Multimedia and the Next Generation Consoles

Are video games not enough anymore?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1750d ago

Yes they're enough with a little entertainment on the side. Games should always be first and formost though.

Genuine-User1750d ago

Sony, Nintendo and Steam are saying Hello.

RuleofOne343 1750d ago

Say the same thing about my Phone but you know what it refuse to be a ordinary again.

JBSleek1750d ago

That's it right there. People don't want or expect a machine in 2013 to be a single embodying machine anymore.(Well some might but that is a downward trend.)

Phones now are so versatile and I expect the same from consoles.

Like a phone, on a console you will be always able to game but there is so much more that just adds to the value and experience..

Saigon1750d ago

I don't get why are you getting disagrees. Valid statement people. We are gamers and we expect games to come first, everything else is secondary or nice to haves.

RamsesNum11750d ago

I agree dude. Let's just hope they don't compromise too much.

nevin11750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Kratos and Ramses are right but I do think it becoming standard to have other non gaming features. And if you think about it, the Playstation series evolved each time.

Playstation- CD playback with a cool menu


PS3- Blu Ray, Internet etc.

The funny thing is that Sony doesnt really pushed these features as games is still there number 1 priority.