GTA IV Surprise Features: Saturday Appointments And Slow-Mo Driving

Earlier today Stephen Totilo posted his hands-on impressions of Grand Theft Auto IV at

While writing his story he ran out of room (read: forgot) to include two game details he hadn't heard about before:

* Days Of The Week
* Slow-Mo Driving

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niall773536d ago

But this cutting-edge power-house of a game has days of the week. All seven? Unconfirmed. But I can report it has Thursdays and Saturdays

ReBurn3536d ago

OMG! Features never before seen in a video game!

I think having to wait until a certain day of the week to accomplish missions is going to annoy me greatly.

skynidas3536d ago

That slow mo driving is really strange but sweet, maybe it is for more precise shooting

Play B3yond3536d ago

I hope cop chases are actually hard, Like pushing garbage cans in the cops way or taking sharp turns down back alleys...Like if you run in a straight line youre gonna get busted

jinn3536d ago

slo mo driving could be a problem

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