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Submitted by Valay 1032d ago | news

Batman: Arkham Origins - tons of details, first screenshots

GE: "The first details regarding Batman: Arkham Origins are now available through the latest issue of Game Informer." (Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Prcko  +   1032d ago
arkham city was awesome,have high hopes for this one 2!
Yi-Long  +   1032d ago
"- Batwing will figure into story sequences and acts as a universe-appropriate form of fast travel"
Possible open world!? As in a complete city!?

"- Can string up an explosive barrel under a perch, lure enemies with a sonic batarang, then cut the rope with a normal batarang, dropping the explosive on their heads"

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Root  +   1032d ago
"Won’t control the Batwing directly"

It will probably just show you how Batman fast travels to the location you've selected instead of him just getting there. A way to include the Batwing in the game for hardcore Batman fans.
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KwietStorm  +   1032d ago
Lol what the hell I thought the bat doesn't kill
despair  +   1032d ago

really strong enemies maybe?
Studio-YaMi  +   1032d ago
You need to watch the new Batman dark knight returns.

It's just too awesome to miss :D !
NewMonday  +   1032d ago
Deathstroke Black Mask and Penguin.

great to have new faces, tired of the Joker and Riddler.
resi5  +   1032d ago
it is open world they confirmed it
NukaCola  +   1032d ago
Batwing = Samus's ship in Metroid Prime. More of an Asylum style in a bigger world. I like it!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1032d ago
Aww man this game not being handled by Rocksteady has me extremely not hyped for this game.

If this game is not open world, it's a no buy for me no matter what. If it is open world and it takes place in ALL of Gotham and contains civilians then label me hyped. Until that is confirmed I'll forever be upset that Rocksteady isn't making this.
Downtown boogey  +   1032d ago
It's not the same studio working on this one.
showtimefolks  +   1032d ago
i liked the 1st batman better than arkham city, i know i am in minority but just because 2nd was kind of open world took away from the game for me

let's see how this one turns out

1st batman game is the best super hero game for me this gen
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Psn800  +   1032d ago
Mm nice i have to admit .
Root  +   1032d ago
That third image looks like the train station in Arkham City, the one where one of the gangs patrol and the one with the Metropolis reference.

"Younger Batman also “gives us the opportunity to refresh things a bit”"

It's only been two games, you don't need to refresh him, he's fine the way he is.

Does anyone get the impression that this will be in Arkham City and by that I mean the area where Arkham City is built. I feel like they are just going to reskin the place that's already been done by Rocksteady BUT will refer to it as Gotham City to make it look like it's brand new....technically it would be still called Gotham City, the area if Arkham City hasn't been built over it. If true then I really just see this as quickly put together filler game using Arkham Cities assests while Rocksteady work on their next gen game.

I mean it's being handled by the top guy from Prototype and the Incredible Hulk game from last gen. I don't have high hopes for this, I just feel it's going to be too similar to Arkham City.

" find out why Black Mask wants him dead "'s Black Mask, him wanting Batman dead is nothing new.

"New remote claw that is like the grappler in Just Cause 2"

So where was this in Arkham City, the main thing I hate about prequels is that they add weapons which don't appear in the present day games and you think to yourself "This weapon/item seems more useful then any of the modern day weapons/items in the other games"
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InTheLab  +   1032d ago
They pretty much jammed every notable location in Arkham, into Arkham City...well, aside from Wayne Towers, Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison.

Hopefully, they re-do the layout to align with the comics
RetrospectRealm  +   1032d ago
Of course Arkham City would be in this one. I mean, it just won't be all tatterred and as crappy as it is in Arkham City because it's not Arkham City yet. Just think of the open worldness of it as an extension to what we saw in Arkham City.
bronxsta  +   1032d ago
Half the world is "Old Gotham", mostly areas from Arkham City but with civilians and the city looking normal

The other half is new Gotham, with towering skyscrapers and the more rich side of town
darklingz  +   1032d ago
Looking foward to see what the arkham orgins blackgate for the vita will look like. Alos the console version
porkChop  +   1032d ago
The Vita/3DS game, Arkham Origins Blackgate, is a 2.5D Metroid style game. So basically it's a sidescroller. It could still be an awesome game, just don't expect it to be anything like the console versions.
Expect something along the lines of that, though obviously with better graphics.
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matrixman92  +   1032d ago
I dont get why companies are rushing these games out before the inevitable release of ps4 and 720 in the fall. People will want to save their money for the new consoles, why dont they just wait to release on the new consoles.
Crillvirus81  +   1032d ago
Cause there's more then 100 million ps3 Xboxes and wii u out there why not no one even knows if the new consoles will sell like that trust me there first year there going to have a lack of games just like whats happening with wii u
bluetoto  +   1032d ago
Because there are tons of gamers that are interested in good games now for the their current system, not new shiny hardware to say ohh and ahh over.

really happy devs and pubs realize there are still gamers interested in games, not the newest toy on the market.
WitWolfy  +   1032d ago
Speak for yourself Charlie Bucket, I wouldn't of mind to have seen this on the next gen as a launch title.
Braid  +   1032d ago
Black Mask, finally!

He's one hell of a villain, let the guy have the respect he deserves. I advise you to watch/read "Under the Red Hood" if you'd like to know more about him.
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dafegamer  +   1032d ago
awesome movie with great story and dialogue.
every batman fan should watch it now!!!!!
dafegamer  +   1032d ago
cool black mask is also included
jizzyjones  +   1032d ago
Gotham but no batmobile?
DivineAssault  +   1032d ago
UE3.. Cant wait til UE4 starts getting put to use
Tr10wn  +   1032d ago
probably Rocksteady is working on it right now i really want to see a next gen batman game.
lizard81288  +   1032d ago
I wonder how the handheld version will look and play.
Zechs34  +   1032d ago
Theres a story on here about it. It kind of looks like Shadow Complex with Batman (Metroidvania style) IMO

I am personally pumped for BOTH these games!
Williamson  +   1032d ago
I guess its time I go and replay the first 2 games. The combat in the series is so good, especially in arkham city.
Sugreev2001  +   1032d ago
Can't wait ! Huge fan of the Arkham games and Batman in general.
RedDeadLB  +   1032d ago
Holy shit this turns out better with every new detail. Fuck my previous skepticism, I'm all out hyped for this game.
jaymart2k  +   1032d ago
Mark my words - This is the next BioShock 2 or Fallout New Vegas.

Might be decent but like those 2 other games this will not live up to the previous title.
AztecFalcon  +   1032d ago
There has been a long and healthy debate on whether New Vegas or better than Fallout 3 or not since its release.
animegamingnerd  +   1032d ago
keep in mind bethsda only made fallout 3 and new vegas was made by odseidan who were made up of black isle who made the first 2 fallouts
JohnApocalypse  +   1032d ago
Black Mask looks Bad-Arse
LordHiggens  +   1032d ago
No Rocksteady and no sequel...instead I get a prequel...

...I'm calling B.S.
kupomogli  +   1032d ago
I'm not a fan of websites posting "screenshots inside" when it's only concept art or CG. Cutscene or gameplay screenshots are what most people think when they read this kind of information.

I wish gaming journalism didn't try to get extra hits based on a definition of technicality.
KillrateOmega  +   1032d ago
Deathstroke? F*ck yes!!
N4g_null  +   1032d ago
Sweet death stroke. It's looking like I may get a batman game after all.
pertson09  +   1032d ago
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   1032d ago
Please online play multiplayer and co-op with Robin Now Plz :) Agree
Plagasx  +   1032d ago
Rocksteady not developing...:(
StreetsofRage  +   1032d ago
This is seriously megaton news right here. About time they give some love to Deathstroke. Can't wait for this gem.
Jagsrock  +   1032d ago
I hope there is a good amount of variety in the optional missions. Also it would be nice if they played up the fear angle a little more, arkham city kinda toyed with the idea but I want to be able to straight up scare enemies without having to take out all their friends first.
bluetoto  +   1032d ago
If it doesn't have a drivable batmobile at the very least this will be a rental as it seems they are just doing a "slight" upgrade to the movesets. AC wasn't really that big and had WAY too much back tracking to cover up that.
Adolph Fitler  +   1032d ago
No Rocksteady = Big Worries.

It would be nice to see the developers come up with something that meshes all the best parts of infamous, GTA & Batman:AC, into one game. The franchise really can only go forward with the introduction of a full living breathing traversable Gotham City.
And, Batman vehicular gadgets have to come into play here.

As great as the past 2 games are, I actually think the infamous games are THE BEST superhero games I've ever played. They are just a helluva lot of fun.
So, I would love the developers of this new Batman game to take cues from the infamous games, as well as the added benefit & grit of many facets from the GTA franchise, the most being the introduction of useable cars, boats, planes & helicopters of all shapes & sizes.
rocky047586  +   1032d ago
Why are people worried that Rocksteady isn't developing this one? They literally copied the code from Rocksteady's Arkham City and left it identical other than touching things up and of course different artwork. The moves remain the same, the art direction remains the same, some things will be more refined and others will be the exact same. They cannot lose with this formula. So why all the worrying over nothing? This game will be kick ass just like the other two, it's not like Rocksteady won't be far if they need help with what to do anyway.
XXXL  +   1032d ago
Love that it takes place on X-mas Eve. Can't wait to play. Younger versions of the penguin, maybe the riddler, Mr. Freeze prior to his wife's terminally ill diagnosis, etc. The possibilities are endless and if handled right could be epic.
Smashbro29  +   1032d ago
But will the PC version actually be well optimized and not use SecureROM?
anticlimax  +   1032d ago
BA: Origins, finally a true successor to DA: Origins.
Seriously tho, interested to see how this turns out.
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