There's A Funny Side To Microsoft's Next Xbox

Taiwanese news agency NMA TV, picking up on the internet's growing dismay with Microsoft's rumoured plans for the next Xbox, has done what it done best and make an animated video about it.

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iGAM3R-VIII1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

LOL, when the kid slapped the box out of his mums hands XD

Anyway, as much as funny as this video is, it does make some good points about the internet issues and connection speed.

aCasualGamer1713d ago

I love the satiric undertone but let's face it, the video speaks nothing but the truth.

If Microsoft does force it upon their customers, there is no doubt in my mind that 720 sales will get a beating, real bad.

Does show how deep corruption goes though doesn't it, these big corporate greedy degenerates trying to do whatever it takes to squeeze every single penny out of your pockets. "Come buy our product, we don't give a shit if you can play the games or not! Come... Buy! Buy! Buy!"

1OddWorld1713d ago

Don't waste your time with this video it just reiterates what we already know. Not funny at all.

My brain is starving for new gamer info.

Anyone know if GTA5 is going to be ported for PS4 so I dont have to buy two copies?

Skate-AK1713d ago

They havnt announced GTA5 for PS4. Im not to sure they will. It will sell millions on current consoles.

Wizziokid1713d ago

I love these news reports

KillrateOmega1713d ago

Pretty funny, not to mention that it also manages to bring up some fair points.

SOULJER1712d ago

Oh damn. Japanese cartoons are ripping X-box. WOW. Is there any good news about the new 720.

Hicken1712d ago

Taiwan is Japan, now?