Imminent PS Vita firmware update to bring about folders, streaming video in browser

GE: "For months now, PlayStation Vita owners have been practically begging Sony for folder support. In just a few days, the company will be following through on those requests."

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H4all2014d ago

give me that folder..
streaming on browser?
good improvement...
waiting to update..

Welshy2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Oh lawdy lawdy!


That's been my biggest niggle with the Vita so far, Having 6 games on the little cards, a good 5 or 6 full retail games off PS+ and a bunch of PSN games like Super Stardust HD, i have about 6 pages and it's pretty annoying.

Especially when alot of it is default things like the email, twitter and facebook apps which i personally very rarely use.

Good to see Vita is still being supported and getting improvements, long may it continue, GG Sony! =)

Edit: Where is the Netflix app for the UK out of curiosity? I can't seem to find it and Ntflix would be perfect on the go.

3-4-52014d ago

Yea Folders were standard on Windows 95....Not sure how Sony could have screwed that up. Luckily that is only of the only bad things about Vita.

guitarded772014d ago

I want streaming, and support for secure WPA so I can use online on campus.

NukaCola2014d ago

Porn finally confirmed?

lovegames7182014d ago

Streaming on browser? Hmmmm you mean i can now go on letmewatchthis and stream my movies that are in mp4 format? About %ucking time!!!!

JakemanPS319942014d ago

Can't tell if a spam bot. Hmmmmm help me out her ppl! :D

despair2014d ago

nah just a shameless product(website) plug :)

GamerzElite2014d ago

I sold mine months before...

Donnieboi2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Bet u never even had your psn registered to one. Stop lying.

GamerzElite2014d ago

true bro but its not like PS3. on PS3 you can create and use multiple accounts but with Vita has limit only 1. Am I right dude. I have 7 accounts on PS3.

LackTrue4K2014d ago

@ gamerelite, a personal question. Why would you have 7 dam accounts?!? Or do you mean you have other people's account info? :/

despair2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

you really shouldn't say things like that when your PSN name is in your profile, quite simple to check and see if you got even 1 PSV game trophy(or played any of the games as 0% shows if you played the game but got no trophies). Guess what the answer is.

edit: just saw your reply, my bad lmao.

Donnieboi2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )


So if it's true that u lied, then why did u do it? What is the point of this foolishness? U ought to be labelled a troll.

PeaSFor2014d ago

yesterday i took a shit.

Oldman1002014d ago

This is true. It was so big I had to manure around it.

Cam9772014d ago

7? I have 3 and that is too many, infact, I'm seeking a buyer for my PS1 classics account.

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CaptainYesterday2014d ago

Sounds good to me! How about next we get custom themes the current one is pretty meh, and I wish Sony would tell us what that top port on the Vita is for :S

fei-hung2014d ago

You can access this site from the Vita and download the custom themes from here for free :)

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The story is too old to be commented.