESS  +   738d ago
He's silent because he cant discuss anything about the MS/AMD partnership...it seems as though the next xbox will b getting the better GPU.
pat_11_5  +   738d ago
I have a feeling that it will end up being very similar to what the PS4 has.
greenpowerz  +   738d ago
720 could be using a new AMD Radeon HD 2x7790 GPU 3.58TFlop(2x1.79TFlop)

BTW to the replies...

Don't even try to pull the April Fool's card damage control excuse.
The rumor PS3 fans are thinking of is the 1.23 dual GPU rumor not the new Radeon HD 7790 rumor. The rumors of dual GPUs are over a year old. A troll posted one of the dual gpu rumors on neogaf on April Fool's trying to discredit the rumor in a damage control attempt.

Posted on 26 Mar 2013

April 1st(fool's)Debunked excuse wont work. Possible Mega! Ton! incoming

See how dual gpu rumors are much older than April first 2013

published: 2012-04-02 17:58:24


It's clear MSFT has been wanting to do this from the start regardless of dev kit build or the different hardware changes overtime.
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GalacticEmpire  +   738d ago
Your level of delusion is astronomical.

You see Batman when you look in the mirror don't you?

It's a shame you don't put your scary level of commitment, passion and dedication towards something other than trolling, you might actually achieve something great.
vigilante_man  +   738d ago
Begs the question. Would Sony make developers sign an agreement to keep multi platforms games on a par if Microsoft have the better hardware this time?

I doubt the 2 GPU scenario - unless they have 1 less powerful integrated GPU and a dedicated GPU in crossfire. I know AMD do this with their PC APU chips. They crossfire them with specific low-mid range GPUs.

Still need good exclusives to show them off. Not just the usual suspects.
Mkai28  +   738d ago
You could be right, but not in that way..Double precision Is a type of floating-point number that has more precision (that is, more digits to the right of the decimal point) than a single-precision number. The term double precision is something of a misnomer because the precision is not really double. The word double derives from the fact that a double-precision number uses twice as many bits as a regular floating-point number. For example, if a single-precision number requires 32 bits, its double-precision counterpart will be 64 bits long.
The extra bits increase not only the precision but also the range of magnitudes that can be represented. The exact amount by which the precision and range of magnitudes are increased depends on what format the program is using to represent floating-point values. Most computers use a standard format known as the IEEE floating-point format.

So lets just say, the Next Xbox would to have just 1.79TFlops. Being double precision aka " two PCs taped together" will have a clock speed of 3.58TFlops. Sony's PS4 having a single precision clocked at 1.84TFlops. Even if it was at the first rumored Durango specs to have 1.23 TFlops, being doubled is clocked at 2.34TFlops . Getting the picture, it was also rumored that it will not use cross fire but will some how work independently.
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net123456  +   738d ago

No you are mixing something up. Double precision does not mean twice the single precision performance. Actually its often way higher than that and also depends on the architecture.

But in the case of rumored Durango 1.24 Tflop vs 1.84 Tflop PS4 its single precision vs single precision. Infact the fastest card the AMD HD 7970 has 3.7 Tflop single precision and not even 1 Tflop double precision.

Its also clear to see on the rumored specs. Durango has supposedly 12 CUs (Compute Units) whereas PS4 has 18 CUs and a HD 7970 has 32 Compute Units. Those are directly responsible for performance. Each gives about 100-125 Gflop performance depending on clock speed (800mhz-1000mhz+).

If the rumors are indeed correct Durango simply has the weaker hardware.

Also to the Dual Apu rumors. Its not as efficent as a single APU why not just add more CUs to the APU ?

To clarify 2 GPUs in a console would only make sense if there were no better GPUs available to get to the desired performance goal. But there are. So whats the benefit ?
DoesUs  +   738d ago
Green, you think the 720 has not one...but 2 7790's?!!..............My god. There is absolutely no hope. Keep looking at the leaked specs dude, i keep telling you.....you are going to look so silly (not that you dont anyway) you REALLY wouldnt want to be showing your face around here.
pankajsc96  +   738d ago



Microsoft Mediaroom Buy Gives Ericsson Leadership In Fast-Growing IPTV Set-Top Box Middleware Biz
The hand that feeds  +   738d ago
Tasty poobar !!

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