Counting Rupees: Take me to your lead platform

Each week Jeff Engel and Geoff Brooks contribute Counting Rupees, a column on the business behind gaming.

N'Gai Croal of Level Up recently pointed to an interesting development factoid from EA CEO John Riccitiello's 3rd quarter earnings call. A Cowen & Company analyst noted that many publishers have had difficulty in completing PS3 titles quickly and asked whether or not EA had made progress in narrowing the development times between PS3 and 360 games. The answer appears to be that meeting technical specifications is no longer an issue for games where development led on the PS3 – but where development was either parallel or started on the 360, there's still a notable lag in speed and quality.

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sonarus3748d ago

pretty interesting read. Ps3 development will get easier over time, but it probably will never be as easy as the X360. Essentially Ea is in business to make money(like any respectable business) and ps3 won't be lead platform until it makes sense business wise. Essentially even if ps3 total sales surpass 360, this probably won't change and 360 will prob still lead and this will continue until PS3 owners are no longer buying into the crappy versions

Nodoze3748d ago

I think the other factor that was not mentioned is that of the shovelware factor. EA is more apt to sell their shovelware on the 360 (they buy almost every game apparently). Therefore EA can spend even less time concentrating on producing quality titles, and can maximize their profits through the rapid production and release of shovelware for the 360. Then the executive staff can hold meetings to wonder why their craptastic titles are not selling on PS3.

Keep the shovelware EA, it is obvious that the PS3 fans are only interested in QUALITY titles (burnout paradise anyone).

nevelo073748d ago

make a crappy ps3 version just to get some money

power of Green 3748d ago

#3, They're saying making games to PS3 standards is easily ported to 360 but PS3 has trouble with games made for the 360's capabilities.