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May Cover Revealed: Batman: Arkham Origins

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has taken the mantle of the bat from Rocksteady Studios this time around for Batman: Arkham Origins. WB Montreal has full access to Rocksteady's custom modified Unreal engine to capture the look and feel of the Arkhamverse. As the title suggests, the game takes place years before both of the previous Arkham titles when a young, unrefined Batman encounters many supervillains for the first time. On our full cover image below, fans will recognize the assassin Deathstroke, who appears for the very first time in a core Arkham game.

Heading up the vision for Arkham Origins is creative director Eric Holmes, known for being the lead designer of open world action hits The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype. A self-professed lover of comics, Holmes even wrote the miniseries Transformers: Megatron Origin for IDW. (3DS, Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Nitrowolf2  +   619d ago
OMG Deathstroke
Abash  +   619d ago
I really hope this new team creates a game that is up to the high standards and level of quality of the other games in the Batman Arkham series
Simon_Brezhnev  +   619d ago
I like Deathstroke. He a better fighter than bats and beat him up more than once.
jcnba28  +   619d ago
Nice to see Wii U getting another third party game.
Abash  +   619d ago
The Wii U also received Arkham City last year, I dont see how Arkham Origins being on the platform is surprising
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PopRocks359  +   619d ago
It's probably more surprising to see it as part of a simultaneous release. The Wii U's third party offerings have mostly been late releases compared to the 360 and PS3 versions. Though it's nice to see more releases coming on time. Take Injustice for example.
LightSamus  +   619d ago
Hyped to see a new Arkham game but I'm a little disappointed it's current gen. A PS4/Xbox 3 Arkham game could be stunning.
Seraphemz  +   619d ago
I agree, especially since the Next gen consoles should be releasing around that time anyway...
Genuine-User  +   619d ago
Well I think Rocksteady might be working on a next generation title.
Baka-akaB  +   619d ago
It would only be dissapointing imo if it was the main arkham series' 3rd title .

I'm just glad it isnt a silver age styled and designed title
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Kanzes  +   619d ago
I think it's a good thing. There's so many good games to buy when PS4 is launched.. not mentioned there's so much AAA games like Witcher 3 and Dark Souls at Q1 2014 @@
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Trago1337  +   619d ago
Thing is, both of those consoles will have very small install bases at launch, it wouldn't make sense to release a game when there's a chance that so few people would buy it, being as people would likely buy the exclusive games on that new system rather than the multiplats that are on other systems,just look at the Wii U and you'll see what i'm talking about.
3-4-5  +   619d ago
prob already in dev by another team
THE-COMMANDER  +   619d ago
This is just AWESOME!!
i really cant express my feelings by words HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!
Prcko  +   619d ago
so pumped!!!!!
Avalanche  +   619d ago
YAY a prequel.....UGH

this is obviously being made as a last stitch effort of milking the crap out of this console cycle just like Gears Of War Judgement, and God of War Ascension.

Not buying.
Sketchy_Galore  +   619d ago
Sadly I have to agree. I mean I'll probably still have to buy it since I'm a big batfan and loved the first two games but I'm so disappointed it's a prequel. A prequel used to be for telling the full story of a legendary event alluded to in the former release or to add some unforeseen context to the characters we already know, changing the whole point of their story. Now a prequel basically means, 'yeah, uh... We took this story and characters about as far as we really can and have nothing left to say but dammit we want to sell another one'. It's becoming far too standard in the industry, we need to start killing off a LOT of franchises that have nowhere else to go.

Also quite sad that it's current gen too. I had hoped to be speeding through the super crowded streets of Gotham in the Batmobile.
BabyTownFrolics  +   619d ago
cynical gamers are cynical
Root  +   619d ago

I wanted to see what happened to the Joker after Arkham City. With the voicemail message it hints that he isn't really dead.

Instead we get a prequel with a silly sounding plot...Assassins coming together on Xmas eve to kill Batman, yeah that sounds amazing alright /s

Why do developers feel the need to do prequels. I know who Batman is, I know how he met the characters, I know the villains etc. I've read a lot of comics, most storylines from alternative takes on the story usualy end up being roughly the same in terms of how he comes across villains/characters.

The fact the studio hasn't made a single game since it's brand new and getting a massive franchise like the Arkham games is not good in my opinion. It's worrying.


Cynical gamers?

You mean the types of gamers who don't usualy get hurt, don't usualy get their wallet raped and usualy can see something bad coming when other can not. Yeah people are cynical alright for having an opinion

People keep saying

"How can you judge without seeing gameplay"

but people are praising it already without seeing gameplay just because it's another Arkham game.
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Williamson  +   619d ago
It would of been better if rocksteady(I hope they are working on a tmnt game now) were the ones behind this game, but I love the arkham games so much im just glad another one is coming. Although If the vita version is 2d then I see that as a missed opportunity, a 3d open world arkham game would be awesome on the vita.
teedogg80  +   619d ago
Yeah I was all excited about the Vita version until I read the 2.5d part. Damn! Pretty sure it will be interesting though but just imagine how great it would be to have a 3D Batman game on the Vita.
r21  +   619d ago
Was excited for vita version then i saw 3DS was getting a version to :L I hope the vita will at least be more open and graphically better than the 3DS version.
jc48573  +   619d ago
Rocksteady! Rocksteady! Rocksteady!!
Kanzes  +   619d ago
It's fully developed by WB Montreal now. Rocksteady has nothing to do with it.
Captain Qwark 9  +   619d ago
it uses rocksteady's engine and assets so they have a little something to do with it
yaz288  +   619d ago
lol I just noticed. this is great news.. looking forward to see what rocksteady has in store.
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jc48573  +   619d ago
I was rooting for Rocksteady, not because this isn't made by Rocksteady.
Captain Qwark 9  +   619d ago
im a little worried about the dev switch but the story sounds cool
bronxsta  +   619d ago
Anyone watch the trailer?
The story sounds awesome:
Eight of the best assassins in the world come to Gotham on Christmas Eve to kill Batman
Root  +   619d ago
Not really...sounds boring

Eight Assassins coming to kill Batman......thats it.....yeah that's interesting alright.

Sounds like it was quickly made up on the spot, look at how complex Arkham City was.
yaz288  +   619d ago
Arkham city story was shit. nothing was amazing about it.
Hanso  +   619d ago
vita game awwww yeeeeaaaahhh
Sandmano  +   619d ago
Yeah but it's a 2.5 D metroid prime style game... Whatever the heck that means!!! An FPS?
Hanso  +   619d ago
that means 2D enviroment with 3D Characters(i believe)
just like Castlevania Mirror of Fate
and no fps xD
torchic  +   619d ago
the guy responsible for Prototype is heading this up and to top it off it's a prequel lol

it could turn out to be another good Batman game, but I'm not entirely convinced atm
Unztayble  +   619d ago
Yes! I love these games.
Sketchy_Galore  +   619d ago
"Heading up the vision for Arkham Origins is creative director Eric Holmes, known for being the lead designer of open world action hits The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype. A self-professed lover of comics, Holmes even wrote the miniseries Transformers: Megatron Origin for IDW."

That's good news anyway. I'm pretty sure this Holmes guy is a big fan of Batman. I vaguely recall reading something like that in the news a while back anyway.
bronxsta  +   619d ago
A bit disappointed that Rocksteady isn't developing this one, but I guess they wanted to move onto other things

I will say this: Incredible Hulk was my "Arkham Asylum" of the PS2 era and Prototype was awesome. And watching the GI trailer, the team seems to be very humbled and understand how high the bar is.
Root  +   619d ago
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype

REALLY....those games were average at best.
yaz288  +   619d ago
I wish they would make another hulk game. Prototype was good but disappointing compared to the hulk game, which is one of best comic games ever imo.
Jyndal  +   619d ago
No Rocksteady?
No thanks.
Sandmano  +   619d ago
I'm thinking their working on a next gen batman game which would be great!
Jyndal  +   619d ago
Heard about that. Supposed to be the 1st time Batman meets Joker I think. I think I can wait for it rather than this one.
dafegamer  +   619d ago
wow hype batman ac is one of my favorite superhero games
Sandmano  +   619d ago
Omg!! Sounds great! Don't mess this up WB Montreal! I've been asking for a prequel for ages! Can't wait for E3! Also it seems the rumors were true. I need to finish the Harley Quinn DLC!
JohnApocalypse  +   619d ago
Its nice that Rocksteady isn't making this game and working on something else
stragomccloud  +   619d ago
Can't wait!
KillrateOmega  +   619d ago
I'm so hyped for this game!!
StreetsofRage  +   619d ago
As far as I'm concerned, this is the biggest gaming reveal of this year. We're talking about a franchise that has more than surpassed expectations. Arkham City grabbed tons of goty honors even beating Uncharted 3 in most cases. This is excellent news!

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