MSN Chief Leaves Microsoft

SEATTLE (AP) - The top executive at Microsoft Corp.'s MSN media network is leaving for Los Angeles advertising startup Spot Runner, the software maker said Thursday.

Joanne Bradford's departure follows a management shake-up in Microsoft's online business in February, when Bradford's then-boss Steve Berkowitz left. He had arrived in 2006 and was charged in part with expanding the audience on Microsoft's disparate MSN and Windows Live sites.

Bradford's decision also comes six weeks after Microsoft's unsolicited $40-billion bid for Web portal business Yahoo Inc. The takeover offer is widely seen as an admission that Microsoft's hope of challenging Google Inc.'s search and advertising dominance with a homegrown solution was gone.

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cloud360-7th_account3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

a show can be made out of thiis

Last Exile (TV show)

decapitator3478d ago

Two resignation in a day from two rivals ? Oh the irony.

vitz33478d ago

I thought that lemmings jumped off a cliff not jump ship.

heyheyhey3478d ago

ok bye-bye

any gamer here care??? she isn't remotely connected to gaming

heyheyhey3478d ago

i see what you mean, she isn't bad for an old-timer- bit of a MILF you could say

err... i mean, how dare you say such inappropriate and immature things you pathetic child

vitz33478d ago

o wow...

Relax, the faceless international, billion-dollar companies still maintain composure somehow.

The comments and stories submitted by nobodies like us don't hurt their feelin... bottom lines.

marcdz13478d ago

Calling everyone a douche is very typical from you.

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