Sony Online Entertainment to use PlanetSide 2 engine for all its future MMOs

PlanetSide 2 is one of the best-looking MMOs out there, and Sony Online Entertainment knows it. Powered by an engine it calls "ForgeLight," SOE plans on developing its upcoming games exclusively on the engine.

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porkChop1988d ago

Considering how poorly optimized PlanetSide 2 is, that's not necessarily a good thing. If they can fix all the problems with that engine then it might be alright, but as of now it's a wreck. It looks good but runs horribly with random drops from 80fps down to 20 or less.

AllroundGamer1987d ago

yep, with every update they mess more things up and more bugs appear without fixing the old ones... and the distance visibility/rendering of enemies is still crap, like when you run for cover or try to flank and suddenly 20 enemies appear 10-15 meters before your nose. I regret getting the premium package, but it will run out in june and from then they can forget about getting any money from me :P

DoomeDx1987d ago

Poorly optimized?

You are playing in a game with 650+ people in one match. Pulling off graphics like that is an amazing achievement!

One big example, MAG! The reason it didnt look to good was because you were playing there with 256 players. Planetside has more players then that, and manages to look on-par with current-gen singleplayer games.

porkChop1987d ago

Yes, it is poorly optimized. I'll have 80fps, and then it will dip down to below 20 for NO reason. Nothing happens on screen, nothing around me. It's just random drops, and the game has had this problem since launch. They keep saying they fixed the performance issue with each update, but it either makes things worse or doesn't change anything.

Moncole1987d ago

How come there is no PC tag?

telekineticmantis1987d ago

when/if they realease Planetside 2 on PS4.

DS361987d ago

They should just make Planetside 2 for the PS4 as a free downloadable game just like it is on PC for the console's launch.

MysticStrummer1987d ago

Or just have it preinstalled on all PS4s, or do the same with MAG2.

DS361986d ago

If there was a MAG 2

MysticStrummer1986d ago

Yeah MAG2 is definitely something I want but who knows if it will ever happen. : /

Dazel1987d ago

Haven't played this in a good while but had a rock solid 60fps, with everything maxed out on an OC GTX560ti 448.

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