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Ex-Square Enix boss forecast Tomb Raider to sell 5-6 million units

Square Enix expected Tomb Raider to sell 5-6 million copies, according to departing company president Yoichi Wada. (Hitman: Absolution, PC, PS3, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

majiebeast  +   719d ago
For a reboot? This guy is so out of touch with reality.

"In the same way, game quality and Metacritic scores led us to believe that Hitman had the potential to sell 4.5-5 million units, and 5-6 million units for Tomb Raider in European/North American and Japanese markets combined."

Baseing sales figures on metacritic /facepalm.
zeal0us  +   719d ago
Some of these CEOs have some unrealistic expectations.
Regardless of what Wada expected, Tomb Raider sold pretty well imho.
Seraphim  +   719d ago
I'd hate to say all but considering the time.... unrealistic expectations or not the simple fact is that games aren't selling nearly anywhere close to where they should. Price Point? Cash Strapped Consumers? I think a lot of factors can go into this. Personally my priorities have shifted and I've been unwilling to buy every single game under the sun anymore for $60... I think anyone projecting sales figures has an incredibly difficult task, all things considered, lately.......

Tomb Raider has definitely sold pretty well and it will only continue to gain sales.....
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Baka-akaB  +   719d ago
He pretty much ran the company like an ostrich , its head in the sand
RememberThe357  +   719d ago
Adam Sessler nailed it with this video. Video game publishers are moronic sometimes. Metacritic is not the be all end all that it's treated as.

Dj7FairyTail  +   719d ago
For a multiplatform title that bad.
ZainabSaccal  +   719d ago
Again and again, he should have been realistic when setting his goals
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Sharius  +   719d ago
maybe his fortune teller said so
ApolloTheBoss  +   719d ago
Setting the bar a tad too high, my friend.
Jek_Porkins  +   719d ago
5-6 million is realistic considering it would span two consoles, but had they released on Wii U as well, they might have hit their mark faster.

Not sure why there isn't still a lot of buzz around this game right now, it was simply stunning to play, look at and is my favorite game of this year. If you haven't played it I recommend it highly. Amazing!
oof46  +   719d ago
3rd party games are flopping on the Wii U. It would have just added to the minus column in their financials due to development costs.
Jek_Porkins  +   719d ago
There isn't a huge install base at the moment, but Wii U owners are starved for games, it could have sold a million easy in my opinion, I guess we will never know, but I think people would have bought it.
oof46  +   719d ago
@Jek Porkins: 3rd party mulitplatform games are not doing good on the Wii U, because people are buying them on other platforms. It's why Activision lamented putting BO II on the Wii U and why multiple publishers are skipping it. The majority of people who bought the Wii U did so for Nintendo exclusives. It's almost the Wii all over again.
Baka-akaB  +   719d ago
One million is way optimistic . It probably wouldnt hit a quarter of that .Last i checked not even zombie u , the rabbid rabbits or Just dance are even close to a million .

Besides people , myself , included , would have instead the wii u version feature good enough exclusive features with the tablet .

Not necessarily good for costs . But I agree and believe that it would at least help smooth sales further or at least the game's already great media exposure .
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GABRIEL1030  +   718d ago
C'mon 5 millions, maybe for a AAA game with a lot of fans like Halo, COD, Battlefield, GTA or Gran Turismo, but for Tomb Raider?. The game is great but was a surprise for everyone and a few people was preordered the game. Even so the game has nice sales¡
grassyknoll  +   719d ago
Square Enix need to fire their forecasters, those kind of numbers for Tomb Raider are madness.
whamlollypop7  +   719d ago
Tomb Raider if every game is 60 $US then they made over 200 million. If CEO's are panicking over that then I think maybe the gaming industry is going bust faster than we think.
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aLucidMind  +   719d ago
Developers only see around 10% of that $60. The cost is divided between the retailer, producer, advertising, and the developer gets the short end of the stick with the producer getting the bigger cut of the four by getting roughly 20% of that $60.
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RememberThe357  +   719d ago
Square got about 36 buck per game sold (-~12 for retail, -~12 for platform holder) so thats about 130 million dollars (Square owns Edios so they don't split income). That game should not have cost them that much to advertise and make to were they made no money from it. They should have brought in around 60 mil off this game.

But Square seems to be run by monkeys so nothing is out of the question.
chukamachine  +   719d ago
Games are too expensive.



Yes you play them more then you would watch a movie.

But as there are so many games that people want to play, it's hard for people to get them all.

I know some peeps that wanted tr, but other games came first, and most likely they either won't pick it up now, or at a low price point.
Dan_scruggs  +   719d ago
It's Squar's own dumb ass fault for projecting unrealistic sales. By comparison Uncharted is one of the most loved franchises in this current generation and still has never muster more than 6 million in sales for a single game. But for Tomb Raider 6 million was a low end projection. Nonsense.

It's that kind of idiot thinking that led to Final Fantasy 14.
mochachino  +   719d ago
Sure if it came out two years ago. TR was great but it's way too late in the generation for all but a few games to generate those kind of sales.

Even if it "only" sold 3.5 million and Square got 20 bucks a game it still would have generated 70 million in revenues. How much could the game possible have cost when some of the biggest titles are made with 20-40 million.
nyobzoo  +   719d ago
Well I can definitely see TR selling that much in its lifetime
GABRIEL1030  +   718d ago
Lol, If the expected sales were of 7 millions of copies, Square must have releasing a AAA legendary game like Final Fantasy Versus, Chono Cross, Xenogears or the remake of FF 7.

There are nice numbers and reviews for Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex, Sleeping dogs. But 6 millions in the short term is very unreal budget. Any player is conscious of this numbers you dont need to be a genious.

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