First Zune 3 Details - Zune 3 Getting mobile music/video store ?

Microsoft France's Francois Ruault seems to be a bit more talkative on the Zune platform than he should be, inadvertently announcing that the third-generation Zune is going to launch during the holiday season of 2009 (which is kind of obvious if you look at the previous release schedule). What's interesting to EU readers is that Francois said the third-gen Zune will debut in Europe at the same time. What's even more interesting to people who don't care about Europe are the mobile capabilities.

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decapitator3727d ago

Unless this is going to do something that the iPod, iPhone and the iTouch isn't doing now, it probably wont be competitive.

wow4u3727d ago

The Zune does that now.

FordGTGuy3727d ago

Still has features that none of the iPods have had.

PopEmUp3727d ago

in the mere future that great M$ keep it up you already got the 360 and now this maybe is the collections to organize for the 360 owners in bundle

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3727d ago

2009? i figured it would be 2008

wow4u3727d ago

I concur, I'd be suprised if it was until 2009.

Perhaps they mean the Danger Inc. phone being launched as a Zune machine in 2009.

heyheyhey3727d ago

w/e iPod classic 80gb is all i need

besides i've given up on M$ products nowadays, since all the recent ones have flopped hard (im mostly talking about Vista, but the 360 isn't exactly a god-send either, some serious issues and bottlenecks with that one) and you get treated like some cash pinata by them

Infolite89073725d ago

Maybe they're tryna attack the music business with the zune.

Well I for one like my zune now. (Ipod broke not enough money for a new one) But if so I would go ahead and buy the IPOD touch. Prob sell my zune.

neonchez3726d ago

i just bought a new 2nd gen zune(the 80gb). i really want that wi-fi store, maybe they will update the firmware for all zunes like they did when the 2nd gen came out.