America in wanting DualShock 3 non-shock

VG247 writes: "DualShock 3 has gone to second place in the charts prior to is release on April 15. There's still no date for the rumbling controller in Europe, and there's unlikely to be one particularly soon considering the upcoming GT5: Prologue bundle - dated March 28 - comes with a Sixaxis".

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xsteinbachx3508d ago

Ordered 2 White Dualshocks 3's yesterday.

sonarus3508d ago

imported 1 dualshock from JP vibration feels great once again. Haven't noticed it much in most titles, but it is quite noticable in games like Army of two and warhawk. I plan to trade my second six axis in soon and get a dualshock 3

rofldings3508d ago

Wait, are they bringing the white/satin silver DS3's to the states? If not, I can always import it, oh well.

LSDARBY3508d ago

I already imported from Japan, and its awsome on Warhawk & Burnout

Satanas3508d ago

I got mine in early Dec (white Japanese). Excellent with DMC4.

mighty_douche3508d ago

You listening Infinity Ward?

myabsolution3508d ago

I do have sympathy for those who wanted rumble to begin with and now have to pay more money to get it later on. Shouldve been in there from start. Obviously people wanted rumble and Sony pretty much called it a last-gen feature. At least they listened in the end.

and no none of that is meant to offend anyone or hurt e-feelings. Rumble is needed and should always be there :D

deeznuts3508d ago

Yeah, well tough. Immersion was suing them. You don't add it in when you're getting sued by the company.

Blademask3508d ago

The technology was in question.

Why does everyone forget EVERYTHING?

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The story is too old to be commented.