Level-5 CEO shares his thoughts on the PS4

As we all know the PlayStation 4 has been gathering a lot of media and developer praise, ever since it's media reveal back in February. It is only obvious that people have already started announcing games for it. One such developer is the Japanese based Level - 5, the company behind Ni No Kuni.

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Transporter471625d ago

Another Dark Cloud would be really awesome btw

WickedLester1624d ago

Yes yes GOD yes!!! How Sony has allowed this generation to go by and not release a new Dark Cloud is beyond me!

Transporter471625d ago

They are pretty good developers i like them, some people didn't like White Knight Chronicles, but i did enjoy it, i'm sure they can do a another game like Ni No Kuni which was pretty good

FamilyGuy1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Ni No Kuni always gets so much praise but I played WKCs 1 and 2 to a pretty much addict level, logging over 3000 hours between the two. Level-5 are really good at adding side content that make games last much longer than many others.

I'm excited to hear about anything they announce. I don't know about this MMO thing mentioned recently but online co-op in an rpg is always fun, hopefully they stay true to being free to play online as well.

Aggesan1625d ago

Everybody seem to be building something for the PS4. I can imagine it will have an awesome start!

-Gespenst-1625d ago

I'd say it's about time for Dark Cloud 3. Followed by Rogue Galaxy 2. I'd personally prefer the latter, but I think Dark Cloud fans have been waiting too long :)

despair1625d ago

sad that I have never played a dark cloud game (hd collection maybe?) but I loved Rogue Galaxy, spent so many hours maxing out and fusing weapons it was not funny.

Minato-Namikaze1625d ago

All of their games (console rpg's at least) seem to have some sort of similar mechanic to that. I love it.

r211625d ago

Rouge Galaxy was epic. I would love a sequel :D

AceofStaves1625d ago

I'd prefer 'Dark Cloud 3' first, but I wouldn't pass on Rogue Galaxy 2 if it was released first.

I hope this coming gen will see a resurgence in JRPGs on the home consoles.

GABRIEL10301625d ago

Rogue Galaxy and I'll buy 10 copies, please.

PS4 is a monster...

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The story is too old to be commented.