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Still Waiting on the Xbox

"With the next generation of consoles impending, the future of Sony has been spelled out in the groundwork the company has laid over the last two months. After announcing the Playstation 4 to a hungry media/fan base on February 20th, Sony has aggressively sought developers and pundits out to endorse their future console. " Explosion.com (Microsoft, PS3, Xbox One)

Septic  +   722d ago
Patience people! It's not long till E3. All will be made revealed then.
MariaHelFutura  +   722d ago
With every report regarding PS4 and 720 E3 seems a lifetime away.
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Septic  +   722d ago
It does to people like you and me where we visit N4G every day but trust me, beyond this 'community', the urgency of an imminent announcement doesn't really exist.
MariaHelFutura  +   722d ago
I agree. I'm speaking for myself. But I will say, don't underestimate how quickly news travels on the internet. My son and his friends at school know all about the all rumors and facts surrounding the PS4 and 720. But overall, I do agree w/ you.
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InMyOpinion  +   722d ago
The amount of news posts regarding "where is the nextbox?" make it seem as if MS will go bankrupt if they don't announce it yesterday.

I highly doubt they will even speak on it before E3.
Why o why  +   721d ago
I hear ya septic but nobody here has to be empathetic towards those who don't care....likelihood is those outside of n4g are the same who don't care or know too much about e3 anyway.

I'm interested to know. I know ms has a trick or two up their sleeve and hopefully it wont be of the smoke n mirrors kind like kinect. Straight drag race between the 2 hd heavyweights imho.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   721d ago
@Septic and Maria

Yeah, and word or mouth is doing very little. My self and all my friends know about PS4 and 720 coming out soon, but when we mention it to others It literally goes out one ear and out the other. Or they're simply not interested in hearing something about it.

Mainstream that has a PlayStation or Xbox largely don't care about 720 or PS4 until the thing is advertised directly towards them.
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sikbeta  +   721d ago
Sure :/ don't take the internet too serious... whenever the Nextbox is announced all the negative stuff like always online and otherS will be forgotten, enjoy the trolling while it last guys ;D
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   722d ago
The 21st of May which I still find ridiculous. Just like I stated before the longer they wait the more people will expect.

MS not better bring it, They HAVE to bring it.
JeffGUNZ  +   721d ago
Yeah why would the reveal it then when a few weeks after that E3 comes. It's clear E3 is the date since on January 2, 2013, MS released a countdown to E3 site. Hmmm, I wonder what the could be.
GalacticEmpire  +   722d ago
Waiting too long for info? Deal with it.

I honestly think MS have ran into a snag, with all the focus on entertainment services there is a lot relying on third party deals with TV companies, cable providers etc. Microsoft can't compete with these on content alone, the only way is to make deals that could take longer than expected. This is especially true outside of the states where the many differing entertainment providers won't be so keen to jump in or let MS get a footing in their business.
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LOGICWINS  +   722d ago
How did they run into a snag?

The market for television/movies is much larger than that of hardcore gaming. If Microsoft teams up with cable companies and or several streaming services, they can subsidize the 720 to $199 or less with a monthly sub and millions would bite.

All this while maintaining the illusion that COD is meant to be played the Xbox and no where else.

Microsoft may never have as many unique/diverse first party exclusives as Sony, but I don't think they care. Why? Because they know that they're tapping into a much larger market with a much bigger potential for revenue.

If hardcore gamers don't like that, then they always have the option of buying a PS4 or investing in a PC.
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GalacticEmpire  +   722d ago
Teaming up with the many different cable/tv providers around the world is where they may have hit a snag. I would imagine there will be a LOT of red tape involved in getting media partnerships on a global scale, especially ones that are worried that MS could step on the toes of their business.

I'm not saying it's not worth doing just that depending on so many different backroom deals could result in unforseen delays.
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InMyOpinion  +   722d ago
News posts and blogs of lately makes it seem as if MS are in trouble and don't know what they're doing. I don't think it's fair to accuse them of anything until they have actually been given a chance to unveil what they are working on.
Cocozero  +   722d ago
Lol MS got everyone gagging for some info.
clintos59  +   721d ago
They also lost over nine thousand fans according to a great source. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
HyperBear  +   722d ago
They are probably waiting for the heat to die down from this Adam Orth situation....

Only to find out on May 21, Adam Orth appears on stage :O announces that Xbox 720 will have always-on DRM and finishes with his famous quote: "Deal With IT!" and gives everyone the finger and runs off stage :/
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   722d ago
May 21 is the date almost 45 days to go. The wait will be worth it.
Blaze929  +   721d ago
the majority of current-gen owners don't even want to hear about a new xbox. That's just consumers + technology period. The casual masses outnumber the actual hardcore users.

All those 360s still being sold today, if someone gave me a 360 today for the first time as a gift and I heard about a new xbox this year I'd be pretty mad.
KwietStorm  +   721d ago
Ungrateful sonuva.. lol
Blaze929  +   721d ago
awww come on lol don't act like you never got technology and was so happy then got kind of mad the MINUTE you heard about a newer model haha
Why o why  +   721d ago

I've been there. You still have to look pleased and hope there's a gift receipt in the bag...smh
GamerzElite  +   721d ago
I think Microsoft will show IllumiRoom as the Future of Gaming.
MariaHelFutura  +   721d ago
I think they'll show Kinect 2 as the future of gaming. I hope you're right and I'm wrong.
edonus  +   721d ago
Take it from a real kinect core gamer. Unlike most I have the experience with kinect to be considered qualified to speak on it.

And coming from a person that can use kinect as fluent as a controller, I'll tell you this.

The current kinect we have represents about 15%-20% of what kinect style interaction can bring to gaming. This kinect is more of an experiment and testing ground. They needed to find solution for problems and that what we are in with the current kinect.

Sure they did some nice things with it but the 360 was too underpowered to even use the current one we have now. The new one is suppose to be an upgrade but the the big deal is the new system will be designed to use it.

If it is standard like they say it wont split the base and the devs will really push it. And sony actually did MS a favor by making their new camera because now all devs will have basic model to use to create innovation.

Basically dont worry about kinect.
MariaHelFutura  +   721d ago
I agree the concept o f Kinect could work in the future, I just don't think that future is now or anytime soon.
Why o why  +   721d ago
Sorry edonus, but really. You can use kinect as fluent as a controller...what game allows that then. Because there aren't any kinect games that need controller type levels of accuracy. IF there is please do show me. The future could well be bright for kinect and as you mentioned its still a beta type device but no way can you put kinect as it is now and core in the same sentence....not this gen
Hicken  +   721d ago
As fluent as a controller? lmao, okay.

I'm no Halo pro, but you use Kinect and I'll use a 360 controller, and let's see who comes out on top.

Hell, ANY game- designed with controls in mind, of course- will see you lose while you're trying to use Kinect. You could pit the original Steel Battalion against the Kinect version, and even with the shortcuts and everything built into the newer game, I have no doubt that a competent user of the original control setup would destroy you.

Kinect CAN do better, potetially, but the simple fact is that it ISN'T, currently.

I think you're poisoned, as you like to put it. Those first two lines of yours are embarrassing enough to read; I can't imagine how you must feel after having written them.
greenpowerz  +   721d ago
Keep waiting... They hinted at when they might reveal on FEB 2 2013 with the countdown clock... They're not going to announce it so media can write articles and fan of the opposition can start attacking or spinning. They're going to reveal in total around the time the most people will be paying attention.

This way more people can see it for the first time for themsleves with the most hype allowing average consumers and the bulk of non forum going gamers to make up their own minds about it without being influenced by people/media with agendas.

It's actually very smart on MSFT's part and understandably frustrating for haters and pro Sony spin city media
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edonus  +   721d ago
I really think MS has some really big stuff planned for their next console. The haze of all the negative unjust rumors is starting to die down some . I think everyone is seeing MS isnt going to show their hand early so all of the speculation is foolish if not completely pointless.

I think they want to wait to reveal their system and features so Sony doesnt have anytime or chance to adjust. I really feel they are working on a real game changer.
Roper316  +   721d ago
when they announce it they announce it, I will see what they are offering and decide if I will buy it at some point or not. If all MS's shows is more Halo, Gears, Forza & fable along with the big focus on Kinect, timed DLC & multiplat games I will probaly end up passing on it altogether.

Now if MS comes out shows a bunch of new IPs that are aimed at actual gamers and the ability to play online without a fee I will most likely buy during the launch window. They can keep party chat, netflix & all that other BS that I don't need a gaming console to do for the gold members. I also don't care if it is always connected or if it will play used games ( I support the devs/publishers & buy my games new ).

Honestly I have been leaning to the pass on it but I am at least gonna wait & see what MS announces before making my final decision.

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