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Great co-op games of the modern era [Mweb Gamezone]

With the release the new Army of Two sequel the Mweb Gamezone columnist is reminded of some the best co-op games to come out of this generation. (Culture, Steam Valve, thatgamecompany)

Choc_Salties  +   960d ago
I did enjoy the co-op portion of Portal 2, the biggest problem i had with it, was that once one person completed it and mentored another, it lost its replayability. Good game otherwise
schmoe  +   960d ago
Contra :-)
bosbvok  +   960d ago
That's a blast from the past :D
lord zaid  +   959d ago
Awesome game, but not really from the modern era, now is it?
schmoe  +   959d ago
ok fine then, Serious Sam... :-)
bosbvok  +   960d ago
Borderlands 2 gets my vote!
PandaMcBearface  +   960d ago
Caps are necessary. So much of win.

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