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Mainstream Gamers Doesn't Care About Always Online

Gamers everywhere gathered to their forum or gaming website of choice to voice their displeasure and insist this was a rumored feature that—if true—they would not accept and that they were likely switching allegiances to the PS4, speculating that this en masse defection to a rival console would teach Microsoft a lesson. (Dev, Industry, Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Tech, Xbox 360)

The_Infected  +   748d ago
So how do you know mainstream gamers don't care about "always online?" How do you know mainstream gamers all have Internet connections that are reliable?
greenpowerz  +   748d ago
How do you know they do? Only people complaining about it are PS3 fanboys and media taking advantage of their traffic/trolling. Most gamers are just waiting for an announcement.

The rumor is probably confusion over new 720 *always connected*, auto update and remote functionality, smartglass features needing an *always on* Xbox(standby mode for above features and Kinect control in standby) Some sort of Pre Launch dev kit security with the 720 needing to be signed in to the web/MSFT at all times, not allowing the xbox to play the new games if not monitored is where the confusion is coming from.

To use these new features the xbox needs to be in standby mode(ALWAYS ON) and (ALWAYS CONNECTED) This doesn't mean you have to use these features and have internet for the console to work. It also doesn't mean there isn't a DEV KIT security protocol making sure devs use the console at a contracted location or controlling where and when the DEV KIT and GAMES are being used, also.
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BlueTemplar  +   748d ago | Well said
Thats some quality reaching right there - dont like the rumours going round? Simple - make up your own!
BlueTemplar  +   748d ago
"Some sort of Pre Launch dev kit security with the 720 needing to be signed in to the web/MSFT at all times, not allowing the xbox to play the new games if not monitored is where the confusion is coming from."

You do realise how that stupid what you just said is right? Prelaunch devkit security to stop other new games being played on it? What games would those be exactly? The ones that wouldnt be available due to, you know, it being pre-launch?

And why would they even care that much anyway - are these devkits really the cause of so much rampant piracy that MS needs to take this kind of measure? Do they really show developers this level of contempt and distrust?
iGAM3R-VIII  +   748d ago
Do you have an off switch greenpowerz.... just wondering....

Anyway this article doesn't make sense, the gamers could have no internet or what if the internet decides to go down in the worst moment possible. Even I wouldn't risk it.
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Skips  +   747d ago
"Only people complaining about it are PS3 fanboys and media taking advantage of their traffic/trolling."



Read the comments buddy. Seems like A LOT of people, not just PS3 fanboys, are PISSED!

In all honesty. I can definitely see the core gaming community shift even further away from Microsoft, given just how awful it is to work for them. lol

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Corpser  +   747d ago
Yep how do the same Sony fanboys feel about gaikai? It obviously needs "always online"
Why o why  +   747d ago
Corpser. . .Did you really compare the two. Can't you distinguish between alleged always online just to play a game versus having to be online to have access to a cloud game. Another jack reacher.

I have no real need to care for what mainstream gamers want over what I want. If I was led by the mainstream I'd be super fit and a great dancer. I'm core. I want Sony to listen to me first. . I've been with them since day zero. The casuals or mainstream gamers are important but they're preferences aren't more important than my own. I'm in this for me.
nukeitall  +   747d ago

"Yep how do the same Sony fanboys feel about gaikai? It obviously needs "always online"

That is a dang good comment. Bubbles up!

I don't expect people to agree with you though, because this is rabbid playstation fanboy nest right now.

@Why o why:
"Can't you distinguish between alleged always online just to play a game versus having to be online to have access to a cloud game."

Can't you *SEE* that this indeed that *allegedly* i.e. a rumor versus fact! That is of course on top of the fact that MS has Xbox LIVE and they are damn good at tracking all the data about their gamers. Heck, they probably collect more data and know more about your internet connection than even your ISP.

"I'm core. I want Sony to listen to me first."

Yes, and if they listen to you first then you get a dying platform like PS Vita as opposed to the successful and casual 3DS.

If you love games, then you want the industry to survive even if it means you aren't at their center of universe and that they make financially viable choices too.
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Why o why  +   747d ago
Nukeitall. Sorry mate but nowhere did I say casuals or mainstream aren't important or that any company should rely on just my type because thats just shortsighted. I actaully said they are important. . .its right there. What you didnt see was my point and filled that gap with assumptions led by your misinterpretations of what I said.

Sony dont pay my bills. I want from them what I want from them which may differ from what the mainstream or casuals want. If they're catered for then fine but who's desires should I want catered for first? Theres or mine? Do you think the casulas are making coments on sites for ms Sony or Nintendo to make more core games? Ok den
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g2gshow  +   747d ago

lol did microsoft make you whats your model number lolol
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Christopher  +   747d ago
***Yep how do the same Sony fanboys feel about gaikai? It obviously needs "always online"***

An optional service versus a platform requirement.

Sure does sound like the same thing... /s


I agree that we don't know exactly what "always on" or "always connected" means when it comes to our games. To say either way at this time is an uninformed response to unspecified terminology.

Having said that, to say that the media or people are trolling is kind of harsh considering the many forms of 'always connected' DRM we've been experience over the last two years and how the community has responded to them. It's fine to be afraid of this being a normal thing on the console and the communication of such fear may even be heard by Microsoft and others and affect their plans going forward. It especially should be at least heard by the publishers and seen as a thing that, obviously, most gamers dislike and don't want to deal with.
RememberThe357  +   747d ago
I have crappy internet and even my connection is reliable. The issue I have is that the requirement is unnecessary. Always online is not about my end, it's about their end. We've seen it time and time again, always online is a pain in the ass. Now, MS has probably made is super easy, most of us sign automatically anyway. But when their network is down I can't play games? No thanks. Imagine if the PS3 had an always online requirement; the Anonymous hack would have been devastating. If people don't care, that's fine, I don't have a mob mentality, but I'm not buying into it.

So far, I know I'll be buying a PS4, lets hope this is all a big misunderstanding and the new Xbox blows us all away. I'm crossing my metaphorical fingers.
JokesOnYou  +   747d ago
Damm, I follow gaming news, I care about always online, I played Bioshock, I played The Witcher and tons of other "hardcore" games, ooops I also played all the 'gasp Call of Duty games, and yet I'm not freaking out about always online, no just waiting for announcements, hmmm so I guess I'm not casual or hardcore. I feel lonely now....well at least I have the internet.
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a_bro  +   747d ago
"Mainstream Gamers Doesn't Care About Always Online"

Until their Internet drops.....
fr0sty  +   747d ago
Some of my best experiences this gen came when playing a single player game offline. I love online, but offline is a must for me. It represents my roots as a classic gamer, before online gaming was ever even thought of at any wide scale.

It also ties into being where I'm from, in a hurricane prone area. We lose power a lot from storms, and with it goes the internet. You can run a generator to keep a TV and a console going for a few days to help pass the time (and help you ignore the humidity and heat from having no A/C) until the electricity comes back. Not so much if you can't connect to the network, and that network connection is required.

So, as much as I love online-only games like Warhawk (still my fav... though likely more to do with the fact that I used to own in that game with a friend who has since deceased), there's something nice about a simple game that doesn't require any connections, waiting in lobbies or for matchmaking, etc.
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shivvy24  +   747d ago
same here , im more into campaign mode but dont play mp alot , my internet in australia went out for 1 full day so what im trying to say is ill get pissed off if online requirement is the reason i cant play an offline game such as sly cooper
slapedurmomsace  +   747d ago
In all reality at least in America if you have a broad band connection, it's probably fairly reliable, though that's not gonna make anyone feel better the 5 days or so a year their 720 turns into a nice paper weight. Though this is damning, for me the deal breaker is..so you want me to have an always on connection, with a console that forces you to have a camera pointed directly at you and your family 100% time? Yeah, no..I'm 100% confident someone will hack this, watch and record what you are doing and upload to the internet, and odds are you may never know. As a 30yr old man, I don't need microsoft or a hacker watch me nail my wife.

edit: and I am a mainstream gamer. Gaming is my #1 hobby and has been since my dad gave me his intellivision when I was 5. I spend probably close to a grand a year on just games alone, and have owned an xbox and freaking 4 360's, 2 RROD, and 1 disc read error. I have sheeped out $50-$60 a year on live for the last far to many years. I am a multiplate gamer, I have no blind loyalty, however this gave me plenty of reason to become loyal to 1 company. It's all about customer service for me, and Microsofts xbox division will not see one more dollar from me if this comes to light as a fact. I'll get the PS4, and build a linux based gaming PC, and call it a generation
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delboy  +   747d ago
Diablo 3, 12 millions gamers and that's on PC.
A platform known for low sales, just look at CoD, BF, Crysis3 or even Mine craft sale numbers compared to console sales.
And no disrespect to console gamers but I think PC gamers are more educated/advanced tech users then console users.
If they accepted Diablo 3 in such high number, what makes you think console gamers will be any different.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   747d ago
"And no disrespect to console gamers but I think PC gamers are more educated/advanced tech users then console users. If they accepted Diablo 3 in such high number, what makes you think console gamers will be any different."

That made my morning. LMAO

I guess you didnt see the outrage and i bet half of diablo 3 number are chinese farmers. Hell my account got hacked into.
slapedurmomsace  +   747d ago
Wait, since someone is a PC gamer they are more educated, and use more advanced tech?? I can only assume by that comment you are board gamer. Than you go on to explain that since PC gamers have accepted Diablo 3 (one game, not a whole damn platform), consoles gamers won't be any different, and will accept this. This is not true.."wes rnt as smert as the people who use dem new dag nabit super boxes", or PC's. Again, Diablo 3= 1 game, Xbox 720 = all of them. If your internet goes down, you can just pop in another game and play on the PC, if your internet goes down on the 720, you have a really big piece of worthless crap.
Zer0bros  +   747d ago
"And no disrespect to console gamers but I think PC gamers are more educated/advanced tech users then console users."

LOL Are you kidding me? PC gaming these days is super easy. All it is is a matter of buying the parts, putting them together like Legos, installing the OS and drivers from the disc and downloading Steam. "Woh, I'm f@#$ing hardcore for putting together my easy to assemble Lego machine!"

So much ignorance...
MikeMyers  +   747d ago
People are very vocal sometimes on forums and whether that translates into having an impact at the retail end remains to be seen. How many times do we see comments about Call of Duty and the negative press it gets on the forums yet it sells more than all the other releases? How many times do we see people talking about exclusive games and how much they matter yet at the retail end only a few actually sell that well? Want to know how much impact there was over Diablo III and how it required an online connection? It sold over 13 million copies on a platform plagued by piracy.

Obviously a system that requires an online connection to simply play games will affect people. How much we don't know and all the hoopla on forums don't really give a good indication because the majority of people who buy these consoles don't post on forums and simply aren't as excited about all the things that go on behind the scenes.

Plus on N4G people will give you a disagree for not liking you regardless of your next comment or anything else for that matter.

What is evident is people who are very vocal will usually pounce on every little issue and make a spectacle about it. They are also the ones who truly believe their opinion is more powerful than it really is.
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GalacticEmpire  +   748d ago
Why are so many websites jumping in to defend this stupid idea?

The argument that mainstream gamers won't care is ridiculous in that they probably won't even know about it until they lose their connection and get booted out of game. That's when the penny will drop and the backlash will follow.

Being ignorant of a problem does not make that problem right.
hard joe  +   747d ago
are they getting paid?
or expecting to get paid?
CraigUK   747d ago | Off topic | show
Th4Freak  +   747d ago
Well in my opinion mainstream gamers will be the most affected because most play to relax after a hard day, some can only play on weekends and some others can only play a few hours in the entire weekend. So its pretty easy to imagine what will their reaction be when the game doesn't work because the servers are overloaded or the internet connection is unstable, etc.
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CraigUK  +   747d ago
Gotta disagree.
The ideas, attitudes, or activities that are regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts."

If we look at the "dominant trend" in gaming, by looking at the xbox 360 game sales, we can see it is FPS shooters. These games a pretty much exclusivly played online anyway. Any internet problems the user having playing those games would render them unable to play either with always online or not.
talisker  +   747d ago
"Gamers doesn't'. Yeah, sure.
edonus  +   747d ago
These guys must be foreign because they clearly dont understand what happened in the US housing and financial market but with that said they are pretty much right about the balance of the market.

One of those rare times when you get the right answer but but your question and the math you used to solve it are wrong.
Hicken  +   747d ago
You can't get the right answer if the question is wrong. It just doesn't work that way.

That aside, there's a difference between not KNOWING, and not CARING. Currently, mainstream gamers would not KNOW about always online. But as soon as a storm or whatever unfortunate even befalls them and their lost internet connection becomes lost gaming time, they'll sure as hell CARE. Hell, with any luck, most will care long before then.

Disclaimer: Of course, this is working under the assumption that Microsoft does, indeed, release their next console with such a requirement. Hate for my comment to be marked as trolling or something because the brainless around here can't see the sense in my words for their own fanboyism.

Edit: If I give the answer as 4, then I am right. I can't give any other answer than 4 and be right. And if you asked me THAT question in particular, then me thinking "2+2" instead would be fine, as the two operations involving those particular numbers are LITERALLY the same thing.

The rest of what you say is down to individual experiences. I don't mean the experiences of the individual, but rather a particular experience. You're fond of disregarding the experiences of others with Kinect because you, apparently, haven't had the same. Yet I can't believe that all these people are just arbitrarily "hating" on the Kinect, while you've NEVER ha an issue. Some games are simply broken with Kinect. Some just don't work as well as advertised. But according to you, it's more people not knowing how to use Kinect. A major flaw with that: it shouldn't be THAT difficult to grasp, given it's a peripheral with family and kids in mind. It should be mind-numbingly easy to use correctly. That it isn't- that it apparently requires an "expert" like yourself to use it effectively every time- is a failure, pure and simple.

I don't think there are NEARLY as many people that "don't care to know" as you think. Those people are a minority, on the level with fanboys, honestly. "Don't know, and don't want to know" isn't a mentality of any large part of the gaming market. Nor is "I know, but don't care," the other "hybrid" you spoke of.
#6.1 (Edited 746d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
edonus  +   747d ago
Of course it does

Heres a simple example

If I ask you whats 2x2
but you get the question as 2+2(for whatever reason)

The answer is still 4
even though you answered the wrong question. The answer is right. I've dealt with lot of math and seen lots of things.

There is a difference between care and know but there is a big transition of the hybrid of not caring to know.

Example: as the resident kinect expert here I have seen the "core" gamers express and believe Kinect is not accurate, doesnt work in the dark and is too laggy to use.... show those people kinect being accurate fast and working in the dark. But the truth is they "dont care to know" those things so they stick with their false ideas.

Same with the market, someone will walk in and just want to know can I play COD and Madden on this....YES.
Can I play it online with my friends... yes. I'll take it. That is a very big part of the market.

And we didnt even get in to the other side of not knowing to care.
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hmmmmmUK  +   747d ago
The description of Mainstream Gamer fits me to a tee and I wouldn't buy one if it needed a permanent internet connection. The article seems to miss the fact that many of us casual/mainstream gamers have kids that we either let play on our consoles or buy them consoles of their own. I control online access to my kids until I think they are old enough, then when they are old enough I use removal of online as a punishment (in the first step toward full console removal). I know of many many other parents that do the same. I have discussed with a lot of them and all agree if the next Xbox has this requirement then we'll be looking elsewhere.
MasterCornholio  +   747d ago
Not everyone has an incredibly stable fiber optic internet connection.

So those people do care about the always online DRM issue.

Deal with it.

Motorola RAZR i
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   747d ago
we understand that mainstream gamers dont care. Not the point.
there are just about a million examples of 90something rated GAMES that mainstream gamers dont care about too. does that make those games not as good? should we not care about those games just because theyre not as popular?

were not on two separate teams here, us and the "mainstream gamers" were all just gamers. some of us care about it while others dont. doesnt make the issue any less important.
Zichu  +   747d ago
Maybe people are misinterpreting these rumors. You can disagree with me all you want, but what if this always online rumor is actually to do with their services always online and not a requirement for us to play games?
krazeecain  +   747d ago
I don't think it really matters whether an individual personally minds or not, it's about the principal. MS is enforcing a requirement onto their games that doesn't need to be there. One which could potentially cause problems, or make the console otherwise inconvenient or less functional than it would have been without the artificial requirement. It's simply illogical to enforce this requirement.
krazeecain  +   747d ago
Also despite whatever claims they may make, pirating is not a real issue for them to be concerned about. The process of hacking an xbox right now is so complicated and difficult to maintain that it simply isn't worth doing. I'd imagine the new xbox will be even harder to hack, even without the always online requirement.
ps3_pwns  +   747d ago
i agree some people will sell there souls just to continue on there achievements. and you wonder why the goverment and people of the U.S cant get anything done and haveing all these problems because they allow bull crap like this to happen because they are not smart at all and when they finally catch on its to late to do anything about it. my question is why would you get the x720 instead of the ps4? hat logical anwser do you have? halo is not a proper anwser either. also x720 dont have a one year head start or price advantage so everyone will be on the ps4. why cant you fanboys just let the xbox go and get the system you dont deserve but that gaming needs?
zoks310  +   747d ago
There is only one way to find out.
MysticStrummer  +   747d ago
Gamers Doesn't Care...?
Kurt Russell  +   747d ago
The title was bothering me also :)
Typical-Guy  +   747d ago
Author: you do realize "doesn't" comes with 3rd person singular only!

On topic: it's true that Microsoft hasn't announced it or commented on it, but still always online is not a good thing at all. Look what happened to Simcity and the likes... People paid money for that game and couldn't play it, pfft!
TronEOL  +   747d ago
This is absolutely true. Most mainstream gamers will go where their friends go. They won't even fully understand "Always-Online".

That is until their internet shits out and they're forced out of their games, or most console features. Or if whoever is using Always-Online network goes out (PSN, XboxLive, NN, etc) and you can't play any of the games you own and paid for.

If SimCity 5 is anything to go off of, Always-Online is a bad move. Always-Online can work perfectly and never drop any games, but it more than likely will only work MOST of the time and normal gamers who aren't in areas with good connections will be "victimized".
ps3_pwns  +   747d ago
there friends are gonna go to the ps4 thats why im like why are these people still trying to defend the x720? its over its time to come back to playstation. what xbox was is not the same thing anymore. like myspace its time is over it doesnt have that 1 year headstart, it doesnt have better multiplat gamees and devs talking about it, it doesnt have more big name exclusives then sony. its not gonna have exclusive dlc like sony still does, it wont have as many third party exclusives like sony will with the very japanese devs. your past games wont carry over and be playable on the x720. achievements are dead no one cares about those craps. why wont you guys just let it go. ps4 the new social network facebook status is here. Just get it and you wont have to argue on n4g anymore.

its simple just let the xbox go and come over to playstation where you belong and every gamer belongs.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   747d ago
Mainstream gamers doesn't even know about this always online sh*t.
mike32UK  +   747d ago
Or correct grammer, it seems.
BrianC6234  +   747d ago
What's this mainstream gamer garbage? This article makes no sense.
zpoc  +   747d ago
mainstream gamers doesn't care about grammar
dennett316  +   747d ago
Mainstream gamers WILL care the second that one of their games doesn't work due to a network snafu that isn't on their end - eg Diablo 3 and Sim City.
Mainstream gamers just don't take to the internet to bitch about it...like everyone else, they expect things to work properly when they've paid for them and WILL bite back if pushed hard enough, they'll go direct to the company with said problems rather than spending time bitching on the net.
360ICE  +   747d ago
I care, though. I have decent online and I care.
Electricity goes out too? Yeah. Once a year.
Internet acts up once a week. And will I have to deal with server maintenance? Will there be days when I can't play games because of lack of connection. What do I do then? Work hard, study or make new friends? No, YOU do those things.
I wanna play Halo.
urwifeminder  +   747d ago
Im allways connected its no prob for me.
hano  +   747d ago
Oh, they will care, when they try to play a game and find out they have to be online or they want to move around with their console.
Mainstream gamers don't like hassle.
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worldwidegaming  +   747d ago
This is about choice. Once we had an option of internet being a non-issue to if you do not have a reliable internet connection you can forget it.
People like choice and this is the main reason behind the whole complaint.
Personally I no longer play my 360 due to refusal to renew my gold subscription. My 360 is always offline due to my ps3 being used more.
WitWolfy  +   747d ago
Well good luck to you guys and your 1st world country internet connections.. Im going for the PS4 if the rumors are true, and will be getting the nextbox much later into its console life.
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