Microsoft: PS3 Likely Outsold 360 in Feb.

Ahead of February US NPD sales figures, Microsoft has told Next-Gen that it expects the PlayStation 3 to have outsold Xbox 360 last month, but calls the win a "hollow victory."

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Hatchetforce3634d ago

WTF? Look at Greenberg's comment:

"Greenberg says that when Xbox 360 has been in stock, Microsoft’s console has outsold PS3 two-to-one “every single month.”

How does he explain the fact the PS3 outsold the 360 in 2007?

Blademask3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Like claiming dominance after a 1 year head start?

“That’s not a surprise to us. I don’t know what Sony’s reaction will be to that, but it will definitely be a bit of a hollow victory. The competition sure didn’t show up [in February].”

So MS can claim Victory when PS3 didn't show up for an entire year?

1stKnighT3634d ago

Why are you always the first one to comment on ps3 vs. 360 articles???

iHEARTboobs3634d ago

1STKNIGHT, are you mad because he beats you here?

MURKERR3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

it seems

damage control- on
denial- active
sweating- buckets
fear- engaged
2007- good but this is 2008
peaked to soon- full throttle

outcome- bad

Genesis53634d ago

How many 360's is their production line making in a day 10.They have been out since January.I mean really!

meepmoopmeep3634d ago

yes, i do find it funny when people say the 360 sold more, the userbase is bigger, more software gets sold and it's in the lead. it's illogical not to factor in the 1 year head start.

i'm not interested in how the consoles do their first 2 years out. I want to see how long they last years from now.

marinelife93634d ago

“You can go to any given store and happen to find some consoles there"

marinelife <~~~ slowly raises his hand to ask a question

If one can go into any given store and find consoles on the shelf how could that possibly affect your sales negatively?

Blademask3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

What happened to your first name? Did you lose all of your bubbles? Why did you change it?

Microsoft is trying to pretend that going into year 3 the demand is SO EPIC that it has shortages, like they couldn't figure it out all this time. its AMAZING that there is a shortage, yet they are like 10th worldwide behind the atari jaguar.(exaggeration) but there is no Wii like shortage demand driving the 360's "shortage" excuses that are convenient to use when they are pinned in a corner. Since MS has decide to drive the console "WAR" in the first place, they can NEVEr admit for 1 second that "Well the ps3 outsold us, that means we have to do more things on our behalf!" no its "THATS IMPOSSIBLE, WE HAVE 1000+ GAMES AND WITH XNA You CAN CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES JUST LIKE LITTLE BIG PLANET ITS SO EASY** (**with 5 years of c++ experience). Its just ridiculous, they wont give any ground up even if its just professional competition.

I'm calling it right now, there will be a 360 shortage all of 08, 09, and until MS decides to do what they did with the Xbox1.

I comment first because thats the way I decided its going to be :)

beoulve3634d ago

blademask, he started new account i believe.

season0073634d ago

Since december 2007 i haven't seen comments from all the old friends that support xbox ....

i do miss them to tell you the truth...but meh HD-DVD, NPD jan, now NPD feb....and GTA IV coming with GT5P...(list can go on for 4 years), i really don't think they will come back as often as they did last year(or maybe they can open another account with a PS3 gamertag!)...

well o me i am just waiting for the PS3 to surpass Wii(or if it doesn't its all fine....i mean well even if the sale is on par, i will take a console with games @ average rating of 7 over 3.5 at any time..)

sonarus3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

@blademask so so true.extremely well said.
Msoft just needs to shut up and get back to the fundamentals of this industry like nintendo and sony are doing. Just make some games. They feel like every achievement needs to be praised to show msoft superiority or some BS like that. Even sony despite coming so close to the wii, you didn't see them bragging about it. Because its nothing to brag about. The fact that sony has covered far more ground than MSoft in EU despite their one yr lead do you see them bragging... NO. You don't see themselves constantly comparing themselves with the competition. Microsoft games need to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of babies. Next they will be telling us i should pre order GTA4 for some gamer pics GTFO here. I am sure there will also be Xbox 360 shortages on June 12.

shelbygt333633d ago

I think you see less because this site is so pathetically pro-Sony/anti-Microsoft that it's pointless to try and have a decent conversation anymore.

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techie3634d ago

I wish Microsoft would stop being its own defence force before the public even knows the NPD results.

Marceles3634d ago

Well them making this kind of statement is win-win for MS. If Sony sells more they'll just say it was supposed to happen, if Sony sells less then they'll act totally surprised and say they beat them even WITH "shortages", and then tell everyone to wait for April to see the 360 outsell Sony even more.

sonarus3634d ago

That is the truth, no one really knows the sales yet. All Msoft knows is they under performed and they are spinning damage control before the results are even out. What a bunch of punks

cloud360-7th_account3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )


Go Now

FFX- Otherworld (yes turn to ashes)