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Maverick Hunter: The Mega Man first-person shooter that could have been

Polygon: "In 2010, Capcom tapped the talent behind Metroid Prime to bring Mega Man into the modern age — only to have the game suffer the fate of similar recent attempts to find a new audience for the 8-bit hero.

Codenamed Maverick Hunter, the first-person shooter had the blessing of Mega Man's creator and a talented team tasked with attracting a new generation of fans. But the departure of Keiji Inafune likely killed the most interesting take on the 25-year-old character to date." (Maverick Hunter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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DA_SHREDDER  +   913d ago
this is very very sad bad bad bad news. :(
Godmars290  +   913d ago
Oh Capcom, is there nothing promising towards the Blue Bomber that you didn't cancel...
SonyNGP  +   913d ago
That feel when jokes from the internet actually turn out to be true.
jc48573  +   913d ago
not sure if I dig this.
CaptainYesterday  +   913d ago
This confuses me I kind of like it but it looks so weird :S
Baka-akaB  +   913d ago
Ironically the article lament the loss of what i find to be an horrible and poor in taste idea . This is bomberman Zero all over again , except we were spared this time
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Azurite  +   913d ago
This made me think of Bomberman Zero too :)
Qrphe  +   911d ago
This screamed "We want the Halo audience." I'm so glad it's dead.
DevilVergilX  +   913d ago
I for one am glad this shit didnt come out, but fuck capcom for not making a megaman game this gen and canceling legends 3.... I megaman shouldnt be a fps... Watching the gameplay vid made my skin crawl and learning that in the 3rd game you kill X was disheartening... On the 2nd hand Zero is in it.
TheROsingleB  +   913d ago
I would still consider MegaMan 9 and MegaMan 10 to be "of this gen". I agree, it shouldn't be an FPS, but don't discount the fact that they HAVE released 2 MegaMan games in this console cycle/gen.
DevilVergilX  +   912d ago
totally forgot about those games lol
-Gespenst-  +   913d ago
Are you serious? This looks so lame. Just another light-hearted thing that got the "super serious" treatment.

This is for the audience who are ashamed to admit they like something like Megaman, so it's made more palatable to adult tastes to appease them. Pathetic. Just like the Dark Knight and The Amazing Spiderman- completely missing the point and trying to write out the humour inherent in both those things.

Oooh robots and huge guns and cool ninja cyborg suits, so mature. Glad this got canned.
koehler83  +   913d ago
What a sorry state this industry is in, when 'the most interesting take on the 25-year-old character to date' is a corridor FPS.

You don't even have to be original to do creative things with Mega Man. He's a malleable character.

Pitch: Mega Man as a Metroidvania. All 8 Robot Masters/Mavericks are holed up in Wily's Mansion or some such place and their weapons double as means to open new areas and new bosses as you progress. Very much a Mega Man take on Arkham Asylum.

See? No originality at all.

Making an FPS is scraping the scum from the bottom of the barrel.
Williamson  +   913d ago
Just make maverick hunter 2 for the vita. The first one was great
koehler83  +   913d ago
Mega Man X2 probably isn't worth the trouble to remake in the same way.

Mega Man X4 on the other hand, gimme gimme gimme.
xabmol  +   913d ago
Because Zero is a bad ass.
Arctura  +   913d ago
I like it, though I'd still want to see an updated 2D version as well.
--Onilink--  +   913d ago
after watching those videos all i can say is Thank God that never happened. Its not like those guys did not had the experience to turn a side scrolling game into a FPS. But Metroid Prime retained all the qualities of old Metroid games.

This game just looked like a bland corridor shooter, and nothing like megaman. Though this was only after 6 months or so, so who knows how the end product would have ended up
iOmegaSeriousi  +   913d ago
they should do what ubisoft is doing with rayman keep it on the core with beautiful graphics
nofallouthero  +   913d ago
thank god this is no more
Hanso  +   913d ago
this would be an even bigger desaster than DmC was
Dark5tar1  +   913d ago
That looked pretty cool, I think they could have saved Mega Man. After all, they DID rework Metroid into 3D.
swice  +   913d ago
This looked really cool for a concept. I like the idea of Mega Man in first-person. It's fresh, along with the story. And built by some Metroid Prime veterans?? Yes please

Too bad really. Maybe they'll do it in the future
Baka-akaB  +   912d ago
Fresh ? there is nothing more lazy than turning an old franchise into a fps . Dont expect to hear about Syndicate for at least another decade ... it too had a good studio behind it
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swice  +   912d ago
Metroid Prime was quite far from lazy. I'm pretty sure the Prime developers working on this game would have made it interesting somehow. Maverick Hunter sounded good on paper, and if anyone could have made sense of it, it was them.

You hold your opinions as you want, but as it stands, I'm disappointed that this game was cancelled. Mega Man and Metroid were two of my favorite IP's growing up, so this mix was extremely intriguing for me.
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Baka-akaB  +   912d ago
Metroid still remains the exception ( fallout 3 is there but still remains a full on rpg experience) . And i still insist that turning yet another franchise into a fps because you've worked on a successful revamp of another one , isnt original enough .

And Metroid didnt trade its soul in the process . It kept its feel and atmosphere and didnt go "dark" or bland fps .

Here we have a bomberman zero-ification of Megaman . Pretty much everything thrown aside to have some gritty and pseudo realistic look . That's low and lazy .

As much as a sell out than going from this http://images1.wikia.nocook... to this http://media.gamestats.com/...
When tentatives like Rockman X or Exe happened ... they redesigned everything of course , sometimes with the intent of looking more mature , but it still remains at core a rockman experience and done with taste .
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swice  +   912d ago
I'm realizing that both of our opinions on this don't hold much weight to the rest of the gamers because these videos are concept only. They were concept demos to the higher-ups.

I can't assume that this would have actually worked, and you can't really assume that it would have been bad. Neither of us have ever played it, nor have seen any gameplay from a finished product, nor will we ever.
Baka-akaB  +   912d ago
I've never passed my opinion as a fact for that matter .

But we do have some vision and videos there to judge , and it wasnt looking pretty or original from what's there imo . The project died for probably a good load of reasons .

metroid aside , turning things into fps , have been a current horrible answer to reviving decrepit franchises with nothing really imaginative about it , just to sell more .

It's usually requested by publishers than would turn those same games into a tetris clone , if that was the leading genre in sales
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porkChop  +   913d ago
I don't know. This seems sorta cool, but looks extremely repetitive and like it would get old very fast. Just watching all those gameplay videos I got bored.

What I would like for them to do is continue doing 2D/2.5D Megaman games, but with modern visuals.

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