CheatCC Review: Major League Baseball 2K8 for Wii - Swing and a Miss

CheatCC writes: "Ahh, finally it is that time of year again. The smell of freshly cut grass, the sweet sound the crack of the bat makes, the false sense of hope all Orioles fans (myself included) have until mid April when reality sets in. Yes folks, it is finally baseball season, just as the boys of summer are trudging their way onto the field preparing for the 162 games to come, developers are also blessing us fans with our eagerly anticipated video game baseball fix. Luckily for those Nintendo fans out there, this year marks the debut of 2K Sports vaunted Major League Baseball series onto the Wii console. Does 2K8 ascend to baseball glory or is it just a bloated has-been akin to Jason Giambi?"

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