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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – first details and screenshots

Batman: Arkham Origins isn’t the only new Batman game in development. Armature Studio is also working on Origins Blackgate, a new entry in the series for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita. (3DS, PS Vita)

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Kanzes  +   839d ago
From what I've heard from this, Blackgate gameplay will be much like Mark of the Ninja with Batman theme, which is pretty good :)
NewMonday  +   839d ago
I swear I have bean dreaming of a 2D handheald Batman game in the mold of games like blackthorn and flashback for months.

Armature Studio are made by former heads of Retro Studio the makers of Metroid Prime, so i'm very hyped.

also dreaming of a 2D Spider-Man game with a retro 60s cartoon style and made using the Rayman engine.
sikbeta  +   839d ago
Only thing I know is that Vita version will be an upport from the 3DS version, so bleh...
Ritsujun   838d ago | Offensive
3-4-5  +   838d ago
reminds me of the old sega batman game that also had multiplayer.
Moncole  +   839d ago
Mark of the Ninja was my GOTY but I don't think this game will be as good as it. One of he reasons MOTN was one of the best stealth games ever made was the mechanics it used that made you feel like a ninja and replayability. I wish it was on Wii U, PS3 and Vita so more people can play it.
ironfist92  +   839d ago
Now thats definitely a dream come true
Root  +   839d ago
This actually looks and sounds more interesting then Arkham City Part 2...I mean Arkham Origins :)
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porkChop  +   839d ago
Yeah I'm a bit worried about Origins not being developed by Rocksteady. But Blackgate actually looks awesome. This game reminds me of Mark of the Ninja which is a fantastic game.
Deku-Johnny  +   839d ago
I don't think there's anything to worry about. WB Montreal were the ones who ported Arkham City to the Wii U so they know what they're doing with the franchise.
porkChop  +   839d ago

You do know what a port is, don't you? They didn't do any real development on the game. All they did was make the game work on the Wii U. Just because you can port a game doesn't mean you somehow have the talent or the skills to make a worthy sequel.
Thirty3Three  +   839d ago
Enter, "Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock".

This looks just like it. Not a bad thing though. I loved the Eternity Clock haha!

EDIT. Why did I get disagrees for saying this? It does 'look' like the Eternity Clock. That's a GOOD thing. It's not an insult.

Ah yes... N4G-ers....
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ironfist92  +   839d ago
Ive been wanting a good Doctor Who game. I figure if someone would do it well, it'd be Telltale Games.
stuntman_mike  +   838d ago
I'm playing eternity clock on the vita and it's a very good game.
you use this site as well and we can put you in the N4G-ers gang also.
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Zechs34  +   839d ago
Wow, color me impressed. A Batman metroidvania?! Holy the Fs!

Reminds me of Shadow Complex! Never a bad thing!

*There's a disagree fairy in here who obviously likes Aquaman more than Batman and is mad we are getting 2 games!
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waltyftm  +   839d ago
Aquaman ftw!!!! nah wasnt me, game should be fun.
Williamson  +   839d ago
I wasnt excited with the fact that this game would be 2.5d but after reading more about it i am now. So 2 new different batman arkham games to play? Cant go wrong with that considering we'd be getting different experience with the 2 games.
Braid  +   839d ago
Screenshots remind me of Mark of the Ninja, which is a good thing. I'll be looking forward to the Vita version.
DarkStars  +   839d ago
Ever played Batman Begins on the GBA? I loved that game so much. The graphics were awesome for it back then. A 3D version would be great!

Who is the disagree troll who roams N4G?
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FalconR289  +   839d ago
The only handheld Batman game I ever played was Batman: The Animated Series for the gameboy an extremely fun game, but extremely hard after the 3rd level.
TongkatAli  +   839d ago
Pass, sounds hot, but too many games for me to get on the Vita, no room for this.
Hanso  +   839d ago
i will get this
Dark11  +   839d ago

Outside_ofthe_Box  +   839d ago
My thoughts as well.
I knew it would be bad but I didn't think it would turn up looking this bad.
tubers  +   839d ago
“We don’t want you to break the game, but if you can exploit it in a certain way that we haven’t thought of, that’s awesome."

Sounds like an excuse for a poorly balanced game.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   839d ago
Idk if I'm feeling the whole 2d thing. Kinda reminds me of the original Batman game on NES.
profgerbik  +   839d ago
^ That I would not had a problem with but I really don't like 2D but practically having 3D.

To me feels cheap and generic, like they wanted to have a full 3D game but were too cheap to do it so they just half assed it instead. If the artistic style works, it is fine like in Street Fighter but this is just generic.

The fact they are naming it the same as a game that is going to be completely different tells me they are mainly just trying to sell the game based on its name not the quality of the game itself. I mean it looks terrible even for a 3DS version it seems outdated not in a good way.

Lego Batman had more effort put into it than this, I mean that is just clearly noticeable. Looks like it will be very boring also.

Maybe I am being too harsh but this doesn't look like it is worth the time or money. Seems like nothing but a cash grab, I can't believe they are even saying it's related to this upcoming Origins.

You and I both know these two games will be no where near the same in any aspect..
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Sithlord-Gamble  +   839d ago
I agree 100%.
r21  +   839d ago
I guess vita will get a 3ds port. I just knew this would happen. Oh well, i just hope the game's fun.
sherimae2413  +   839d ago
do you think the vita is being heldback by the 3ds because of this multiplatform game.....

i mean they could make an open world 3d game for the vita if they want too....
r21  +   839d ago
Yes, im thinking that. Sadly, the vita could probably get its own open world game but the devs and the publisher is probably thinking its easier(lazier) and cheaper to just port the 3DS version the vita :L

Well, at least we'll get prettier version but still, wasted potential :C
jakmckratos  +   839d ago
I really wish they had a full 3D version for the Vita and not have to dumb it down so it could be released alongside 3DS..
Jek_Porkins  +   838d ago
Why not give it a chance? The developers have familiarity with the 2.5 D style because they worked on Metroid. People are really quick to blame things for the style of game, but that could just be the style they wanted to portray.

It looks a lot like Mark Of The Ninja, which is a fantastic XBLA game, might wanna try it before complaining/condemning it.
iamkhan420  +   839d ago
Guys, If you are looking to try this game out, Download a free copy from Mygame9.com ! Thank me afterwards!
zoks310  +   839d ago
That title is stupid.
Jek_Porkins  +   838d ago
Black Gate is the prison Arkham City uses for its sane criminals. Arkham Asylum is the place where the insane criminals end up ex. Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Harley Quinn.
Kingthrash360  +   838d ago
Dumb ass reviewers will still compare the vita version to the ps3 arkham origins instead of the 3ds....smh. *cough IGN cough*

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