The top 5 selling Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games

So, we’ve been scouting around to find out what were the top 5 selling Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games. The sales figures for the 5 games below are over a staggering 29,000,000 units, not bad going for a 16 bit console that lurked in the shadow on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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StreetsofRage1954d ago

Nice!!!! Finally an interesting article without the nonsense. All great games on that list. I can't believe Street Figher Championship Edition isn't there. I remember how crazy people got when it was announced for the Genesis.

KrimsonKody1954d ago

I agree.
I remember how everyone was so excited about the Genesis getting its 1st Street Fighter title.
Not to mention it, in small ways, the Genesis version upstaged the SNES version.

guitarded771954d ago

Numbers 1 and 2, I was like "yeah, that's obvious". Then I got to #3 and was like "WTF???".

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voodoopickle1954d ago

alladin was actually a damn good game, was talking about it with someone just yesterday. would love to see that put up on the psn

DivineAssault 1954d ago

agreed.. Chucking apples at enemies were good times.. lion king was fun too but HARD

Vladplaya1954d ago

Meh I played Dune, Contra, and Jungle Strike... Aahh the memories *sheds a tear*

DivineAssault 1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I loved Tazmania, sonic 3, & Ren & Stimpy for genesis.. TJ & E was great too.. Zombies ate my neighbors, altered beast, Jurassic Park & a few others i cant remember are still in my box of ancient tech..

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