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solar3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

the wii is still king.

edit: and i owned a Wii....MP:3...SMG...good games...but i was seriously lacking some 3rd party love to keep it.

sonarus3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Title ---------- Sales---------Expected
Nintendo DS: 587,600-- 427,300
Nintendo Wii: 432,000-- 400,700
Playstation 2: 351,800-- -----
Playstation 3: 280,800-- 269,900
Xbox 360 : 254,600-- 249,200
PSP : 243,100---- 255,000

There you have it folks. Wii RAPED everybody, ps3 comes in distant 3rd PS2 coming strong(die hard) and X360 is experiencing "supply issues". For the purpose of comparison, VG chartz was WAY off in the month of February overstating everyone except for the ps2 which was heavily understated. They were quite accurate with DS and psp though

DS:584,153 Wii:561,332 Xbox360:355,921 PS3:338,493 PS2:273,933 PSP:265,475

Breakfast3565d ago

i wonder whos buying all those ps2...that thing is selling like crazy. Its almost like it just got released.

skynidas3565d ago

Yes, it seems like the ps2 will never die LOL

sonarus3565d ago

At this point, its mostly casual gamers still buying ps2's. Most of them buying for the ultra cheap price. Since 2004 i have bought about 4 ps2's all functioning but because ps2 was cheap, sometimes i would give them away to nephews and stuff. So that could also be a factor. This is why i saw ps2 price cut is not necessary. Sony is still making tons of profits off the playstation 2, all they need to do is drop the price of ps3 while profits from ps2 and psp balance their losses.

Ri0tSquad3565d ago

yup, pretty much...its getting old!

skynidas3565d ago

Yeah that would be a good strategy

Premonition3565d ago

You know whats scary about those PS2 sales, imagine if all those who bought those PS2 were about to buy PS3 instead the numbers for PS3 would have been devastating and even passing up wii.

solar3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

that DS lite is one freaking beast isnt it? when i worked commission and no work was in fellow employee and i would play the hell outta it. Nintendo hit a gold mine with that fun lil handheld. props to them!

cmrbe3565d ago

My guess the PS2 is still selling because of the low price and massive game selection. Two things the PS3 dosen't have right now. What i mean is these people woundn't nesesarly buy a PS3 if they didn't buy a PS2. On the plus side for Sony. Not only they are getting money they are also getting possible future PS3 owners that might otherwise have opted for a a wii now for price or the x360 for its bigger game selection at the moment.

Blankman3565d ago

@premonition but those are just "ifs". The reality of the situation is that despite 360 large market share over PS3, it really is begining to show serious signs of slowing down. Price cuts and nothing but are necessary for microsoft to recapture its lost glory.

As said before DMC4 is a ps3 game, if capcom had kept it exclusive like they should have, there wouldn't have been that false situation where ps3 was losing all its exclusives, and there would probably be more ps3 owners today, it could have been a better game overall and would have probably sold more in NA. However, capcom f'd it up with their strong MSoft alliance so i hope they enjoy it.

Now lets look at how sales of GTA4 will be... once again, a game perceived by most to be a ps2 game. Keep in mind folks the momentum has clearly shifted in favor of the ps3

Blankman3565d ago

Good point sonarus. Sony should be quite comfortable dropping prices and still make a profit in their games department. PSP and ps2 still sell tremendously well. So its easier for sony to drop ps3 prices and still minimize losses off the profit on ps2 and psp. Considering the estimated cost of a 40GB ps3 is about 400 dollars, looks like sony is doing great.

Time Lord3565d ago

$667.8M an increase of 47% over last years then record $454M. That's over $200M in additional software sales. These are numbers that are higher than ANY NON-November/December in the history of the industry. AND THIS IS FEBRARY. Imagine what next month with Super Smash Bros and April with GTA 4!! Recession??? Not here

Industry Hardware Sales

$481M, an increase of 20% over last years then record of $402M. Again, this is beyond historic. These are the highest HW Sales in the history of the industry outside of November and December (

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Blademask3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

254k UNITS?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?

Isn't that the most MS has sold in a single month? THATS WITH A SHORTAGe?!!?!?!?



eagle213565d ago

Sony was right about the fact Microsoft failed to get ps2 users. Sony has 351,800 more last month! Devil May Cry 4 did very well on PS3 considering the 360's larger install Vgcharts was DEAD WRONG they had 600k DMC4 for I am so happy for Sony right now I gotta go pee.

sonarus3565d ago

Thats the thing, it is quite obvious at this point msoft is giving excuses. What is the big deal just man up and say we aren't doing as well as we want to, we are going to be coming up with some new initiatives to increase purchases e.t.c. They claim supply issues then from left field they come out price cutting and all of a sudden the supply issues are gone. Things continue to look up for sony, They sold more than they did in January which is great news for them. Lets see what the month of march brings

travelguy2k3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Microsoft sold 254,000 and they were expecting to sell 249,200 units, underperforming expectations by only 2.33%.

How is 254,000 less then than 249,000?

I think they have it backwards, and they only sold 249,000. That would be a shortfall of 2.33%

EDIT: just looked at the chart +2.33%

they need better proofreading.

green3565d ago

i am quite confused by the Devil May cry numbers because Capcom over 2 weeks ago stated that it had sold 2 million world wide.VG pegs north american sales at 1million and NPD pegs it at around half that.
We all know it didnt sell up to 600 thousand in 2 weeks in japan and it didnt do a million in europe.

So who is wrong,VG,Capcom or NPD?

sonarus3565d ago

if we have to pick a side green we have to pick NPD. Their data is not perfect but they are better off than capcom and vg chartz. Capcom being developers and publishers probably are not keeping track of sales but of units shipped. Same way as epic sold 1million UT3 when in reality its more like 1 million shipped. DMC4 sold about 300 thou in JP for ps3, 200 thou here and i doubt they have sold up to 300thou in UK. So yes capcom is quite off.

actas1233565d ago

NPD accounts only for the number of units sold to consumers. NPD is the most trustworthy of the three.

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EZCheez3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

870,000 consoles altogether in one month. And to think Nintendo actually sold over 1,000,000 consoles in one month.

That's INSANE, especially for........March?

EDIT-Check my math here guys. I'm getting a total of almost 2.15 million consoles sold altogether. What's crazy is Sony and Nintendo can account for almost ALL of that.

Lord Anubis3565d ago

as expected PS3 continues to have momentum and with upcoming games it's only going to get better.

jwatt3565d ago

I don't really see any slowing down for the ps3.

Peekay3565d ago

Lol at the PS2! Expected units sold >>> 0. Actual units sold >>>> megaton! =)

The Wood3565d ago

well done sone. Continued support..........Justified

Genesis53565d ago

Holy cow! What is the deal on that PS2. I know I still play mine in the bedroom.(Silent Hill Origins right now) My PS3 see more action.But I mean really 350,000.

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