Kingdom of Loathing Gamer Sentenced to Death

A footnote in the video game violence debate has been sentenced to die by an Oklahoma jury.

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Yi-Long3508d ago

... turning another pure, innocent, outstanding, perfectly sane young man into deeply depressed, sexually disturbed and perverted child-murderer!!!


(BTW, listening to those 10 year old kids on Xbox Live would turn any sane many into a raving, drooling, lunatic kid-slayer.)

toughNAME3508d ago

Where is Oklahoma? Middle East? Africa?

RecSpec3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Kingdom of Loathing, very evil game. I hear it's what drove Hitler insane. I mean look at these things in the game, it HAS to be evil. (taken from the games site

1. Example of a character class: Accordion thief
2. Loot that makes a killer: Meat loaf helmets
3. The evilest locales in gaming such as the Misspelled Cemetary
4. Satanic enemies such as sabretoothed limes (the fruit)
5. Not to mention, the most unspeakable item of all: eXtreme mittens!!

And you thought GTA was bad, did I mentioned how detailed the graphics were? Your character is a stick figure, like the ones kids draw. I mean, ANYONE can confuse stick figure reality with real life.

In all seriousness, Kevin Underwood, you have done wrong. There was a lot wrong with you, gaming did not cause it, nor will it save you from the eternal damnation waiting for you.

meepmoopmeep3508d ago

lmao. if what you said is true.. LMFAO

Skerj3508d ago

Man even without KoL that guy looks like he wears skin suits and tucks his junk. It's sad that Jack always has to bring games into stuff that clearly had nothing to do with a person playing a game (even KoL) but more on the person needing serious mental help.

sumfood4u3508d ago

If hed kept his hands on his controller or keyboard an off 10 year olds hed be fine! beside hes in need of a serious tan!

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