Huge Square Enix losses were a sign I should move on - Yoichi Wada

Gamasutra: "Former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada explains why he is stepping down from his management role at the Japanese publisher."

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Godmars2901710d ago

Pity hardened - former - fans of your company telling you to move on was sign that you move on. Or at least do things differently than you were doing them.

Irishguy951710d ago

Yep, he was just out of touch with reality.

"My psychic told me we should move to tokyo!"

Snookies121710d ago

Hey! We don't EVER question Lord Pao.

dark-hollow1710d ago

and yet they will still release yet another spin off of FFXIII.......

Dasteru1710d ago

Hear the news? FF XIII-6 is in development.

Supposedly they are also remaking XIII, XIII-2 and XIII-3 for the PS4.

XIII-4 & XIII-5 are being made at the same time as XIII-6 but will be for the PS1 because a psychic named baba told them it was a good idea.

FF VII, VIII & IX are also being remade finally. They will be using the paradigm system and lightning will be a hidden character in the game, Towns are also being removed and you will now recieve all quests from a parrot in an icecream truck.

I know you all think i'm full of shit now but just wait, only 6 months til all of them release.

Marcello1710d ago

My comment from almost 3 years ago on N4G.

If you had listened then to that 1 little sentence, you would have saved SquareEnix 137 million dollars. You had been given the controls to a Da Vinci machine & you managed to make crap with it ?? :/

RememberThe3571710d ago

You know, he just seemed to make the wrong decision every single time. It baffles me that he's just now stepping down, how did they make money?

His unwillingness to invest in console development cost that company a lot of potential cash. Then they buy Edios and expect new IPs and nearly dead franchises to just emerge into sales juggernauts. His direction of this company was not only baffling, but often seemed arrogant and moronic. No offence to the man himself, but good riddance. Hopefully his replacement will have a better vision.

porkChop1710d ago

Yeah, he clearly had no idea what he was doing. He's been running the company into the ground. I don't understand how he lasted this long.

But a new generation is starting, so it's a great for them to start fresh with new ideas and stronger leadership.

Taker_1291710d ago

Belac09 Your comment made me laugh out loud. Bubble for you :)

sithsylar1710d ago

Alf!!! Not in the diner!!!!!

peowpeow1710d ago

Don't rape him in the diner!

Chard1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I don't remember letting you out from the dungeon, c**t!

iNFAMOUZ11710d ago

or maybe a sign of of rethinking your strategy, what a coward

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The story is too old to be commented.