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Submitted by Flogger 1032d ago | opinion piece

Xbox always-online: Maybe it's not so terrible

Chris Morris explains that having a big company like Microsoft step up could make always-online more palatable for next-gen (Microsoft, Xbox One)

PirateThom  +   1032d ago
1. Denial.
2. Anger.
3. Bargaining.
4. Depression.
5. Acceptance. <

We reached stage 5 quickly.
MariaHelFutura  +   1032d ago
Lol yeah. Being ABLE to go offline is a nice option.
JeffGUNZ  +   1032d ago
I think offline will be an option. I believe that the true beauty and beast features will require a connection to the internet, but I don't believe they are not going to allow people to play video games if they don't have an internet connection. I still have not seen any rumors saying the console is inoperable if not connected.
loulou  +   1032d ago
ofcourse it is terrible.... just look at the comments that get on n4g everyday about it.

anyway, some confirmation would actually be better than watching the same fanboys foaming at the mouth about it everyday
xHeavYx  +   1032d ago
"Xbox always-online: Maybe it's not so terrible" Said no one ever!
MariaHelFutura  +   1032d ago
I hope so. But there was one rumor regarding it. That it will allow 3 mins before the system will shutdown. I don't remember where the rumor came from though. Who knows.
greenpowerz  +   1032d ago
I know we see it on n4g everyday, thousands of comments from PS3 fans crying over rumors of something not even announced and will never buy

It's hard to say if PS3 are so obsessed with this because they want to smear and attack the 720 to help with a supposed PS4 victory *or* if they are really worried that "if it's true" knowing developers would naturally support a console that protects their software better resulting in xbox preference.

Both consoles are using similar PC-ish tech so piracy will be an issue. A company that would do this would lose millions of sales at the same time would be a winner with the developers by default.

Of course all the rumors about always being connected could be nothing more than MSFT using this function in dev kits only, to control when and where devs are using the hardware and games as a pre launch security protocol.

It's entertaining to see PS3 fanboys tracking and trolling xbox news with nervous anger and frustration and the game media is eating this up getting hits while they can due to their failing industry
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MariaHelFutura  +   1032d ago
I own a 360, depending on whats the story w/ the 720, I'll eventually own that too. Everyone doesn't have a twisted mind, just because you do. I love the Playstation most (for my own reasons), but I generally just enjoy gaming....unlike you.
caseh  +   1032d ago
What makes you think its PS3 fans flapping these rumours about.?

I'm a PS3 fanboy but seriously, all these articles about the Nextbox and ALWAYS-ON are getting ridiculous.
Ron_Danger  +   1032d ago
I believe it was the great philosopher J. Timberlake that once said "what goes around, comes around."
Flatbattery  +   1032d ago
I can't help thinking that you would be the first to champion the rumours if they were positive.
VonBraunschweigg  +   1032d ago
Blablabla. Look at it this way, DRM sucks because it's restricting, kinda like why you are down to one bubble - we would DRM you to zero if we could - and the always online thing is a restriction to, especially for you:) I mean where would you be man, nothing to play OR post on N4G. What you're gonna do, write letters?

Dear N4G,

I would like to submit this article I enclosed, sorry for the stain and blablabla...
kenshiro100  +   1032d ago
Do you have an off switch? Just curious.
MikeMyers  +   1032d ago
I own a Xbox 360 as well and if you look through my comments I an not a hater of Microsoft like we see way too often here on N4G. The thing is I don't trust an always online system. I've gone through the Playstation Network hack and issues on Xbox Live as well. I also don't like all of my content locked. The console suppliers have shown they cannot compete with a service like Steam.

You also have to ignore the forum dwellers that the article talks about. You get a lot of very negative people who love to troll online. You also have those that are biased and don't like anything Microsoft does so this just gives them even more fuel.

I just don't see as many upsides as there are downsides to a system that requires an online connection. Sony fans rejected the PSP Go and I imagine Xbox fans are likely to do the same with this. I don't have an issue having my systems connected, they already are. I just don't like the idea of being locked into a service that is already more costly than most others. Microsoft refuses to even offer free online gaming on games we already bought. This seems to me like another step to gouge and control software.
Ashlen  +   1032d ago
Enjoy not having the option to play used games on your DRM box.
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JeffGUNZ  +   1032d ago
Can you provide a link where MS confirms that? oh. They haven't announced anything yet.
Mikeyy  +   1032d ago
Jeff is still on stage 1.

Despite the overwhelming coincidences and leak after leak and even the FBI arresting somebody.

After all that you are in denial about everything still.

Hicken  +   1032d ago
They haven't confirmed ANYTHING, but nor have they DENIED ANYTHING, either.

And THAT'S the problem. Rumors run rampant about all sorts of negatives with the next console, and there's NOTHING to counter them. Add to that how Microsoft, even in the gaming arena, has been pushing "multimedia" more than gaming, how they've been pushing casual over core, and it's no surprise that people are making the assumptions they are about the next console.

Is it seriously so hard to get this? Cuz I see you and others speaking like it's just unfathomable. But it's so simple, provided you're being objective.
SpartanQ8  +   1032d ago
for me

3.F@k m$ im getting a PS4
bumnut  +   1032d ago
Why base your decision on rumours?

Ill boycott the 720 if it is 'always on' but until its confirmed its just another rumour.
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nukeitall  +   1032d ago
For me:

1. why is every moron on the internet flipping out over literally nothing! Nothing is really known about the next Xbox.
2. repeat from 1. again
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Blaze929  +   1032d ago
if people REALLY think Microsoft - a COMPUTER company first and foremost - does not know the connectivity infrastructure of the technology WORLD and the people in it, then people are truly more stupid than I thought to think they will release the next xbox and not allow people to play games on it if they're offline or simply, don't have an internet connection.

What sense does that make for ANY business man? That's like setting up a lemonade stand and a 5yr old going, no lemonade for you unless you bring your own cup everytime to drink it. I'm gonna exclude every customer who MAY want some lemonade, by only focusing on those who already have cups...just cause it makes sense to me.
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geassdanny  +   1032d ago
Oh you mean the same company that released the Vista OS. The greatest OS ever! Or the Xbox 360 with never failing hardware issue or RROD!

Yeah, MS is a computer company first, doesn't mean that they don't make shit decisions!
VonBraunschweigg  +   1032d ago
Well, if the lemonade is some really great kick-ass lemonade I will walk around with that cup, day one. But there's no news on the lemonade, and this gen the lemo's gone dry.

I can see them push through with this always online thing, but only if they have some really great must-have games to announce this E3. If not, well than they really are that stupid.

Perhaps we all just should accept it, after all we still have our PS4's to game on:)
AridSpider  +   1032d ago
releasing something an OS that wasn't efficient on resources is different from releasing an OS that wouldn't work if you didn't have an internet connection.

I don't even see why you brought Vista into this conversation to be honest...but it's clear you just want to troll or something
sagapo  +   1032d ago
If I have to be online to play games, I don't want it, plain and simple! I just hope it's a rumour.
urwifeminder  +   1032d ago
Article number wtf on the same subject people will buy what they want as i will with new xbox jumping in and dealing with it.
GrumpyOla  +   1032d ago
I still don't get it. What happens if you are suddenly disconnected from the net while you're on single player? Can you complete your session offline like in Demon Soul's?
MariaHelFutura  +   1032d ago
Rumors are you have 3 mins before the system will shutdown/log off.
VonBraunschweigg  +   1032d ago
With a big blinking counter top right corner, last minute in red, last 10 seconds with a voice going


all the way to Zeroooo...the endboss fades away and it's back to the dash where you will find out the ads still work.
Wizziokid  +   1032d ago
If you are required to have an internet connection to play games then yes, it is terrible.

But we have no idea if these rumors are true so these articles are pointless until this is either confirmed or denied.
Godmars290  +   1032d ago
The thing is will the games be worth playing offline.

Know people either don't notice or want to admit it, but the current console generation largely became about online multiplayer.

"It's funny man, the people that seem to be so "worried" about this are people who are posting about it on the internet, using the internet lol."

And complaining about how they have bad connections.

And while I'm one of those whose connection is probably better than most, I've also noticed how MP has taken over from SP, how MP aspect have effected and negatively impacted what few SP remain - AND I DON'T LIKE IT!

FF12 probably would have been a better game if it hadn't been fashioned after FF11 the MMO, and that was a PS2 game. So this crap has been happening since then.
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MasterCornholio  +   1032d ago
I never play online........

Motorola RAZR i
JeffGUNZ  +   1032d ago
Exactly. I believe you can operate the nextbox with an internet connection, but you're only getting single player. I feel like the real essence and glory of the next console is going to benefit those with internet. It's funny man, the people that seem to be so "worried" about this are people who are posting about it on the internet, using the internet lol.
BrianC6234  +   1032d ago
You sure don't understand much. Just because people are on the Internet doesn't mean they play online games. And a lot of people can only use a certain amount of bandwidth a month. If they go over it they either can't get online or have to pay more money. That's a problem in a lot of countries outside the US.
JeffGUNZ  +   1032d ago
I understand that Brian. If the console does require an internet based connection (big if), then they don't need to play online games, they just have to have an internet connection. See this is the problem with people, they believe all these rumors and think the end of the world is coming. First off, MS hasn't even announced their system, so everything is just rumors. I just don't see such a successful company like MS doing something like this. It makes absolutely no sense.
Darrius Cole  +   1032d ago
Godmars, I don't see your point. Of course the people who are complaining are the ones posting on the internet. Right now, 1) the only way to have heard about this is over the internet. But, the people who have internet connections are complaining.

If the rumors are true and remain true, it doesn't matter whether the games are worth playing offline or not, you won't be able to play an otherwise offline, single player game if you are not online.
Godmars290  +   1032d ago
That's my exact point: if the games aren't worth playing offline, there's really no point in arguing about always online.

And again; some of the people complaining about always online don't have good online providers. They can do something like comment on gaming sites, because the demands for doing so are next to nothing, and then there are heavy internet resource hogs like gaming.
BrianC6234  +   1032d ago
I don't play any online games and I've been playing plenty of games for the last few years. There's plenty of single player games.
SkullBlade169  +   1032d ago
Nope, it's terrible.
first1NFANTRY  +   1032d ago
Well it's still terrible to me and here's my reason.


My internet cap barely lasts a month for family reasons and i don't need excess usage.
VonBraunschweigg  +   1032d ago
MAG is my favourite game this generation, 1600+ hours and tonight I'm gonna play some more. IF the internet, the PSN and MAG's gameservers are up and running. If not, I can't do shit with MAG. Online only. Nothing offline.

Happened a few times, short periods of maintenance or minor problems, and of course once a very long period which we all know as The Great PSN Outage of 2011. I couldn't do anything with MAG, and it sucked, but I still had plenty singleplayer games to play offline so I could live with it.

Not being able to play anything when there's a problem is not something I can live with. Connect all you want, but let us choose if we want to do so or not. If offline play isn't possible I just will not buy it, no matter how much I like online gaming.
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Genuine-User  +   1032d ago
As long as I can play single player and LAN multiplayer offline, I'll buy one.
DRM-Killz  +   1032d ago
Yeah, it really is.
Robotronfiend  +   1032d ago
I like to play offline when someone else in the house is downloading a big game or file. My wife plays offline when I'm online playing a fighting game, to help reduce and potential lag time.

It's not a huge deal for me, but I at least would like the option. Having to go endure a month without a functional console would be very sad if something happened to the XBL network and it was nonfunctional for an extended period (like PSN was).
BrianC6234  +   1032d ago
Dumb. Why would it matter who does it? A console that always has to be connected to the Internet is a stupid idea. In some countries they actually limit how much you can do over your Internet connection. If you use too much they charge you a lot more. Why should those people have to deal with that? And I hardly play any games online and don't really want to. I use the connection for downloading games but that's about it. I definitely don't want to need the connection just to play a single player game.
IK IR Y IP T  +   1032d ago
Im all for blocking of used games of im tired of this always online bullshit in no way is it a good microsoft r u going to provide me internet of the government if not fuck off and get this shit right !
Darrius Cole  +   1032d ago
The best observation in the source link came not from the article, but rather from comment #5 below it, by a person named Christopher Bowen. He points out that any such console could be shut down by Microsoft at will. If they decide to shut down its servers for any reason, then instantly all the boxes become useless at once.

Actually, I can't imagine that anyone is going to buy that. Microsoft probably was planning on doing this and is dropping these rumors to use them as trial balloons. But there is no way in hell that they would so dumb as to allow the next Xbox to make it to the market with this intact. By the time it releases, everyone would know it because the specialty shops would make sure that they did.
airgangstarr  +   1032d ago
the best solution is the psn is horrible so why not let all the people who dont wanna play multiplayer play on playstation an all the competitive people play on xbox were u need to be online simple...i mean cmon all the ps people wouldnt buy a ps4 if it made u be allways on cause there psn sucks who would want to play that online.. now as xbox i havent played it offline since the hurricane when the cable was down so... its ridiculous that a bunch of people on the internet are complaining about u have to be on the internet to play... when all u ps fans should be worried if sonys gonna feed u that same old free piece of shit psn that u have should be ur main concern not what xbox is doin
Mikeyy  +   1032d ago
Explain to me how PSN is "horrible".

Please. Justify that $60 a year you pay. I'm ready for a good laugh.
vigilante_man  +   1032d ago
If it means that all Xbox 720 users need to subscribe to Live to play any game then of course its bad. If it simply means the OS will check your validity to play that game then maybe its Okay.

Maybe MS will allow online gaming for free like Sony. It may be an option for them if they want always online.

I would not pay for a new console then pay every month for single player gaming.

Then again I would not pay monthly just for the ability to play online gaming either. But plenty of people do.

You pays your money, you takes your choice!
GABRIEL1030  +   1032d ago
PSN is great and free, PLUS is amazing almost 20 games for 50 USD ( Demons Souls, Street Fighter, Starhawk,Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Bioshock, Wipeout). I play Online games like: Killzone 2, Battlefield 3 and Gran Turismo 5 and always are people playing. Sony's service is great and the most important free.

Xbox always-online is a bad policy, like pay 60 USD for online. Not only MS will force to the people to stay online, also to pay the 60 bucks for a each year. I hope that isnt true, add this to the EA policy of DLC's and microtransactions A TOTAL SCAM :(
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