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Tearaway: Unfold a New Adventure on October 22nd

Tearaway will be available on shelves and on PSN October 22nd! We can’t wait for you to get your hands on, and indeed in, our new game at the end of the year.

In Tearaway you’ll journey through a vibrant, living papery world, with a plucky messenger who has a unique message to deliver – to you! (Media Molecule, PS Vita)

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strigoi814  +   656d ago
Too long......
Abash  +   656d ago
It's a smart move, strengthens the PS Vita's holiday line up
PeaSFor  +   656d ago
too long?
nah, i already have a backlog on my ps vita.
Zechs34  +   656d ago
While it seems like forever away, I like the date. Like Abash above said, it strengthens the lineup considerably and also lets the install base rise.
Sanquine90  +   656d ago
R_aVe_N  +   656d ago
This has to be my most wanted game this year even above PS4 stuff XD
CaptainSheep  +   656d ago
Oh, I'm alright with us date. Soul Sacrifice and Killzone: Mercenary will take up a lot of my time. ;)
SaffronCurse  +   656d ago
Game looks Delicious.
bothebo  +   656d ago
It looks pretty damn good
bigcupofSTFU  +   656d ago
i know what im getting for my b-day :D
Grey Fox 92  +   656d ago
The only Vita title that currently attracts me.
Acquiescence  +   656d ago
I can't wait for this...
A Media Molecule handheld exclusive is something to be cherished, especially when it looks as innovative and unique as Tearaway. The waiting will kill me.
dafegamer  +   656d ago
platformer of the year ;)
either this or puppeteer
DigitalRaptor  +   656d ago
Sony has been killing it with the platformers for years.

Puppeteer and Tearaway both offer the sort of beautiful creativity and innovation that makes me feel warm.
dafegamer  +   656d ago
yeah both really reminds me of the psone/n64 platformer era
r21  +   656d ago
So after KZM, we get Tearaway the month after? Yup, pretty much content for now :)

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