Sony Knocks Down Walls On Game Businesses

For the longest time, Sony's organizational structure on video games didn't make sense. Sony Computer Entertainment runs the worldwide PlayStation business. But Sony Online Entertainment - the makers of massively multiplayer online games such as EverQuest for the PC - always reported to a different group.

But games are games. And Sony has decided that SOE should now report to Kaz Hirai, the CEO of the PlayStation group. Until now, the online games division headed by John Smedley has reported to Sony Pictures Entertainment. That's the movie division. I'm not sure what casting spells in EverQuest had to do with Spider-Man 3 movies. But that's the way it was.

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decapitator3721d ago

The author is right. I found it a little confusing with all the different branches in Sony. Glad to see them putting them together finally.

vitz33721d ago


Do you comment just to comment? Just how this reply is just to reply.
agr'd an bub'd btw

sonarus3720d ago

lol you say u were confused like you work at sony or something. Its good that SOE is moving closer to the PS3 family. I expect more SOE games to move over to the playstation 3. We could even see ports of games like everquest

Brian52473721d ago

Kaz knows games, and will do whatever it takes to make them great.

Danja3721d ago

would be kinda smart to let out with HOME

Electronic Arts3721d ago

SOE reported to SPE?

online games to movies makes no sense

meepmoopmeep3721d ago

i don't know who disagreed with you, but yeah, it made no sense that SOE reported to SPE. Now that it's fixed hopefully Kaz can jumpstart SOE and their IP's

paper3721d ago

Planetside might go down well on the PS3.

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