Trying to Explain Some Nintendo Fans' Aversion to Third Parties

SuperPhillip Central writes, "It's no secret that the general belief regarding Nintendo home consoles is that you only buy them for Nintendo games, and third party titles are generally ignored. That's the price you pay when you're Nintendo, one of the best game publishers in industry history. However, not all of the Nintendo fan base ignores third party games, and for those that do, I surmise that there is a believable reason as to why they do. Note that I don't necessarily agree or disagree with the rationale some fans use towards their animosity towards third parties. I'm simply trying to get a better understanding of their mindset and explain that."

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2079d ago

I have to agree with the guy in some ways.

In any other industry,
if you consistently bought a product that disappointed- Kitchen Aids, Car Parts, Insurance, Audio Systems, Fast Food, Medical Supplies... Why would you try their other products?
-Especially at full price?
(Dead Space on rails is just like Dead Space right?)

Another truth or side-effect caused by the trends laid-out in this article,
Is that people may avoid buying a game/a developer on a Nintendo System because of these practices-
-Some owed a Wii and a PS360 combo.
They used the Wii for Nintendo 1st Party titles and played the AAA title on PS360.

I keep saying Nintendo needs a competent 1st Party game in every genre that can compete in Fun and Art, if not Graphics, with everything in its class from the other systems.

This way they will grow the market for these games and it will help sustain them in the game droughts.

N4g_null2079d ago

So are you saying third parties need examples of how to appeal to Nintendo gamers by nintendo making what works so developers can just copy. The problem is they havnt made the type of games they wanted to copy because of the talent idea of what they want to make.

Notice how developers talk about feels rather than how the game plays. Notice how they talk about effects and graphics rather than why they where able to make the controls more responsive or the AI represent the game play rather than realism.

They simply don't know how to make games any more. We got all of the pieces yet no games any more. The magic is being lost. It seems these artist and programmers would rather be fired than make games enjoyable a playable.

Chard2079d ago

Third party developers ignore Nintendo consoles /thread.

Hicken2079d ago

Nintendo doesn't exactly give third party devs much love, either.

2079d ago
Jirachi2079d ago

for me it's because third parties don't have much variety namco makes tales and tekken barring games cannot stand(ridge racer and pacman) i have no reason to buy anything from namco besides those two series and in case you noticed tales and tekken aren't exactly being given 2 or 3 games per system on nintendo systems.

it's the same with other third parties they make 1 or two series i actually give a damn about and they refuse to put more then one game in those series on a nintendo system.

the recent one exception was sega last gen they gave us three sonic games,nights 2,and mad world. but that doesn't make for:there were no numbered ff on wii and the spinoffs wii got were subpar,xenoblade was the only wii game by xseed,atlus didn't s*** for wii,natsume put a bunch of third tier harvest moons and rune factories(read:i like those serieses but the wii installment were utter trash),and other injustices like no rockstar games on any nintendo system besides ds and gba...

CraigUK2079d ago

For me its because I have other consoles which I would rather play 3rd party games on, for whatever reason, be it superior online or so I dont have to deal with whatever ideas they thought would be good to control with.

I own a few 3rd party exclusive on the wii/wiiu games but 0 multiplatform games on it.

ZeekQuattro2079d ago

Years of broken promises be it the loss of exclusives or games being canceled. Gimped versions of certain multiplatform games on Nintendo consoles don't help matters either. If you have more than one console the average gamer is going to get the better version over the gutted version any day.

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