How to Extend Your Portable Gaming Battery Life

GameDaily brings you nine tips for keeping your Nintendo DS or PSP charged and ready.

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DevastationEve3751d ago

I had a PSP and loved it! i bought a 2200mah battery for it and used to get 14hrs out of it, using my 1gig memory stick for all of my media needs. i figured if i was going to get really into a game on it, i would

a) be stationary for a LOT longer than a half hour
b) probably be near a power outlet
c) use it more during the night, since the screen just isn't that
visable during daylight
d) NOT use the ear buds, since prolonged use of it would wreck my ears

i basically scheduled it all out and came up with a solid battery life of between 10-14 hours, bearing in mind that i didn't game much on it while on the go. instead, i relished in its rich media capabilities. games on it look great, but are honestly caught between being too intesnse for a casual gamer, or not innovative enough for a system of the PSP's strength.