Xbox 360: Consoles, Content And Community

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Microsoft responds to February NPD sales by reaffirming it's stance in this next generation console war. They've instilled the facts that it's not just about console sales, but also content and community."

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Expy3688d ago

"No other platform delivers interactive online experiences to more than 10 million members around the globe."

..... PC?

skynidas3688d ago

Yeah they should have said console instead of platform

MURKERR3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

with HOME- community in the best way


LITTLEBIG PLANET- content that will keep evolving the ps3 is even more set to reclaim its crown

MURKERR3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

keep reiterating facts that smacks of fear and desperation

heres some FACTS

how about facts like each year you have gradually sold less and less

how about your hardware issues ratio is the worst of any gaming platform ever

how about you backed a wrong HD format and you have egg on your faces

how about in its 1st year the ps3 sold more than the 360,and the shameful thing is the 360 had no competition in its 1st year

how about your your pining all your hopes on GTA which makes consumers laugh because its a multi-plat title

how about the ps3 had better games in its 1st year than the 360

360 had a good 2007 no denying and as a gamer i applaud them for that even though i dont own a 360 i give credit where credits due.
but were in 2008 mister and ps3 is gaining rapidly in praise, content and hardware sales

judging by the articles coming from microsoft, microsoft are worried no amount of smoke cant hide that fact which is a shame because competition is good for all involved especially the consumer

Breakfast3688d ago

lol...these guyz can spin a story better than the presidential candidates.

"Xbox 360: Extending the Lead -- No other game platform delivers downloadable digital entertainment, with family favorites like “Hannah Montana” and “Lost.”" Cant go on with my without watching hannah montana. Its the only real reason to own an xbox.

PopEmUp3688d ago

"No other" platform delivers interactive online experiences to more than 10 million members around the globe but not to forget, we got mass of RROD of xbox 360 in our warehouse waiting to be fix because there have been consumers around the globe experiencing RROD so no doubt we are the leading platform

littletad3688d ago

It's fun to make fun of Microsofts "spin" at facts, but no amount of that could ever compare to what we've seen from Sony. There's just no topping that. Thankfully they've been doing something good so far, shutting up and bringing out the games. Well, there not really here yet but you know their coming. Things sure are getting interesting though.

Sayai jin3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Both sides do it. Its called getting the most sales. Their salesman.

Glad to be a gamer3688d ago

The online competition and no of highly rated games on the 360 make it an easy choice now but Ps3 is slowly catching up. Don't think that Mgs4 on its own is enough to turn the tide but its a start.

Only problem is that for £200 over here you can get a 360 premium 3 games and an extra controller. I wonder if blue ray will be enough for consumers to go the other way this year?