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Community1713d ago
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Ghost_of_Tsushima1713d ago

Let me guess its gonna be on this gen consoles and not next gen? I'm exited but I want next gen Batman:(

Vinc3601713d ago

Yeah, unfortunately. Maybe we can expect a next-gen port later on like they did with Arkham City on the Wii U though.

Abash1713d ago

I'm guessing Rock Steady is busy making the sequel to Arkham City on next gen consoles and this is why a new team is doing the prequel

Donnieboi1713d ago

ummm, is the Wii U version really next gen? Or is the Wii u a current gen console that arrived late?

I'm not trolling, I only say this because the Batman on the Wii U does not look that much better than ps3/360 versions.

guitarded771713d ago

@ Abash

RockSteady have said they are working on a game, and it's NOT Batman. So don't get your hopes up.

wolokowoh1713d ago

@Donniebol The Wii U is in the eight generation of consoles. Power does not define generation. Release date does. The Wii U is current gen though in the sense it's already out. PS4 is a current gen console because the current gen began last year with the launch of Wii U, even if is not a powerhouse. Nintendo is just going for the cheap console with the least amount of changes they could get away with. It's a different strategy than Sony and Microsoft will go for but it can be effective for Nintendo if utilized properly.

NewMonday1713d ago

Armature Studio is doing the PSV/3DS Blackgate spin-off, they are made by former heads of Retro Studio the makers of Metroid Prime.

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AKR1713d ago

Well, it's also coming to Wii U. So technically, it IS coming to a next-gen console. But like "Vinc360" said, they could release a port later, like how they made "Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition" for the Wii U.

Dno1713d ago

wii u will look and run just like last gen consoles so its not a next gen game.

people meant a next gen game with better graphics etc. Wii u will not have that. its just s port.

wolokowoh1713d ago

The current gen begins when the first console of a generation, not the last, is released so Wii U is not a next gen console and neither are PS4 and the unannounced Xbox. The generation has already began so PS3/360/Wii are last gen and we are in a transitional year. It's not about power, it's about release date.Just like the Wii was part of the seventh generation, Wii U is part of the eight generation.

AKR1713d ago

- Need for Speed Most Wanted U is one single game that proves that at 4-months in its lifetime, Wii U is indeed more powerful than the X360 and PS3. Imagine 2 years from now?

But alas, it's people like you who refuse to look at the bigger picture, and just keep chanting the same "Wii U is underpowered!". But whatever you want to believe is up to you

daggertoes831713d ago

I think rocksteady Is working on the next gen batman.

Donnieboi1713d ago

I think that's just an opinion. We don't know until it's confirmed. Hopefully though, it's easy to convert Unreal engine 3 assets over to Unreal engine 4, so that they can speed up development to make it look and feel next gen, instead of just a mere port to next gen.

TheSkullkid1713d ago

So, you want it to be on Wii 3, PS5, and Xbox 1080? It's already coming to a "next gen" platform the Wii U. Though since the Wii U is already out, it would no longer be next gen, but current gen.

1712d ago
TheSkullkid1705d ago

@ hectic

Exactly, bro. That's the same thing I was thinking!

MastaMold1713d ago

I just hope that the Vita version is not a port of the 3ds version. Been waiting for a Batman game to play when i'm out and about with my Vita.

Sent from my PS Vita

kupomogli1713d ago


It's technically a next gen console, but it's not next gen power wise. It's something you're going to hear a lot from Nintendo fanboys who don't want to deal with the fact that they're playing on last gen hardware.

However, the Wii U version of Arkham City is not next gen quality. Batman and Catwoman have redesigned suits with a shiny texture to them. The Wii U version has an uncapped framerate so it can go above 30fps, however framerate is worse on the Wii U. The Wii U version also has texture pop in issues where sometimes textures won't even load.

It's not really as bad as it sounds, so if you own a Wii U but none of the other consoles then it's still worth getting, but if you own either PS360 then there's no reason to get the Wii U version.

Welshy1713d ago

Let's hope the Vita gets a port of the PS3 version and not a port of the 3DS games a la the Lego series.

Was seriously bummed out about that, would have loved the proper full Lego games for my lunch breaks =/

kupomogli1712d ago

Wasn't it announced that the console versions are going to be Arkham Origins while the portables are going to get Arkham Origins Blackgate? Means the Vita and 3DS are going to have the same game.

But yeah. I hope the Vita version, even though it's the same game isn't just some higher res 3DS version. Hopefully there's a noticeable graphics increase on the Vita similar to games like Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed where the Vita has better textures and everything.

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Vinc3601713d ago

As article confirms, there's also a 3DS/Vita version coming! Looks like it's a different game though.

Root1713d ago

Not made by Rocksteady and it's a prequel

No thanks...

MariaHelFutura1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Good news is Rocksteady is probably doing something for the PS4 and 720.

Root1713d ago

Well hopefully it's either a new game OR if it's a new Batman game it will continue from Arkham City.

I hate's just a stupid excuse to get out of trying to come up with a creative way to push the story forward after their last game

MariaHelFutura1713d ago

I personally think Rocksteady should make a Adam West style Batman game, still keeping the same style as the Arkham games. They reference that series alot in the Arkham games as is.

Wintersun6161713d ago


But even though they don't progress the story forwards, they can just as well expand it and fill gaps from the past. Those stories, if done well enough can be just as good as the sequels or original games. For example Deus Ex: Human Revolution, MGS3, GoW: Ghost of Sparta..

daggertoes831713d ago

Come on man. All stories have to start somewhere

vallencer1713d ago

It's nice to see that you still don't give any game a chance before it's even out. I'm glad you haven't changed root :).

You haven't seen gameplay or anything from the game it could in fact be better than arkham city and asylum for all you know. But because it isn't made by rocksteady oh and it's a prequel you don't want to give it a chance. That is your opinion though and that's fine. My opinion though is it's a damn shame you limit yourself so much.

Root1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I limit myself....LOL

No I don't end up wasting my money when I see a franchise I like getting something which isn't needed.

They haven't even made three games and they already give the Arkham games to another developer until waiting till Rocksteady wanted to come back to it.

If I don't like prequels in anything then yeah I can judge because I know what I like/dislike....especially if Rocksteady aren't making it, one of my favourite developers this gen

But yeah keep getting p***** off my someone elses opinion. That will get you no where in life.

vallencer1713d ago

Haha root i heart you :).

The best part is you always think I'm pissed off at your opinions and I promise you I'm really not. It's just a little sad that you judge so harshly yet you call yourself a gamer. I'm not saying you have to buy it. All I'm saying is you should give it a chance and see videos on it and read more on it that's all.

In the end you're going to do what you want and I'm totally ok with that i just like commenting on your comments because you are always so negative. I realy don't think i've ever seen a positive response from you.

I hope you have a great day sir :).

listenkids1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Gears of war judgement and God of war ascension of recent would like words with you. Hope you enjoy ignoring a probably excellent game.

Edit: Thought I would include the behemoth Halo 4 into the recent list, foolish creature.

Tultras1712d ago

Root, making up a prequel is not lazy, infact they are trying to push the story forward with it, it gives it... more meaning.

Making a prequel is not lazy, since they have to make stuff for it aswell.

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bronxsta1713d ago

Is there any actual proof of the game and its premise? Gamefocus doesn't even list any sources

And it's not made by Rocksteady? NOOOOoooooo.....

Vinc3601713d ago

Well, Gamefocus IS a source. They've been around for a while.

iNcRiMiNaTi1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

It's on the latest issue of GameInformer

I'll prolly skip this, it's not made by rocksteady and the creative director for this game worked on The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype which are nowhere near as good as the first two Arkham games

jc485731713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

no Rocksteady NO BUY. This may turn into some generic Batman game.

darren_poolies1713d ago

The key word there is 'may'. Give it a chance before writing it off like that jeez.

ILive1713d ago

To many games to release close to the end of the year anyway and ps4 is a day one for me. I dont think I will be picking this up at all. I hope it turns out great.